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one4all 27 Jun 2017

got to say. JMS results look impresisive might be worth a punt

fish lips 23 Jun 2017

Re: It is good to have another interest ... Exactly right VB, Mr Market has very little confidence in Mr Bell as over the years he's made some pretty huge blunders, both commercially and with news flow. I emailed RRR and RGM a couple of times and had no response, as there is, supposedly, lots going on and there has been very little news.I would have thought that they should have to release an RNS for Regency if they had failed to meet some deadlines, especially if it materially affects the SP, but hey WTFDIK

Verger Blue 23 Jun 2017

Re: It is good to have another interest in l... The market clearly demonstrating a lack of confidence in Mr Bell and also right to point out no news from shoats creek or for followers of Regency the Rosa mine which was supposed to be the next best thing after sliced bread!!

clockwurktangerine 23 Jun 2017

It is good to have another interest in life... But hobbies are usually non profit making.X marks the spot on the treasure map that has been bought...

waldpyk 23 Jun 2017

glad ? well , yes well i would have preferred a dividend , say one pence per sharebut now that the money is spend otherwise : i can live with thati even say : not badwhy i'm glad you ask ?i was fearing we would spend the money in our existing projectsso yes glad we did not invest in Goldstoneso yes glad we did not invest in Ivory coast gold projectso yes glad we did not invest in Elephant oilso yes glad we did not invest in Shoat's Creekwaldpyk

clockwurktangerine 23 Jun 2017

Bye bye Jupiter dosh! More prospecting, no guarantee of success!

clockwurktangerine 17 Jun 2017

7.74p sp please! Gla.....

GRAMPSAV 16 Jun 2017

Re: Trades Apologies fellow posters the gold exploration is on the Ivory Coast not the DRC.

GRAMPSAV 16 Jun 2017

Re: Trades My guess is that the Tshipi business is producing far in excess of their expected tonnage and thereforeincreases the financial gain to RRR in the September cash distribution.Cannot think of any other reason that would lift this share 22+% in a day.Though maybe just maybe their gold exploration in the DRC has come good. The current increase in the price of gold would also of course increase the cash % paid from El Limon. Maybe a combination of all three.

clockwurktangerine 16 Jun 2017

Re: Trades Pass

fish lips 16 Jun 2017

Trades There's a lot of activity this coming?

GRAMPSAV 13 Jun 2017

Re: More money in the bank Check the accounts when they are produced then you can answer your own questions,if necessary you can then attend the AGM to state your case or/and write to the BOD for answers to your questions.

clockwurktangerine 12 Jun 2017

Re: More money in the bank How do you know it will go into the bank?If it does it could be moved?What happened to the previous 536k?Is that still in the bank?

GRAMPSAV 12 Jun 2017

Today's RNS Forgot to mention.

GRAMPSAV 12 Jun 2017

More money in the bank Another $305,000+ in the bank with more to come over the short, medium and longer term.It's the best financial position RRR have achieved since 2010 and even before. It's possible the future Tshipi cash expected may possibly bring forth a Dividend.