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BARC jackdawsson 20 Sep 2019

OT - Comp winner: Mcn2000 Hi Mcn, Well played! Welcome return to winning form for the current champ. Your 153.93 call closest by a whisker to UT 151.54. This takes you into a challenging 3rd place with 3 weeks & still 75 points up for grabs. Credit also to Gold or Silver for a very close 2nd place & Zanshin 3rd. Well done all! Ole Devil still leads by 23.5 pts, with Fiat 2nd place. As I work my way through all 11 Byrds albums in a recently acquired boxed set (I earlier said it had 13 albums, but it’s 11, including 2 double so 13 CDs), I make no excuses for linking them again. Simply great, real music that rarely fails to lift one’s spirits. May all have a VG w/end!

LLOY jackdawsson 20 Sep 2019

LLOYDS is going to FLY regardless: 55.51 GBX +1.45 (2.68%) Hi Regardless, Volume also looks strong. ADVFN have it at over 339m. Well above average. Probably a bit higher later as more delayed trades come through. - Regards.

GKP theoryman 20 Sep 2019

RNS Dividend Payment Mikey, a company cannot pay itself a dividend, hence shares in Treasury which are owned by the company cannot receive a dividend. When a dividend is declared per share this sort of problem does not arise. In this case though an amount to be paid was declared and then the final figure had to be worked out from the number of shares which qualified on the Qualifying Date. It’s VS8 and me versus you at the moment as to which shares should have qualified.

LLOY regardless 20 Sep 2019

LLOYDS is going to FLY Well, blow me down Lloyds Banking Group PLC LON: LLOY 55.51 GBX +1.45 (2.68%)

GKP theoryman 20 Sep 2019

RNS Dividend Payment I am not in the UK at the moment and even though I have a very good WiFi signal I keep getting kicked back when I try to send a message about this - apart from this site Could someone fire off an email to ir and suggest that there MIGHT have been a mistake made by using the shares in issue rather than those that are not in Treasury?

FRR Fillpot 20 Sep 2019

Ii new corporate action update Just looked in my FRR holding in ii This is a new corporate action message Stock FRONTERA RESOURCES ORD USD0.00004 Event Type Corporate Action Status Update Description Frontera Resources - Stock Re-registration update Earlier in the year we wrote to holders of Frontera Resources Depository Interests to advise that the shares were to delist from trading in the UK. As the shares would no longer be trading on a stock exchange supported by Interactive Investor, we advised that they would be withdrawn from trading and ISA accounts into client’s own names following receipt of share certificates from the company’s registrars. Whilst the share certificates have now been received, we are still in the process of establishing a mechanism with the Texan registrars for the stock to be moved out of our nominee name and into the name of beneficial holders. We will endeavour to continue with the re-registration, but as this is a complex process and we are reliant on a third party, there may be constraints. Therefore, the stock will remain in your account until we have further information from the registrar. We will continue to keep you updated. Strange!

GKP MikeyAdmin 20 Sep 2019

RNS Dividend Payment Theoryman Dividends are paid to the Shares in Issue on the Qualifying Date, and no matter were they are held, Hong Kong, USA, Timbuktwo or in the Treasury there were 229,429,566 Shares in Issue on the Qualifying Date If the Shares which have been bought back had been cancelled, then the amount of Shares in Issue would have changed and the Dividend would have changed.

GKP MikeyAdmin 20 Sep 2019

Closing Prices Close . . . . 232.50 Open . . . . 233.00 . . . Opening Price High . . . . .238.50 . . . 16.17.29 . . OT & AT Low . . . . . 232.88 . . . 08.04.39 . . OT MD Auc . . 1,634 @ 237p LSE Vols . . . . . . . 296 trades AT trades . . . 213 OT trades . . . 83 CP . . . 119,183 @ 239p FTSE 100 . . . 7,341.09 . (-15.33) . (-0.21%) Brent Crude . . . $63.70 . (+0.37) . (+0.58%) . . . (15mins delayed)

HSBA oilovlam 20 Sep 2019

Brexit Wars 3 J_Westlock: no matter whether you agree with that or not and that you might be voting LDS for a host of other policies. JW, is that how politics works in the UK? We can select which policies we want to implement from an ‘a la carte’ manifesto??..I suspect ‘if’ any one party gets a majority in the next GE, they will take that as a mandate to deliver on their manifesto in its entirety…yes, Labour too!!

HUR ash6666 20 Sep 2019

Half year results This presentation didn’t do much. Neither Lancaster nor Lincoln "discoveries/production. Announcement that the WW drill will go ahead same same, though that was planned. Great results from Lancaster had no effect. Without a farm in or takeover I just can’t see anything.

GKP theoryman 20 Sep 2019

RNS Dividend Payment WOW! Shares held in Treasury do not qualify for Dividend payments. I think someone maybe looking for a new job when they realise what has happened. There is absolutely no way IMHO that they should be using the ~229 million figure for the number of shares. On the other hand it could be that a principle that have been using for the past 40 years was based on flawed thinking and they are correct.

GKP MikeyAdmin 20 Sep 2019

RNS Dividend Payment I am very disappointed that GKP seems to have kept the dividend for the shares held in treasury! Absolutely scandalous! It has happened just like I thought it would do. We were told in the AGM RNS that the $50,000,000 Dividend “was” being Issued when there was “229,429,566 Shares in Issue” And today there are “still” 229,429,566 Shares in Issue so the money of the remaining 33% of $50,000,000 Dividend is rightly divided up between the 229,429,566 Share In Issue

HSBA J_Westlock 20 Sep 2019

Brexit Wars 3 petethenovice: Problem I have with labour is I dont know where they really stand on Brexit which is NO 1 problem for us all atm. I’m not sure why, their current position of the Party hasn’t altered… unlike other Parties; it is to negotiate a deal based on a customs arrangement. At the forthcoming conference I fully expect that to still be the case rather than adopting a Remain position. At the end of the day, I don’t care . It is the offer of #BrexitRef2 that matters.

SSE devonplay 20 Sep 2019

Ovo Loan Note marktime1231: Thank you very much for the link to the other chatroom which looks much more lively than here. Much obliged for the suggestions. No problem, you should join us. You’ll find some very well informed posters. There’s a very actice community over there and they don’t stand for any nonsense. marktime1231: The manager’s promises to recover the Suniva situation have not executed despite positive outlook refreshed at every juncture That’s my view. It’s priced about right I think, but I’m not sure I like the risk. marktime1231: RMDL is a uk-based equivalent to SQN, and you think a better bet? I do. I’m not looking for growth from these, but just to provide less volatility and more wealth preservation, so I’m build a portfolio of them at 25% of the value might normaly do. marktime1231: I will have a look at the detail of SWEF for example, which holds its NAV better than other reits which makes it a safer long term investment. Agreed. I bought LBOW in preference, I wanted the greater comfort of ICG, which has I beliew has £32billion AUM. It’s the go to provider for local government and public sector penions. At the present price I’d be a buyer of SWEF. marktime1231: NCYF My WiseAlpha portfio replicates their top ten holdings. Overall it has a higher running yield. marktime1231: EAT holdings marktime1231: IUKD I’ve bought both in to the weekness. IUKD is about neutral for me. I’m showing a profit overall on EAT, my last purchase was at 100.587 marktime1231: Are you hoping for LBOW to regain a premium or NAV recovery No, I’m hoping it’s decent value under 99, I’ve bought mainly around that price with the expectation that it’s the bottom and it will keep churning out it’s dividend.

HSBA petethenovice 20 Sep 2019

Brexit Wars 3 J_Westlock: They are all being honest… but they are all adopting a one-policy strategy where nothing else matters other than Brexit. Fortunately, both Labour and the Green Party have promised a second Referendum. happy either way we just need to get out of this mess…