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27 Oct 2014
12:48 09/12/2014

Yeah after seeing how much KIBO went up today perhaps they decided to wait a week on more news so that they can get even more value out of the KIBO JV. Short term dip here, to me a good time to buy more and when they have their next RNS see a boooom.

14:36 18/11/2014

Bought at 6, needed the cash and sold out at 4. Just got some funds so put some more in, so knowing my luck it'll fall back to 10. So I'd advise everyone to sell now and take their profits...

14:23 18/11/2014

I reckon this will settle back around 16, nobody knows why it went up to 20.

13:59 18/11/2014

Was going to buy some at 17 before I went to lunch, come back and it's over 20.

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