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19:10 12/08/2014

Re >>Why the fall. Falling profits, market share, giant sheds on out of town sites.

21:03 11/08/2014

Rumors started , by the likes of Huff post, anything for a story. Anyway the yanks lawyers will soon be on it ,if they can make some brass,no matter how. l

21:01 11/08/2014

Re Lupo, totally agree ,saw that scare months ago.

21:12 09/08/2014

Wonder if tsco have manipulated figures to deceive? if so in for a load of trouble!!!

21:10 09/08/2014

You guys sniping at each other , well can understand if you are losing. I lost a lot here. My own fault, never shopped at Tesco, went for divi. Never really liked the set up. Quite political, if you go back long enough. In fact one major shareholder , a founder cannot even come back here , because of litigation, so yes blamke no one apart from oneself. Shares can go up and down.

22:44 07/08/2014

The value of tsco is the asset value per share, which is far less than its major competitors, take a look at fundamentals.

20:32 06/08/2014

tsco are thinking if the shares carry on down at this rate, by Christmas , the share holders will owe them, which will solve the problem of paying a divi, and pay em their xmas bonuses. Bit like the bankers really !! ;-(

15:29 06/08/2014


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12:33 06/08/2014

Try and move pc closer to the bathroom!!!