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nicname 23 May 2018

Yyyyaaaawwwwn!!!! nm.

Diggin4gold 21 May 2018

Re: Quiet I love positive RNS's. Another strong performance ………………………….NOTMy only conclusion - the bigger the resource, the more funding in time and the greater time to move the resource ion to a global mining conglomerate. None of us want jam today, but a champagne sorbet by this time next year wouldn't go amiss!!Diggin

onedb1 21 May 2018

Re: Quiet Harsh response this morning IMO Lets see as am seeing the bigger picture a big cup and handle ( we are at the bottom of it ) possibly forming . More resources at every update so 24 or 27p is neither here nor there. Retest of 45p will come in my view

Seagull2 21 May 2018

Re: Quiet Think everyone waiting on latest Casabel results and updgraded MRE. Plus results from Aguinaga test holes overdue, and anyones guess re how long will take for results from Trivino, if they can get the results coming out re drills they are doing and sort out the months of delays re results, we may get the breakout everyone hopes for, the lag in results from drills and delays re updating MRE are very frustrating to say the least. All in my opinionSeagull

Disorder 21 May 2018

Quiet So very quiet especially considering this mornings news...

garyob 18 May 2018

Re: 27p to breakout One day ...,maybe...............

onedb1 16 May 2018

27p to breakout Target looking good too ! I can feel its coming ! This congestion area has to give !

orsotoro 16 May 2018

Re: Blockers at 27p Yes, hence the incessant sells when the price touches 27p. The management did mention 12 expressions of interest, so they were blowing their trumpet then, although they cannot do anything to influence the trading price in the market. Lets just wait and see, and bear in mind that the longer the price is rangebound, the more violent the move when it is broken.

nicname 15 May 2018

Re: Blockers at 27p Orso.... Surely that would only serve the buyer - the Coy and shareholders would not benefit by keeping the price low - I would have thought that IF we are talking takeovers the Directorate would be pumping the price like billio!!Pardon my ignorance if I'm wrong.

orsotoro 15 May 2018

Re: Blockers at 27p Logic dictates that SOLG would be pumping the price prior to a fundraise, along with more activity via RNS and the b.boards. Pure speculation, but seems more like accumulation at a price before a takeover, as any suitor would have to offer the highest price paid during the previous 12 months. Then you would likely see under the radar moves and a minimum of fanfares and hype on the b.boards before the announcement.

onedb1 14 May 2018

Re: Very Quiet Ho OrsoToroI did notice the very sharp inventory declines in copper . As for Dxy the jury is out in my book whether it will strengthen or weaken . I don't have a clear conviction on that one . Too tough to call iMO Solg you are right we are stuck in a small congestion area. The theories on way are all speculative but the direction it will break out from is usually the direction to follow. bullish or bearish Strong copper will confirm strong inflation and strong oil . The peak usually in a bullish cycle. So hopefully we get a peak oil price too . Far from it . Shame these are not producers because taking a look at Kaz Minerals they are flying . Solg resources probably need to be made clear in terms of value . I haven't read fundamental reports on value .

AuGment 14 May 2018

Re: Blockers at 27p Probably because the management team are on the verge of a profound geological discovery of an element currently unknown to mankind but destined to deliver wealth to shareholders beyond their windest dreams. Either that or they're going to dig another hole that requires funding and are relying on gullible PI's to help them out.

orsotoro 14 May 2018

Blockers at 27p Very obvious continued control at 26 - 27p over the last month . Now why would someone be preventing the price from going up and away ?

orsotoro 14 May 2018

Re: Very Quiet Onedb1 I agree with your thesis and charting. One concern is a strengthening Dollar, though. Raul Pal on RealVision TV just pointed out the extreme imbalance in markets .... namely extreme Dollar short, Oil and Copper longs etc. When everyone is on one side of the boat, and all that. A very interesting thesis, listen to it here. [link] am long SOLG and obviously hope that SOLG has its run before this occurs.

onedb1 12 May 2018

Re: Very Quiet Am still Long OrsoToroThe current consolidation in between 25p and 27p has my attention . A break out would target the 200sma and then I think 32p . I have had this view for a while, thinking it was imminent but not quite . We'll get there am confident. There after I feel 44-46p retest is my view . Not in a straight line .But if am right this looks very similar to a rounding bottom with the consolidation phase where we are at now. Look at many oil charts and we are where they were in early April here . Readying for a breakout . Thats if am right obviously Fingers crossed I am reading this well . At least if you are bullish like me . Look at the Copper chart too . one beautiful trend up since mid 2016 . Now that is already on the way to re-test the 2011 highs , again if am reading it well Copper chart is breaking upwards . If it does not go sub $3 and break down then Solg will follow the same pattern . Once you see dollar weakness we may also have a resurgent Gold price and in general precious metals,commodities etc. Oil to hit highs not seen for a while and that will lead to inflation . Then I suspect bears will be at last getting their prediction of a correction coming true but till then lots to go . hopefully am reading it well as I too have 2 positions here ! 20p and 27p