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09:50 12/12/2018


19:40 11/12/2018

2.25p finish which ain't great - I'll be interested to found out who sold 44 million shares after the closing bell. I wonder what we'll open at in the morning?

14:39 11/12/2018

Trautw - i suspect you are not an idiot and you do know what you're doing. When it comes to AIM shares logic doesn't apply. If talk of JLP gets out in the wider markets the pump and dump day traders will be over here like a shot spouting off nonsense. We want a nice steady and sustainable rise up to and beyond 30p please. Went to lunch and we were 2.25p back from lunch and we are 2.6p - I'm happy again and pleased with my 2.45p yesterday.

13:38 11/12/2018

Yeah it really makes no sense to me. Are we missing something or is this being manipulated somehow. Or maybe I am just an idiot and have no clue what I Am doing

12:40 11/12/2018

I am staggered that someone is selling down such big volumes at a time when JLP really are coming good on their words. Every time I buy on what I think is a dip the share price goes even lower within 24 hours - unbelievable!

09:59 11/12/2018

Good morning Breezy, I'm sticking now with my holding - 500,000 at 2.79 should serve me well over the next 2-3 years. I could put more in but I want to keep some cash back with Brexit (or not) around the corner. I'm 60% down on AFC and wished I'd never gone there but eh oh, it is what it is, they might get bought out for the technology somewhere down the line. I don't feel like averaging down on AFC as it could drop much lower than it is. JLP have a lot of projects in place now that look like delivering good earnings in the coming months and years. Kabwe should be massive if they can get all the permissions in place to proceed. I do think our patience is going to be rewarded. It might not be another Bushveld Minerals but I think there is some good profit ahead. Wishing you well and all the very best. idg69

14:25 10/12/2018

Hi idg69 I agree a great RNS this morning,just a bit surprised the the price as dropped below the placement price of 2.50. I have the same average as you 2.79 and i had a small top up at 2.20 a few weeks ago. Iam hoping to be in the black before christmas and i think next year JLP shareholders will be rewarded for our patience. All the best my friend and lets hope we can get rich next year.

12:11 10/12/2018

Noticed RNS here today listing removed , history gone from digi .. Rang ( J ) then PB no record as this was done directly with ( J ) 814,700 @ 1p loss £ 8147 ( 24th May 2017 ) another £5000 ( D ) ( 25th May in & out ...26th May £3000 1st Dec 2017 £1000 28TH Feb 2018 £1000 more than loss than carillon.

11:39 10/12/2018

Excellent RNS though the dilution has clearly spooked a few. - hence the knee jerk reaction and the drop first thing. I took advantage of this and for the first time in a while I have felt confident enough to have a top up and average down. Managed to buy 130,040 at 2.45p and bring my average to 2.79p. I don't think it will be long before I'm back in the black. Might take a little while for the news to filter through but when it does, this will start heading north - I hope!

21:59 05/12/2018

iii board is dead, more active discussion in advfn and lse