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12:09 25/07/2013

Is it still RKH's intention to move to the London Stock Exchange main market or has that gone on the back burner now?

14:42 22/07/2013

Admitted to AIM last week - worth having a look at. Pre-tax profit for year £575,000. Building 15 - 20 new homes this year for 500k each.

I have lost loads on this over past few years and now a slight up tick. Is it just a big hole in Australia , or does it have any worth ??

19:32 19/07/2013

Caza up a bit and oil flowing. Will next week be better?

18:20 16/07/2013

Nyota MInerals have been waiting for their Large Scale Mining Licence for some 8 months....but the new Mining Tax Bill should become law imminently, so allowing the Licence to be issued. Back in Nov 2012 the Mining Minister agreed that Nyota had fulfilled the requirements for the licence to be issued. With Centamin having 19.99% of Nyota (the max under ASX rules prior to a takover/bid) NYO looks very interesting at the current sp.

13:50 08/07/2013




13:47 08/07/2013


13:44 08/07/2013

NTO has leased sites were the big are investing millions of $ lease land.

12:27 29/05/2013

To finish this well should not be more then 10 to 15m , if it is engineered correctly,TD is only a couple thousand mtrs, six weeks drilling,if they fail to break through the salt they will abandon well , cost rig hire, some tools & bit,all the expensive stuff is done.Not sure where the 20 to 40M comes from.As for a farm in agreement Max will not give a controling share away,more like 60-40 and even that might be to high based on what might be down there.