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Ripley94 03 Jul 2018

270,000 gas customers FLOW… XXXXX Now suspended.

Ripley94 19 Jun 2018

270,000 gas customers FLOW… XXXX They changed it undecider many including me do not like it at all lol

Undecider2 19 Jun 2018

270,000 gas customers Hi, Had to set up a new account! What happened to the old portfolio ? Undecider

shahram.shokrollahi 19 Jun 2018

270,000 gas customers Hi, Had to set up a new account! What happened to the old portfolio ? Undecider

Ripley94 19 Jun 2018

270,000 gas customers FLOW… XXXX Saw a broker hold revised down to 1.8p recommendation on shareview Equinity 12 and 21 May from Canter Fitzgerald but ques on looking it must be from 2017 ??? Maybe that thew a few on 22 May this year when it apparently went up 40% ? 016333633… Dub 0207 633 3633 Europe

Ripley94 16 Jun 2018

270,000 gas customers FLOW … XXXXX Just for me.

Ripley94 22 May 2018

Not sure whats going on here. Now 0.033 Up 40% today .. looks like a recent high .

Eating Grass 01 May 2018

Seems to be a Shell stitch-up News item from 30 April... Shell and First Utility might be trying to prevent OVO from growing. OVO and First Utility are the two largest independent retail energy companies in the UK. favoring Co-op Energy over OVO, Shell gains a new trading customer at the other creditors' expense."A robust bid from OVO sits and collects dust on the table as the shareholders of the Company are forced to sell FEL to Co-op Energy for a pittance. If the market needed evidence of what could happen following Shell's purchase of First Utility, it now has it. I believe this is a stunning example of conflict of interest and unfair competition. The regulatory apparatus should not let this go through without proper scrutiny. If a sale to OVO continues to be ignored, I expect to report Shell's actions to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and other appropriate regulators."So perhaps if the CMA intervenes we will get a little something back?

pippin1 25 Apr 2018

Re: S P Rise Amazing. I don't think I have ever seen a rise and fall by such a large percentage in a single day. Talk about market manipulation. Fortunately I didn't get sucked in. My once significant holding remains worthless.

Emerald Carrots 25 Apr 2018

Re: S P Rise Sorry. This is al the link!www.investegate.co.uk/flowgroup-plc--flow-/rns/statement-re-share-price-movement/201804251331541083M/

Emerald Carrots 25 Apr 2018

Re: S P Rise Looks like some players in the market either mis-interpreted the earlier RNS, or (as I think) deliberately mis-interpreted the earlier RNS causing a huge "pump and dump" situation whereby they piled into the share creating false hope, then dumped all the shares keaving some with huge losses I presume. I saw it happening but luckily decided something did not smell right. The Company issued an RNS to explain their earlier RNS:-www.investegate.co.uk/flowgroup-plc--flow-/rns/statement-re-share-price-movement/201804251331541083M/The so dropped all the way back to where it stared from to the tenth of a penny.

pippin1 25 Apr 2018

S P Rise Could someone explain todays sp rise please. As I wright it is up 153% at middayI thought there was no value left for shareholders in this company

Ripley94 13 Apr 2018

Not learning from my bad picks. In hindsight i should of took what was left as another poster on this thread did earlier this week , not as if i have not had total wipe outs before.I tend to concentrate on my better picks ignoring situations like this when the company appears to give the small PIs the hint to dump.At least with clln the chance to act was not as clear cut.( The big trouble occurring over the weekend )Two big wipe outs by mid April this year.

ReynardThree 12 Apr 2018

Re: RNS... 70 % fall in share price. Been in and out several times over the last couple of years – trying to catch a falling knife as they say, a classic mistake.

Ripley94 11 Apr 2018

Re: Just looking at reasons for buying . Just looked at trades today mostly small in value shows couple of 3K sells.A 1K buy ?? why would anyone buy spread not that big @ 4.5% .Can not trust buy or sell record.