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18:05 05/02/2014

your looking more desperate than dufc

18:05 05/02/2014

a cuckoo short of a clock, but amusing nevertheless

18:04 05/02/2014

LMAO, you're a funny one DUFC

18:04 05/02/2014

anthracis take your bitterness bk to lse. its not wanted here

18:03 05/02/2014

i trust you don't think BMR own the only suitable feed for the sable plant in all of central Africa do you rolex , you aren't that dumb, right???

18:02 05/02/2014

I always appreciate suggestions from BB morons, they get filed in the same place every single time. Under 'T'

18:01 05/02/2014

bite me

18:01 05/02/2014

anthracis we dont want more trouble here. Go bk to lse and let of steam please

17:55 05/02/2014

not to mention an infant

17:54 05/02/2014

im afraid I don't suffer fools gladly MA, simple as that. and DUFC as a grade A cretin