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22:32 22/10/2015

Have been told Mollacas has been delayed twice due to Judges stating prior exposure to the case. Scheduled for next week against present. Though could be several weeks after it actually happens to get verdict. I am still fully in anyway and not going anywhere.

10:53 03/02/2015

266k showing as a sell was one of my buys. I am at 3m now so that my fill.......... maybe

19:42 02/02/2015

Excuse the typing. Phone is on the way out.

19:41 02/02/2015


19:00 02/02/2015

Yes I submitted my topup orders for the morning then I am done on the purchasing. It is just of sit and hope. What we need is some good Mollacas news to boost price out of danger levels and then maybe sell of that assett to then buy a producing mine to keep us ticking over until Markets change and people come hunting for LC all the while improving it viability. I see copper demand rising towards the end of 2015 and 2016 being much better for Miners. Lets just hope we are still here by then...after hanging in there we all deserve it.

23:36 30/01/2015

Yes ridiculous price indeed. Buying my last few to get me to 3m. Then either I have lost 30 odd grand or will make a fortune. Surely they have gotta put up some sort of fight. At least fire sale the assets and buy a small mine. That should get us back to 5-10p + at least. While Mollacas is second fiddle. I feel a lot hinges on tribunal decision and if they can do a deal with land owner for access. Hopefully he realises a bankrupt company will pay him nothing.

19:03 25/11/2014

From what I know of south American government depts however. If we dont hear anything by 10th of Dec I dont think much will come out after that until after new year.

19:01 25/11/2014

They are still sayin from recent email that they expect or hope to get a response from the Tribunal before end of year on Mollacas. The land owner is evidently waiting on this also before agreeing any deal. I guess he knows if decision goes against us then his price goes way up. I see it all really hinging on Mollacas right now. With share price this low then we cant really buy anything else using the Bergen facility without large dilution. Oh well even at fire sale of assets it has to be several times this value surely. I cant understand how it has gone so low. I will top up some more to 3m and then try not to look again until I get an alert one way or another. Simon

09:06 27/10/2014

I really want to hear of either Mollacas resolution or a new cash producing mine however, as I think this is what is needed to really get the share price moving. LC is still the long game. Simon

09:04 27/10/2014

Yes am not sure how you see this a negative Pieman. At least some progress at last to show things are still happening behind the scenes. Lets hope for much more news over the coming weeks.