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18:56 16/10/2014

I know the buys happened as shares are sitting in my friends portfolio.....

18:55 16/10/2014

Not sure what iss happening with trade logging 500k yesterday buy but posted as sell on HL and today another 500k buy but only showing a few sells that dont even add up to 500k ??? Anyone have better monitoring access that can see the proper trades ?

15:16 15/10/2014

I know for a fact the 500000 sell that is showing was a buy. Whats going on here ????

12:53 23/07/2014

potluck-Wish our mortgage was only 7p

07:40 17/04/2014

Appeal was lodged on 3rd April. Let's hope it gets resolved. Need Mollacas close to production or sold by year end.

13:54 14/04/2014

Why the big sell off crazy!!!

15:19 11/04/2014

I am a bit fed up with this stock only movement is down and JV May as we'll be just vulgar

07:28 29/03/2014

I am long term major holder. This is just a temporary obstacle IMHO and another chance to top up. Glad they are pushing to production at Mollacas. Could fund keeping a lot of the BIG project in house and producing that as well which would mean mega returns. I think by the summer we will know where we are and this share will be really moving. Hope they keep working on the FS and EIA while sorting out this court case.

11:18 25/03/2014

I'm getting a bit sick of the wait JV just vulgar I think

11:04 04/03/2014

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