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HSBA petethenovice 09:19

Brexit Wars 3 consensus is gathering around staying in the customs union and single market… which would mean that all Brexit does is remove our ability to influence the rules we follow.

LLOY macbonzo 09:04

LLOYDS is going to FLY Why, the US futures are off.

LLOY soi 09:01

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX gold short 1293.94 soi


LLOYDS is going to FLY Strange expected a continued uplift in SP this morning after last night vote. O well will just have to wait.

AMC nuno.figueiroa 08:52

LME Nickel Stocks IG Electric and autonomous vehicles: can Daimler and others stay ahead? How to invest in the electric car and autonomous vehicle market: who will be the winners? How are Daimler, Tesla and the automotive market performing? What are the trends in the automotive market?

WMH Shotry 08:51

Bought back in I’ve been adding back some of what I sold. This mornings gap up appears to have followed a MS upgrade

LLOY soi 08:48

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX gold short @ 1294.6. Overbought IMO. soi

LLOY soi 08:45

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX soi: gold limit short order placed at 1294.35 filled soi

GKP MikeyAdmin 08:38

FTSE, Brent & GKP FTSE 100 . . . . 6,836.00 (-26.68) (-0.39%) Brent Crude . . 60.84 (-0.48) (-0.78%) GKP. . . Spread 219----220 . . Mid 219.5

FRR Symore_Bottoms 08:34

Nomad? Simple answer is Yes. Why? How many companies on AIM O&G has the potential FRR has, in Georgia and Moldova? How many AIM companies have political connection with US Senators, Atlantic Council, American Chambers, and Super Majors? How many AIM companies have Director shareholding exceeding 20%? Against this, they have had to play some deadly games to protect their asset and investment. Will a new NOMAD empathise? Yes. There are AIM companies with a worse track record and disclosure. But I guess the solace for us has been the disclosure that Management put up their personal g’tees and personal shares for the coupon payment. Hope has been the root of all this mess and his antics are well known in the Financial Marketplace. JMO

LLOY soi 08:24

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX gold short 1293.75 soi

FRR chilternsmtb 08:23

Nomad? Thing is we’re surmising with limited info, Zaza will be giving every detail about the case and works going fwd (we hope) to the new nomad - wouldn’t be at all surprised to have a new advisor next week

IKA theprior 08:23

Material progress Interesting update today, progress good and lots more to come over the next period! TP

FRR Symore_Bottoms 08:22

Speculation! Good to see Mole’s post, a great contributor to FRR discussions over many, many years and one of the first shareholders to fly to Houston for the AGM over the Xmas period (2015?). Sincerely wish him and his family the very best and indeed great fortune (although that fortune is now firmly in the hands of Zaza & SN). There are many long term shareholders that I hope both Zaza and SN do well by them and to be fair, they are aligned with us with their combined 20% shareholding and conversion of debt at 1p. In addition, despite the initiation of the legal case, they have continued working in the field (T-16), MoU with Baker Hughes and NY Fund. I also suspect that while in London this week, Zaza May have had a cursory meeting with BP. As far as the legal case is concerned, lets see if the two parties can find common ground to reach an agreement. But I will admit that I am alittle torn here, on one hand I would like a speedy resolution on the other, I would like to see Hope destroyed - this will be dependent on the financing being available from the NY Fund. Let’s get the NOMAD appointed and then maybe some news can finally start to flow. JMO

LLOY BrownAdder 08:22

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX Gold Long 1292 For what its worth