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HUR Peally 10:08

Stock Exchange Hi Albi. Looking Hurricane up on NEX I note that the range of bid and ask on NEX, at COB today, is 44p to 55p but on LSE runs between 49.62 and 49.48. Also grateful if someone who understands these things could explain the difference in bid/ask range showing on LSE and NEX. As to the “why” it’s listed on NEX - I have no idea. The bid / ask range though is called the “spread”. A large spread is a sign of a lack of liquidity in the share (often coupled with high volatility), and essentially means that it is very expensive to trade the share on that market. You’ll notice that the mid-price is much the same as LSE. The spread you mention would make HUR pretty much untradeable on NEX, as it represents a > 20% spread between the buy and sell price. This means that for example if you bought at 55p, assuming the spread remained the same, you’d need the price to rise by over 20% just to get out at break-even on the bid price. The main reason for this is that the Marketmaker does not want to hold stock, and there is not much freely available for trading, so they need to cover the fact that for any they do hold, they are liable to lose out in the event of an adverse price movement - the market is inefficient on that exchange. Hope that helps - I’m no expert, so I hope I haven’t misinterpreted / got anything incorrect above, but ultimately it’s the sign of low liquidity on that exchange.

FRR Toatie1 09:59

Nomad? nice thought mate

BLVN Ripley94 09:58

Afren enters administration BLVN… XXXX Must of gone ex sp div today ( confusion spread on lse that its tomorrow ?? ) Down 43 % 18p …but not to ex -div equivalent i read of 15p . Someone posted value @ 11/12

FRR thefozzer 09:55

Nomad? The court case could drag on for a while. Best case for now would be to appoint a new Nomad, stay suspended and avoid de-listing. At least then there’s a 6 month period before de-listing which then allows FRR get it’s house in order.

HNT Ripley94 09:53

Chadlingtons salary HNT… XXXX Fallen back to 89p after rise to 122p in August 2018 .

FRR jaytee41 09:49

Nomad? That’s what I meant Devex. FRR are going to have to show that they are now whiter than white, no surprises etc. However, and perhaps I’m being a bit spiteful but based on my own circumstances, if no Nomad is announced by the 24th and the stock is deleted, then those with shares in their ISAs will not be too forgiving. On a positive note lets hope for a Nomad appointment with trading remaining suspended until the Hope/Outrider headache is clear

XTR theprior 09:44

RNS 16.01.19 - Manica Gold Alluvial Mining Contractor Agreement But yesterday’s gains all lost this morning. People shouting for news then sell when it comes! TP

FRR theprior 09:40

Nomad? All in all there is one massive risk. And that is trying to second guess the courts! That line of thinking is fraught with danger. If the judge likes our case all will be well, if not…cyanara TP

HUR Flossoffa 09:40

Rotterdam to FOIL - PART II ash6666: why go back to hide at Cromarty Run out of chicken Floup?

SXX digibobdeluxe 09:38

Where has everyone gone? Am I missing something? This used to be a buzzing place where everyone discussed Sirius Minerals, now it looks a bit tumbleweed… surely I have this wrong! Yesterday Sirius got an amazing mention in PMQ’s just after May and Corbyn squared off and great things were said about SXX. Yet I cannot find any mention of it anywhere.

HUR ash6666 09:37

Rotterdam to FOIL - PART II HtL I read your interesting post the other day and it’s only just occurred to me, mostly based on AM only doing 2kn, if she can stand up to any sort of weather and swell why go back to hide at Cromarty recently? Why not just stay at the field ready for the calm?

NRR Ripley94 09:37

Topped up again NRR… XXXXX Same sector as British Land & Hammerson.

FRR thefozzer 09:34

Speculation! SB, If FRR can resolve this with Hope then they should do as quickly as possible. I suspect Hope would be happy with his money back plus a sweetener on top so let’s hope Zaza has fast tracked the NY loan. Whatever is going to happen we’ll find out quite soon at least. Best of luck eh.

FRR Devex 09:33

Nomad? Re a new Nomad the selection process is two way - particular given the Cairn resignation. And appointing a new Nomad is one thing - but going back to normal trading without a solid news update would be a nightmare. So the Court Case and Nomad selection are inevitably inter-linked. It is worth trying to put yourself in the position of a likely new Nomad - what would you want from FRR? I would suggest: Clear evidence of a viable future business, including funding Clear evidence that the Hope/Outrider process is going in the right direction Evidence that the BoD is at least working to a common agenda An opening market update that includes references to the historic disclosure issues - ie some sort a “clear the air” comment. Any new Nomad will insist on this in my view A site visit - though if WHI this might be avoided Any new nomad will also formally and informally talk to Cairn, so all of the issues - warts and all - will need to be addressed. But of course real progress on dealing with Hope/Outrider will help enormously As others have suggested a Nomad appointment with trading suspended until the court case is resolved would be ideal - but not sure how feasible this is.

LLOY Toad_in_the_Hole 09:33

LLOYDS is going to FLY BBC News Housing market outlook worst 'for 20 years' House sale expectations for the next three months are at their lowest for two decades, estate agents warn.