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15 Jul 2018
14:28 22/06/2019

I now have slightly more then before i sold half of holding and purchased all the warrants. No idea if i am anywhere near what i paid for Amara.

14:20 22/06/2019

Had Easter and Pentecost since still at it ..on Sunday 17th June noticed there had been a rise here so sliced the last buy for 0.53c had set limit above recent high , no e-mail lucky looked @ transactions , on the Wednesday thought i try luck and put in limit for another slice @ 0.55c. Woke on Thursday to find that had lifted on a 21% rise to 64c . THIS is a five year high but was much higher years before that but maybe other matters involved going that far back. On Friday 21st June it did fall back a little to 0.58 before closing @ 60c.

13:34 22/06/2019

Sold all in ( B )14.2p got same back in ( D ) 14p.... Opportunity to switch for free .

13:54 13/06/2019

Takeover going on early 2018 and concluded around summer 2018 , price fell to 0.12 19th November 2018 , back @ 0.22 now .

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