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20:59 23/02/2019

Newfield 0.21 Dec as below ( should of taken 50% ) now 17.5.. £ 5413.

20:51 23/02/2019

The board has gone private ii ?. Positive chat on lse...suspended 15th Feb 2018 1 for 10 consolidation 16th july 2018

19:39 23/02/2019

Take over Nov 2015...Regent Pacific price since 26 Nov 2016 0.68 hkd .. July 2018 0.46.. Dec 2018 0.38 now 0.32 hkd.

16:30 23/02/2019

Can see old share chart lse .. ( PLND )... I see on this site "back in" 24 April 2015 ( must have been about 324p ? ) posts 20&21st Jan 2016 ( must have been thinking about it ) below, top up 26 Jan 2016 141p .. so if i made same investment average 232p lost on it about 5% if offer was paid out at 220p . looks like i was in and out before so might of come away even .

16:30 23/02/2019

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12:01 22/02/2019

Spent to long last night and this morning trying to find old ithaca bb ( this one on ii , i had found another delisted one last week ) took ages going back to find a post of mine from 2nd Sept 2017 and May 2017 . easier looking at kilermangarrow pots not as many and see hear he posted 12 may 2017 it all been removed you can see his posts either side of 12th may 2017 .

10:28 21/02/2019

discuss the market are so useless: After all this time, they still don't haven't changed Synety to Cloudcall. You try contacting them: Their software is broken so that it's impossible to clear their anti-spam algorithm.

10:28 21/02/2019

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21:20 15/02/2019

Thank you for taking the time to meet with YJ Tot and Devex and for the update FSHG team; it's reassuring as well as much appreciated.

14:58 15/02/2019

loosy - many thanks will try later. just been given the week end jobs which are unachievable - as normal