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orsotoro 12 May 2018

Very Quiet Perhaps too quiet. Deliberately quiet, even. Hmmmmm.

Diggin4gold 05 May 2018

Re: Major Stakeholders Bit out of touch mate. FTSE and TSX. AIM was last year

fish lips 04 May 2018

Major Stakeholders So below is the % that directors or major shareholders hold which adds up to 62%, that's a lot for an AIM company to have so few major shareholders, so I'm a little perplexed at why the spread is so rubbish and the SP is static at the minute, given Tenstar increased their holding. I assume that we are waiting for the next update on the resources. Anyway it's a bank holiday and drinks.Newcrest International Pty Ltd 246,634,271 14.54%DGR Global Ltd 204,151,800 12.04%Cornerstone Capital Resources 170,156,414 10.03%Tenstar Trading Limited 118,788,062 7.00%BlackRock, Inc 109,972,123 6.48%Guyana Goldfield. Inc 103,125,000 6.08% Nicholas Mather 90,768,275 5.35%Brian Moller 5,189,121 0.31%Robert Weinberg 4,296,091 0.25%John Bovard 3,858,813 0.23%

onedb1 29 Apr 2018

Re: Securities lending Hi Charlie Am not aware either . The only rule I know of is the 0.5% disclosure with the FCA but that is not a RNS . Reason being that its not the company that discloses the shorts but the shorter/financial institution to the FCA. What is interesting is that the amount of shares that BlackRock has added implies they have been doing so for a while and the previous channel we saw ( 20 - 24p ) zone is in my view where they were quietly accumulating as private investors were probably feeding them without knowing . The skill of a trader over there(at these Asset managers) is precisely this, to accumulate at a set level without alerting the market . Back to F1 am watching the GP ! My big passion .

Charlie56 29 Apr 2018

Re: Securities lending I am not aware that you have to announce through an RNS if you have shorted the stock, even if you were to go over the long announcement threshold. Plus its pretty unlikely any one organisation would want to short >3% of something like solg, a company that is so sensitive to newsflow.

senn1965 28 Apr 2018

Re: Securities lending Thanks for explaining odb1Senn.

onedb1 28 Apr 2018

Re: Securities lending No is the answer , they are not shorting Solg . Securities Lending desk lends stocks out for a fee to generate alpha on its portfolios etc . Sometimes it can be used as a proxy for shorting but as i worked with Sec Lending at Blackrock not all stocks on loan are actually on loan . Blackrock is not shorting Solg but gave the Sec Lending desk a percentage of stocks to put out on loan should someone else want to . It does this for pretty much all the stocks in holds in their portfolios . We have no institution shorting Solg as one can see on the FCA shorts over 0.5% positions . ( 0.5% is not much for an institutional player ) If i was guessing they placed Solgold in their Blackrock UK smaller companies fund ( which is run very well IMO ) [link] news that Blackrock is seen as good enough for this team to put in their fund is great ! No matter what we think these are exceptionally good professionals with all the analysis at their disposal. They don't get it right the whole time but I bet their track record is excellent and better than most here . Chart here below speaks for itself [link] that helps cheers onedb1

senn1965 28 Apr 2018

Re: Securities lending In the holdings RNS looks like some stock on loan?? Some on lse picked it up.

Charlie56 28 Apr 2018

Re: Securities lending I am sorry but I don't understand what you mean.

senn1965 28 Apr 2018

Securities lending Are Blackrock shorting in the RNS??

onedb1 27 Apr 2018

BlackRock . Buying So as mentioned in the post below Blackrock is increasing its TR1 stake ! The biggest asset manager in the world by assets under management . A figure I used to update the whole time in the past for various presentations in that bank . (am an ex ) Surprises me that private investors usually more bullish and risk prone aren't all over this piece of news. Top gun vs us .. mmmm. I felt there was an imminent change coming to the share price , ( did not happened mea culpa for not getting this one right - the t rolls will love this ) But the fact that Blackrock was buying ie the chart was indicating buying to me , proved to be correct . This just needs a little push . A bullish catalyst that unleashes this beast !Any copper report out there from Anto to Glencore's to all analysts I follow, suggest new copper resources are needed . Grades are falling( see Anto's latest data set ) Glencore has a lot of data on demand too. I remain Long on technicals too. RSI at about 59/60 is good . MA 200 at 28,6 is just a whisker away . MAs lower than 100 are starting to all move up . There are lots of positives and I doubt that the 12 bidders went in with a 30p offer or current price .

fish lips 27 Apr 2018

Re: 25m Block trade Blackrock building its stake....could that trigger some buying?

onedb1 26 Apr 2018

Re: 25m Block trade I hope so as my "imminent move" has not come yet . I have two levels 20 and 27.5 but want to add as this moves up . I like Copper plays . Bit defeated here so far ,but have not changed my mind . I always maintained I'll be out sub 20p but this didn't come . Technicals ( I know some hate them but I make a good living out of them ) are looking better in my view too . Moving averages 20/50 moving up, 100 day flattening , 200 still declining but soon to find the base .Fib bounce off a key support level = check Its slower than I had anticipated but momentum ( as in RSI ) is good We aren't that far from the 200day moving average at 28.69 and my short term ( well I thought it would be ) target of 31/32 . So slower that expected but hopefully this conquers target after target but like the operational ones which are increasing the resource just as many majors are seeing the need to find new resource plays to acquire . Antofagasta..Rio ....

Hub 25 Apr 2018

25m Block trade Could signal the end of the overhang from last placing at 25p.30p levels might not be far away now.HUB

Shipright 24 Apr 2018

LSE down I can't get on today. I guess Putin ordered a cyber attack on the LSE and someone didn't do their research properly