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LLOY J_Westlock 17:34

Everyday frog_in_a_tree: England’s cricket victory is also a tribute to the benefits of diversity that immigration has brought to us despite what many Brexit supporters believe. It’s also a tribute to poor quality umpiring. As it turns out, the rules were applied incorrectly! The ball where England and Wales got 6 runs… should only have been 5. That has now been confirmed and is clear from the rules on the timing of the 2nd run… so the whole result apart from being farcical is also wrong… and NZ should have won the match.

FUM Aberdeen_investor 17:34

Tpr100 Well Tony, I remember the days and I’m sure you do, when the whole day used to pass and we’d have a couple of trades so this higher profile we are enjoying is welcome news… Someone or some companies are definitely building positions.

PXS Boring_Bernie 17:29

Provexis ade123a: does anyone know when the AA is up for renegotiation? It runs out some time in 2022. On the basis it started in June 2010 and was for 12 years ( see [link] ), it presumably runs till June 2022 If ByHealth actually pull their finger out and make a success of Fruitflow in the next couple of years, it should put us in a much stronger bargaining position than we currently are. I’m not holding my breath on those timescales working out for us with ByHealth tbh Equally if sales through DSM start to ramp up over the next couple of years, then that makes our hand stronger. Hopefully we’ll hold fire a bit, and don’t negogiate an extension too early. BB

LLOY frog_in_a_tree 17:24

Everyday Mr Carpet is off his trolly again. He continues in his series of low intellect post of absolutely no value. As far as I can see on these message boards there has been little or no support for Corbyn from pro-EU posters. A clue: it might be somthing to do with Corbyn being a Brexiter. I guess this will be a bit hard for Mr Carpet to understand. Cheers, Frog in a tree

VRS EyesonHawk2 17:20

Monday RNS - REACH Registration Yes quite happy with neills report but agree a strange interviewer!

LLOY GreyCarpet 17:20

Everyday Evening Standard reporting that Corbyn has ducked out of an anti Semitism meeting tonight, what’s he got to hide ? The EU Groupies on here openly supporting the Labour Party leader rightly hang their heads in shame.

VRS jaytee41 17:18

Monday RNS - REACH Registration That was a strange podcast - kind of mixed between Justin and whoever the other guy was. Convincing speech by Neill as ever and it appears that the REACH registration refers to contracts with European customers. Nice SP movement afterwards

GKP MikeyAdmin 17:14

Bye Mikey Contacting ii does work but at times it’s a bit slow

GKP MikeyAdmin 17:08

Closing Prices Close . . . . 233.00 Open . . . . 228.00 High . . . . .234.7098 . . . 08.20.01 . . OT Low . . . . . 227.50 . . . . . 11.38.18 . . AT MD Auc . . 154 @ 229.5p LSE Vols . . . . 462,031 . . 326 trades AT trades . . . 266 . . 81.6% OT trades . . . 60 CP, 40,659 @ 227p

HSBA jackdawsson 17:07

Brexit Wars 3 Sir_Buns-Up_Knealing: Its just lucky for England and Wales that the Germans don’t play cricket. SBK, Too right. One might add France, Russia, Turkey, China, USA & a myriad other nations. Though one can only beat the best opposition in any sport, so credit to England in that respect, to call it a “World Cup” seems a bit of a joke. Ditto with the game of Rugby. Relatively very few nations play cricket professionally. Of those that do, most were part of the former British Empire or else colonised briefly: ie. Australia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa & West Indies are the only real contenders. Nations like Bangladesh & Zimbabwe can put up a spirited show to some degree, but no-one else really figures. Regarding more important issues. Re Potus Trump: frankly, in view of his more recent, quite blatant racist views, I’d rather have no trade deals whatsoever with the US on principle until this nasty, narcissistic fukc is ousted from the White House. Being too closely associated with someone who can only be described as an American supremacist, fascist, will only do more harm to our global standing. That’s despite the damage we can already expect with another fake & liar due in Number 10 from next week. - One could seriously despair. - Regards.

HSBA petethenovice 16:49

Brexit Wars 3 So as the country needs highly skilled negotiators we are getting schools leavers to apply. In engineering 5 years apprenticeship the 5 years later you have a useful tradesman. Takes at least 10 years… Where will be be by then… AND wait for it No qualifications required just money NO DEAL we would need hundred’s in weeks… What a sh*tshow Those applying for the scheme, which will pay around 30,000 pounds a year, do not need to have any qualifications. The department expects most candidates will either be 18-year-old school-leavers or people wanting to switch careers. U.K. – 15 Jul 19 Eyeing post-Brexit trade deals, Britain looks to train... As Britain prepares to carry out its own trade negotiations for the first time i...

HSBA petethenovice 16:31

Brexit Wars 3 fynne: The thread was about “GERMANY” !!! Fynne Did you find any answer to this question and the FTAs we will be doing?? Could you explain with these trade deals you say we can negotiate what will we Export to countries that we do deals with given that our main economy is finance and banking wont it be that any work in that area will be in other countries with Tax paid offshore… ?

GKP pipmilo 16:24

Bye Mikey I struggle to see what Paul can possible gain in here Everybody this side of Mars knows who he is, his avatars, and his appalling history of bad advice and share investment in GKP. But yet his relentless pumping continues unabated Its just a shame that either ii or his shrink can’t seem to cure him of his uncanny knack of being a bulletin board and internet nuisance. I wonder if his relatives know this is what he’s now become? What a tragedy case for a grown man How long will it be before we see his gazillionth identity appear in here, I wonder?

HSBA J_Westlock 16:17

Brexit Wars 3 Sir_Buns-Up_Knealing: Its just lucky for England and Wales that the Germans don’t play cricket. Quite! I have to laugh… even the ECB website can’t fit in the “and Wales” bit… “England are ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup champions!” source: [link] I imagine the Welsh today are feeling more than p’d off.

GKP ValueSeeker8 16:13

Bye Mikey frog_in_a_tree: p.s. I have just seen that theplumber and his new avatar have been suspended You’re right: But some other avatars still active: While another with time stamp: