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14:36 01/03/2019

Hi idg69 The silence does not help the shareprice one little bit and i am sure Leon said we would get an update in December on Kabwe and here we are in March and not a word. No wonder people are selling up. No doubt if i sold out now the shareprice would rocket, wish i never got involved in aim shares as it like going to the casino one big gamble. All the best my friend. breezy

10:36 01/03/2019

Morning Breezy, the silence is deafening. Just looked back over my trading and I 1st bought in Feb and March 2015 - 4 years ago at 1.56 & 1.36. Sadly I topped up on the peaks and not the troughs, thinking that each time this was about to take off. Nothing the BoD appear to do or say as any material affect on the share price. Even the rise in precious metals has no bearing - I'm at a loss as to what will light a bonfire under this share. The BMR debacle didn't help in the short term though hopefully Kabwe and our increased holding will prove beneficial in the long term. I'm going to sit this out until the end of the year and make a decision in Feb after 5 years holding. Wishing you well my friend. idg69

06:48 01/03/2019

Who remembers the Leinster Nickel(BHP Billiton) debacle,18,5 million pound impairment,more than half Jubilee's current market cap and not a single word from management. Colin Bird it's been 2 years and 4 months,how is the court case going with BHP?? Will you take responsibility if nothing comes off it and resign? Is this the way Kabwe,DCM pgms and Tjate is going?

21:57 28/02/2019

Platinum and Palladium prices on the up SLP/ LMI share prices on the up and JLP not moving one little bit.Been here for over 3 years and am 14% down,well peed off.Come on Leon its about time you gave us poor shareholders an update on whats going on with this company as the shareprice is so low for a reason.

09:52 27/02/2019

Years ago when this company first floated I invested in AfriAg, and one of the primary reasons was because Lenigas was involved and I knew he was a successful businessman who (I thought) had a good head on his shoulders. However, soon after investing the stock tanked by 95% and has never made its way back up again. What is going on with this company? I don't understand why we are not seeing any return on our investment. I've written to them a few times and they've never responded.

09:37 26/02/2019

Great RNS.We still need that first contract.

23:43 24/02/2019

The warrants will run out this August 2019 share price is around warrant price been a lot lower so do not know why you would exercise before now best price was 0.65 July 2016, 0.48 April 2018 best since. ( D ) still not back with cost of that . Might be an idea to sell above 0.44 buy back cheaper if it goes higher have warrants until August .

11:55 24/02/2019

Just read offer was increased Aug 2016 to 227p ( 225 + 2p div ) after pressure from US activist investor Elliott buying up a big holding maybe why from memory i thought i had come away even .

22:49 23/02/2019

21st June 2018 Rns Roadshow to raise funds for minto purchase at indicative price 50p !! looks like it was unsuccessful but anything above 16p might be ok for me it looks .

21:50 23/02/2019

Looks like this was the Beaufort suggestion i think they had been back from suspension then 28 August 2017 paid 1.55 the equivalent 15.50p see trade in ( D ) sale 1.275 buy 12.75p