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10:54 23/09/2014

we will see 190.00 by end of play

10:54 23/09/2014

down it tumbles

10:34 22/09/2014

Get in on the shorts and make a killing

22:45 03/09/2014

Cityfcf is up his own ass, got to much time on his hands , and though he would bore everyone here, with his self assurance ,yawn

15:33 01/09/2014

RE Most Days. I don't see this any where near its bottom out, and so will leave for now, don't want burnt fingers again. There are still very serious problems with the management, complacency being one,

20:49 29/08/2014

This company running a bank? I think of the directors ,no better than ex Sir Fred Goodwin, about as trustworthy.

14:05 28/08/2014

Re:Bought today, don't think city knew what he meant. Or some of his previous posts.

21:52 21/08/2014

Sorry to say, but these lse posts tonight are looking a little desperate. Fighting amongst selves, pointless. Sympathise if you are in to deep, but I would not trust tsco, any more than thir dodgy prices in the stores. Its about trust, and long term they are not trust worthy. Most investors just want an honest income, and their investment to be reasonably stable. TSCO no longer seem that. Really needs a good audit, but it may be too late.

22:47 20/08/2014

equality,. Unfortunately , folks, he, she , is about right. I suspect hidden true of accounts, Value of fundamentals ,I suspect . As do others. MM.

19:13 12/08/2014

Assets falling , Asset value per share lowest of all the large competition, need I go on, Oh and Buffet dumping the shares months ago,