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22:49 04/10/2018

Must have been Jarvis ill have to ring to see what they mean , if they have not been wound up .

14:55 15/08/2018

Just received letter stating they cancelled AIM listing on 3rd August and they will be removed from acc . The company will post info on there website !! going forward .!

15:28 19/11/2015

I haven't posted here for a long time, and I take no pleasure in the sp position - I do urge all who have to take a good long look at MTR....It's where Alex B. is coming from and has Terry Grammar at the helm (research him, he has had some spectacular successes). I speculate myself that at some point, perhaps even now, MTR will pick up some equity here - but take a look at the asset base they are building. It is no good crying about what might have been. Anyway, good luck whatever you decide...but fro me there is more upside, more exposure to a variety of assets than here - and that means more chance to recover the losses from MA & his family's despicable fraud

06:34 29/09/2015

Sounds like Glencre needs the $1000 / month even more than BMR needs machinery

20:57 26/07/2015

Wouldn't it be funny if mtr....

08:30 25/06/2015

Up to the old tricks....this RNS appears to regurgitate the information in leach processing section of the 2nd April RNS. What's new?

21:02 05/06/2015

Jeremiah - do the'd be right if there was no dilution to come...but what is £50m divided by 613,000,000 shares?

20:25 05/06/2015

Perhaps the most don't read this board any longer because they dont like the sense of realism. It pains me to say this but Schaden is one of the very few that called this correctly. No matter which way you look at this, things are pretty grim. Cant keep blaming mm's fun and games, they must have a pretty weird sense of humour to take this from 6 whole pence/share to where you can almost buy 3 for a penny

16:44 05/06/2015

I do remember, they wouldn't have the nerve to still be around surely? Or even trumpeting that they are still buying shares? Who was that?

16:24 05/06/2015

Jam, Bugle was mentioning the very, very dubious issue relating to the 'leaked' Chinese news published on the boards (you might remember the whole whohaa relating to that at the time...and the big rise in the SP of course). Can you recall who was the poster responsible for this, as it's been suggested that there was a Masoud led link to this deceit/misinformation?