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16:02 16/10/2012

CFC seems a screaming buy does anyone know what the firm will do with all the cash they are hoarding. How tricky is it for companies to get cash out of China?

The inital proposal prior to planning has an excellent location for the potash mine showing huge regard for the environment. The key element is an export pipeline moving ther potash outside the Yorkshire National Park for processing. The formal planning application should be successful.

21:12 13/09/2012

Now looks like the worm has turned with the euro-fiasco having a stay of execution. I expect CF will have the big boys queuing up for piece of the action. See you all at the AGM...

00:40 13/09/2012

Im getting frustrated now......come on Justin pull your finger out

07:32 06/09/2012


According to the World Health Organisation, 132,000 melanoma skin cancers occur globally each year and the incidence is increasing, especially in the United States, Europe and Australia. The vaccine has patent protection in the UK, Europe and Australia and has recently been granted patent protection in the US. Protecting the technology is vital because if the vaccine is a success, the global demand could be absolutely huge.


A developed product, ready for clinical trials might be some way off yet but the potential is there to develop it further and target an even bigger market.


One of the problems with small biotech companies is that they can often burn cash and need constant capital raisings, which dilutes existing shareholders. But when Scancell announced its interim results, covering the six month period to 31 October, its cash balance was a very solid £1.9 million. Just one month later, the company said it would be receiving a payment of £2.85 million relating to a number of antibodies it had sold previously.

Under the terms of that deal, if any antibodies were used in clinical trials within a certain time frame, the company was entitled to the payment. The conditions were met and Scancell got the cash. With this extra money, Scancell’s bank balance has been boosted to a very healthy £4.75 million.


In June Scancell said that the Gene Therapy Advisory Committee ('GTAC') and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency ('MHRA') have given their approval to increase the maximum treatment period from 6 months up to a further 5 years in its Phase I/II clinical trial. This is a very big deal for Scancell because it means the company can gather much more data as it proves its treatments work. Subsequently the shares have enjoyed an incredible run. In fact, we have almost quadrupled or initial investment in the company.

Why have the shares been surging? Put simply, the new technology could, in the words of the company’s CEO “have a profound effect on the way that cancer vaccines are developed”. The technology is now called Moditope, which “stimulates the production of killer CD4 T cells with powerful anti-tumour activity.”


Scancell Directors are evaluating the technology and looking into its strategic options. At this point, it’s virtually impossible to attach a value to the technology. Even though Scancell shares have surged, I’d be tempted to hold onto the shares until Moditope’s true value emerges. The shares could be worth considerably more in the future.

This is a summary; here is a link to the complete research note:


07:26 06/09/2012

SCANCELL HOLDINGS (SCLP). Last week Scancell doubled in value after a breakthrough which "has the potential to transform the therapeutic cancer field".

I featured Scancell in this column in March. At that time I told you that Scancell has developed a therapeutic DNA vaccine. Once injected, this DNA is then read by cells which start to make specific proteins. The body recognises these proteins as foreign. This, in turn, awakens the immune system, which then produces ‘T cells’ that zap the cancer tumours and prevent the spread of the disease.

This vaccine is now in human trials with results expected next year. But in the meantime Scancell has gone a step further….


Scancell has now developed a platform technology called Moditope that could boost the effectiveness of the many therapeutic cancer vaccines that are under development, at Scancell and elsewhere. The field of cancer vaccines is a highly promising one, and many experts believe that immunotherapy - the use of the body’s own immune system - can be the most effective weapon against cancer.

Scancell’s Moditope seeks to improve the impact of the CD4 T-cells that destroy tumours.


Antigens are proteins that exist on the surface of cells. Some antigens are much more common on the surface of cancer cells than of normal cells. These cancer specific antigens can form the basis for developing vaccines that selectively alert the immune system to find and destroy them.

The particular part of the antigen that is recognised by the immune system is called the epitope. The immune system works by recognising these epitopes and then sending out CD8 and CD4 T-cells to kill the cancer cells.

But while it is relatively easy to tell CD8 cells what to do, it’s far harder to get a response from the CD4 T-cells. Scancell has found a way to force the CD4 T-cells to wake up and start killing cancer cells.

In short, Scancell's Moditope technology produces killer CD4 T-cells that destroy tumours, but without toxicity. It can potentially boost the impact of many different types of cancer vaccine.


I’m assured that Professor Lindy Durrant, the brains behind this invention, as I write to you is dancing for joy.

When I spoke to joint chief executive Dr Richard Goodfellow he gave the usual warnings about the need for lengthy future trials and the uncertainty of outcomes. But nonetheless, he is clearly excited.



Latest presentation,  featuring samotlor major 27 billion barrel discovery, ptr's licence 61 is directly east of the discovery, licence 67 south east, proven and probably reserves 118m barrels of oil, 448m barrels exploration upside.

(2012 Operations) 

Build 10km pipeline to tie in to the network

Current production 2300 bopd

5 wells currently shut in and being stimulated and not part of the current production figures.

(Licence 61 2012 development plan)

8-10 wells projected to go into production (6 by year end 2012) 2 into early 2013, 1 well per month to add to current production figures.

Expected first news from well 1 will be end of august, the BoD were in Russia at the end of July, each well will take a one month to complete to production.

Only producing from 20% of the asset base, huge potential upside.



(Operational Highlights)
·     Average production of 2,049 bopd.
·     Group 2P reserves increase 36% to 131.7 mmbbls.
·     Group P1 reserves increase 50% to 20.0 mmbbls.
·     Sibkrayevskoye discovery in August 2011 was the largest single discovery made by PetroNeft to date. It contains 49.8 mmbbls of 2P reserves.
·     Expanding the central processing facility capacity at Licence 61 to 14,800 bfpd.

(Financial highlights)
·     First full year of production with 748,079 barrels produced, up from 189,508 in prior year.
·     Capital expenditure of US$52 million.
·     Improved Macquarie Debt facility agreed in April 2011.
·     New US$15 million loan facility with Arawak Energy agreed in May 2012.

(June 2012 Operations Update)
·     Arbuzovskoye No.1 well producing at 350 bopd without fracture stimulation.
·     Current total production steady at 2,200 bopd exclusive of wells temporarily shut-in for pressure transient testing.
The Arbuzovskoye No. 1 discovery well is now in production and has been producing with an electric submersible pump at a rate of about 350 bopd since mid-May 2012. So far it has shown essentially no decline and a water cut of less than 2%. This is comparable to the best wells drilled at Pad 1 at the Lineynoye oil field, prior to fracture stimulation,  and is in line with the excellent test results achieved on this well when it was first drilled in November 2010.
It is expected that a drilling crew will arrive on site at Arbuzovskoye in the coming weeks to commence drilling new production wells, the first of which we expect to bring into production in Q3 of this year.

(Licence highlights)
Discovery of Significant New Oil Field at Sibkrayevskaya
PetroNeft Resources plc (AIM: PTR), the owner and operator of Licences 61 and 67, Tomsk Oblast, Russian Federation, is pleased to announce its largest single discovery to date, a new oil field at Sibkrayevskaya in Licence 61.

·     Seventh oil field discovered in Licence 61
·     North Varyakhskaya No. 1 well makes oil discovery in main Upper Jurassic target

(Licence 67)
·     Cheremshankaya No. 3 well discovers two hydrocarbon pools
o  Oil discovery in main Upper Jurassic target
o  Gas/oil discovery in Lower Jurassic target
o  Successful open hole inflow test on both intervals

(Director purchases) July 2011

Dennis Francis
David Sanders
Paul Dowling
Tom Hickey
100,000 all exercised at 35p per share

June 2011 director purchase 52p

Every placing that the company has undertaken has been subscribed by the Directors.

(Issued shares)

Authorised Shares 800,000,000
Current Issued Shares 416,356,432
Warrants outstanding 6,700,000
Options outstanding 16,544,000

26.79% of shares are not the public domain

Approx 300m shares in free float.






17:27 09/08/2012

Anything around 10p and Ill be happy! But it's so hard to predict. Oilies can go from boom to slump in no time at all, look at RKH after their farm in with PMO!

14:09 02/08/2012

Hi Utd0Leeds10 welcome to the forum and congrats for being the first to post in the shiney new forum here!

Lots of oilies have been hit this year. Im looking for an entry point a bit lower than this. If I miss it, my bad, but willing to risk it.

Good luck!