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15:06 28/09/2019
14:28 28/09/2019

Have they got the trace of Money flow, either sender or receiver can request their banks to trace the fund flow they will know where it's stuck

14:39 27/09/2019

They won't be selling it cheap. More liekly they won't sell it at all. The sale doesn't make a lot of sense to me; profitable division. Why sell it for £160m? Why buy it for £160m when you can buy the whole company for somewhere around £300m (assuming the share price were to double on news of a bid). I don't think Kier even NEEDS to sell Kier Living. Remember, they're saving over £60m a year through the cancelled dividend. All they need to do is keep making money. Kier is essentially a management company. Their subcontractors do all of the physical work. The Kier staff just do the work-winning, planning and overall management. The entire Kier workforce amounts to an average of around 20 people on each project. All they need to to do is keep on, keeping on. Avoid buying any more companies. Avoid getting involved in any loss-making contracts. This company will make its way back to £2 shortly in my view, probably before year end. I'd like to see a trading update in a fortnight or so.

09:39 25/09/2019

If you read the question I said service business been for sale since January. I know when living went on the market. So in all your reading how is the service business sale going

08:34 25/09/2019

Actually the divisions have been for sale since June, not January. Listen to the analyst briefing on the sale progress. It will be done by the end of the year. The loss btw was mostly on paper, not so very real. All writedowns and future provisions. So your doubts are NOT well founded. I suggest you do a bit of reading.

06:47 25/09/2019

What’s happened to the high levels of interest Davies reported? Is it to be a management buy out? They’ve been trying to sell the services business since January? Enough to cover the very real loss they just reported - doubt it!

22:49 24/09/2019

There is no 'restructuring' and no reason for the cabinet office to trouble itself with Kier. All Davies is doing is selling some Kier businesses. The company is solvent, debt is reducing anyway, it has plenty of financing and only draws on about half of its available credit. Nothing to see here. Just the UK's second biggest construction firm continuing to build schools, hospitals, commercial parks, roads etc all over the country. The share price will now recover steadily, maybe with a quick rise when the residential homes business gets sold.

17:27 24/09/2019

The Chinese have been controlling this share price for a long time. They still are

14:23 24/09/2019

Only the driver is in charge of share price me thinks Jonathon?

14:21 24/09/2019

"other parties are controlling the share price" "other parties are controlling the share price" Hahaha,you are funny Jonathon