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Ripley94 13 Apr 2018

Not learning from my bad picks. In hindsight i should of took what was left as another poster on this thread did earlier this week , not as if i have not had total wipe outs before.I tend to concentrate on my better picks ignoring situations like this when the company appears to give the small PIs the hint to dump.At least with clln the chance to act was not as clear cut.( The big trouble occurring over the weekend )Two big wipe outs by mid April this year.

ReynardThree 12 Apr 2018

Re: RNS... 70 % fall in share price. Been in and out several times over the last couple of years – trying to catch a falling knife as they say, a classic mistake.

Ripley94 11 Apr 2018

Re: Just looking at reasons for buying . Just looked at trades today mostly small in value shows couple of 3K sells.A 1K buy ?? why would anyone buy spread not that big @ 4.5% .Can not trust buy or sell record.

Ripley94 11 Apr 2018

Re: RNS... 70 % fall in share price. Might of been wise there Reynard when did you buy ?They had been trading around 0.08 over previous week before RNs chart shows yesterdays high 0.04..

Ripley94 11 Apr 2018

Winnifrith Just searched to see if he ever commented , only thing i can see is a "hot stocks tip "Sept 2014........... Some Dr who left to join insp.That tip not much better 1.60 then 0.0475 now .. looks like some CA there as price he gave not matched by historic chart.Anyone go for that one ?

ReynardThree 11 Apr 2018

Re: RNS... 70 % fall in share price. I sold first thing yesterday morning for a significant loss as this is not worth anything now to independent investors as I understand it. I had hoped that if it was sold it would at least be at a price to recoup some of our losses.

Ripley94 11 Apr 2018

Just looking at reasons for buying . 10 /04/18.Primary Bid... and Winnifrith gave this one thumbs up it appears.

Ripley94 10 Apr 2018

Re: RNS... 70 % fall in share price. Whats your reasoning for holding on Reynard ?( -9 )

ReynardThree 10 Apr 2018

Re: RNS... 70 % fall in share price. It is in the RNS:"The Company Convertible Loan Notes (and the Preference Shares) rank in priority to the Ordinary Shares and it is therefore expected that the distribution to Shareholders will be £nil under all likely scenarios following Completion."Wish now I had listened to those slagging off this management and had not tried to pick this up at what I had thought was the bottom. Oh well...

Ripley94 10 Apr 2018

RNS... 70 % fall in share price. Not looking good.LSE site posts we will get nothing back here from sale.

Cmintball 10 Apr 2018

Re: Three fold increase on good news?? Well we have an RNS but not the one you wanted. All that hard work by many people and faith in the boiler concept and the people in charge comes to nought. Another good example of the risks investing in AIM.

Emerald Carrots 03 Apr 2018

Three fold increase on good news?? I'm thinking the sp here has fallen so, so far a good news RNS and the sp has got to triple or more????All IMHO

Emerald Carrots 31 Mar 2018

Re: Shell to bid? With just under 250K Exactly my thoughts. I've just payed my emergy bill for the winter months like so many others. Flow group must be towards the end of getting their bills for the winter months paid. I can see this share rocketing up if we get an RNS to confirm the re-structuring has been a success. An RNS like that could see the sp triple easily IMHO. Just hope that is what we get!All IMHO.

46Gillingham 29 Mar 2018

Re: Shell to bid? With just under 250K I'm not sure they need additional investment. Energy supply companies lose money in the winter and make money in the summer. They get the same direct debit for 12 months from customers however they pay out more in Gas and Electricity in the winter time . So they have got through the worst period from now there cashflow and profit will improve.

Emerald Carrots 29 Mar 2018

Re: Shell to bid? With just under 250K Hi. I see your point. It seems to me FLOW may need more investment. However in the medium to long run surely this Company is worth investinmg in. The customers are there. I suppose 250,000 customers times a profit of just £50 per year would give £12.5 million looking at it very basically.If Shell did take it over they could combine the two operations. One set of offices to close up then some of the staff could work at the other office one presumes. Shell are cutting out the middle man (themselves) in effect by enytering the energy supply market. Also let's not forget a lot of these energy suppliers effectively offer hadly any credit via the payment by direct debit method which to me is scandellous!!!A buyout by Shell is very possible IMHO. If they can see good profits in five or so years time I can see them snapping flow up. It's small change to them.All IMHO.