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15:33 13/04/2019

The 5th of March was a rise back to the price at time of take over after it had bounced back a little , so looks like new resistance.

15:23 13/04/2019

5TH march was recent high 4815 dropped a lot since , but it has been 6500 not so long ago, volatile have to keep an eye and be patience. paid a small div i noticed .

15:23 13/04/2019

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09:40 10/04/2019

TRADING UPDATE? : Is there going to be another trading up date in April? Last year it was on the 19th.

15:13 08/04/2019

Well done Breezy, I sold my 2.4p buy at 2.7p to see it sail on to 3.45p today, I'm not too miffed as it was only a grands worth. Your 2.25p top up was very well timed and you deserve some change in fortune. My Jubilee profits now cancel out my AFC losses, but I won't be selling any JLP for at least 2 years - unless we get a silly spike to 20p+ and then I just might.

13:16 08/04/2019

so, can we get to 15p by end of 2019 ?

11:58 06/04/2019

At my buy 6th Feb RTHM 195 / TAP 239.... 7th Feb 185 / 237... 21 Feb 160 / 182... must check if ratio was 16 for 9 or 28 for 32 . as rbmchenry did not respond .

17:47 05/04/2019

No record on digital now or ii. have to work out what i paid in comparison to tap on dates of buys .

13:20 05/04/2019

Hi idg69 I am so pleased you got it wrong about the shareprice dropping back to 2.50. Exciting times for JLP holders and our patience is about to be rewarded yhis year. Might be a big RNS coming Monday and hopefully get the shareprice above 4p. I had a top up at 2.25 while i was on holiday very unusuall for me to time it right. Have a great weekend and roll on Monday. e

21:57 03/04/2019

this is expected to deal with a restructure of the business from management to call centre closures the acceleration of the cost saving has started.... watch this space cost cutting and loss of jobs expected