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19:34 03/04/2019

Please do not believe this boiler room scam as there asking for thousands of pounds from you to release your share money!!

19:31 03/04/2019

Hi, has anybody out there heard of a hostile takeover of Torotrak offering over £10.00 per share?

13:47 03/04/2019

Hi Breezy, I'm delighted to be back above my average and in profit for the first time in a while but I'm not counting my chickens just yet. I think this is a temporary rise and we'll drop back to 2.5 before the next RNS, then I think it will start a slow steady rise.

11:33 03/04/2019

Back in profit here happy days. I wonder if we have some big news coming our way.

10:14 01/04/2019

Had order in for 0.45 ( dropped to 0.445 ) warrants 0.44 .. dropped a little to 0.455 before Finnish to close 0.47.

15:43 31/03/2019

YAHOO Finance best i can find for info on this recent bits.. on web Nov 2017 daily mail price drop of Fortacin 100 to £20

15:12 31/03/2019

Last post on ADVFN 8th Jan 2018 , so over a year ? ( post on 31st about some other company ) Appears Fortacin was launching in Europe and there was a video somewhere .

15:02 31/03/2019

Chat on this one still on ADVFN...This has fallen since price now 0.27hkd... ( Best chart trading view ) nearly at 26th O ct 2018 low of 0.23 hkd

14:49 31/03/2019

This chat site only goes back to 2nd Dec 2014. can see wiinny was keen June 2015 , and in Dec 2015 but lambrini not keen. the bid by Persueus was on 29th Feb 2016, Amara had been 14.6p winny liked it. I topped up 29th feb 2016 @ 12p , Deal went through 18th April 2016 which is why warrens are up now ( 3 years ) Talk of London relist in may 2016 never happened. In hindsight should of sold the high of Dec 2016 @ 0.58c it bottomed 0.28c June 2017 in hindsight a good buy opp .

14:51 30/03/2019

Hi, can anyone explain the 19% drop on Friday please?