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19:45 24/08/2020

FJET… XXXX Came accross this on lemon fool site. MrC’s Smallcap Sweeps. 3rd July 2020. Looks like that was time to take a loss on it . “The only way to avoid mistakes is not to invest—which is the biggest mistake of all.” Sir John Templeton “Learn from your mistakes.” John Templeton Farcejet (FJET) co will continue to have sufficient resources to meet its operational needs until the end of Aug.“If flight operations do not restart to sustainable levels by the beginning of September or the Company is unable to access hard currency from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe through repayment against the Company’s historical legacy loans, it will cease to be a going concer

19:41 24/08/2020

no longer linking to ii will not paste copy either .

16:47 02/08/2020

Hello Ive found an old dragon oil certificate from 1997 and I now see shares were bought through a compulsory purchase in 2015 ... have i missed out?

16:38 02/08/2020

Hiya Ang

I've just moved office and found an old dragon oil certificate and wondered if you'd had any luck with it?

Cheers Pete

22:33 27/07/2020

Posts May 17,20& 22 this year looks like do not copy since Feb this year .

22:26 27/07/2020

Today posted ... Appears to have hit all time high today . ISIN ZAE000173951 Sibanye Stillwater…5,140.00 ZAC +449.00 (9.57%)

22:19 14/07/2020


22:15 14/07/2020


21:56 14/07/2020

No page ii no history here ??

21:56 14/07/2020

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