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12:32 06/08/2014

Re :marketmakers.

10:14 06/08/2014

Equaity: Still overpriced, low asset value ,falling profits, dodgy overseas investments, headless chicken will take several years ,if ever to get back to glory, hence Im out a considerable loss, GLA

14:34 01/08/2014

Finally the saviour: Tsco Haggis sales up 80% in Scotland due to the games,

22:27 29/07/2014

Here I suspect thir expansion may taper, now they have been sussed, their suppliers are of course open to better offers.

22:25 29/07/2014

But obviously hurting by having to spend money on ads, which now no longer mention direct competitors. Very strong in France @ Spain with ex pats

22:22 29/07/2014

Aldi @Lidl employees are self employed , hence H@S laws to a large extent ignored.

16:09 28/07/2014

Alan Stewart appoint chief financial officer , Dec 2014

15:46 16/07/2014

RE:Burma. May be it was Burma bacon suppliers he visited, for his bbq supplies. Someone overheard an got it wrong, like in pass the message, hee hee.

12:14 08/07/2014

Tesco needs to hold on for awhile longer, with the euro at new lows , euro suppliers become cheaper, if they are serious ,should reduce pricing accordingly, then no need for scwartzes aldi and lidl.

19:37 25/05/2014

Re . Cacher.. Didn't know Giraffes shopped at Tesco , let alone bought their booze from there !!!