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18:01 05/02/2014

bite me

18:01 05/02/2014

anthracis we dont want more trouble here. Go bk to lse and let of steam please

17:55 05/02/2014

not to mention an infant

17:54 05/02/2014

im afraid I don't suffer fools gladly MA, simple as that. and DUFC as a grade A cretin

17:54 05/02/2014


17:54 05/02/2014

Better go before he pops over here and gives me an ear bashing. lol

17:53 05/02/2014

wow calm down anthracis. he must be upset with 3 posts when dufc said he has gone lol. Quite funny really

17:40 05/02/2014

Totally agree with dufc. he was taken to task on that subject by anthracis and razor. Well Done fella!!!

16:51 05/02/2014

What is it dan?

16:50 05/02/2014

Another reply to "Just Testing".