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sixoclockticket 20 Mar 2018

Re: Jupiter IPO plans Well, that's a much more concrete statement of why this stock is undervalued. As has been said here many times , the value of the Jupiter stake is pretty much equal to the RRR market cap. I'd be very surprised if there is not a step up today./6

luckbyjudgement 19 Mar 2018

Jupiter IPO plans surprised this not on the board already:[link]

fish lips 16 Mar 2018

Re: Melville Bugt - What's happened? Absolutely he can do better than that, and as someone on the BOD of several companies, he should. There was talk of the potential of Melville being massive, and there was all that farce of AB appearing on a video with pictures of Greenland in the background talking of we should think about putting it in, (I can't remember the exact name), some sort of castle and forgetting about it! If prices hit $140/t again then surely it's worth a few quid

sixoclockticket 16 Mar 2018

Re: Melville Bugt - What's happened? I've been in RRR (and RGM) a long time also, and made good money in the past, albeit I'm still in the red overall, even with averaging down at the lowest levels.To be fair, you can't get everything right every time - not even if you're called Buffet or Jobs - so I have no problem with getting a few wrong and a few right - you'd hope more right than wrong, and as you say Jupiter and Steelmin have been good wins. But to brush away your failures is not good form for a quoted company. I don't foresee an RNS on it, but I'd expect at least a commentary in the next Annual Report, and if questioned that AB *should* give a decent answer.I did look through the accounts for Melville Bay and the asset (£5m+) has been totally written off in there. So OK, perhaps it is not economically viable at this point in time. But Iron Ore prices is a volatile thing. Sure it was worth$150/t+ in 2011/12 when Melville was a big thing, and prices dropped to $40/t a few years back, but is in $80/t trend this year. On one hand AB talks about the commodity super-cycle, and there is support for that, sic, but then acts in another way by writing off an expensive asset without a passing comment. It was the flippancy of the remark that enraged me. Mr B, you can do better than that./6

fish lips 16 Mar 2018

Re: Melville Bugt - What's happened? /6AB went from hero to zero in a few months due to several things, a number of years ago, and Greenland was one of them talk of selling and it was all about done and then the buyer disappeared, along with the money. Then there is El Limon and that fiasco. Kenya hasn't been plain sailing too. Jupiter has been the saving grace and, putting it plainly, saved RRR from going under. You're right a comment like "Dead" without any narrative is very poor, but AB hasn't been that great in the past. I assume he's waiting for Jupiter to complete its float or buy out or whatever to complete and then we'll get some news, he did hint that something was happening soon. Initially, we got quite a few newsletters, but they dried up over the years, not had one for a year, I think. Cut backs, AB would say...Nothing worth saying I'd say....Obviously with Steelmin and Jupiter there certainly has been a corner turned and the resurgence of AB could well happen. I said many years ago he spread himself too thin and gambled too much and lost, but thank heavens for JMS. Hopefully the lessons have been learned and we get true shareholder value. He sort of hinted at a divi come June, but I'm not holding my breath. I wouldn't be surprised if the surplus cash get's reinvested into another project. Perhaps if Kenya gets going they'll need cash for that. If it does it should up the SP.Confident that we should see some upward pressure on the SP in 2018, how much, is anyone's guess. But the only true winner in all of this is AB and the BOD!

sixoclockticket 16 Mar 2018

Interview with Andrew Bell Jupiter Mines stake is worth more than market cap of RRR.Production starting at Steelmin next month[link] is pretty poor./6

sixoclockticket 13 Mar 2018

Jupiter Mines Distribution From the Juptier Mines website, the buyback payments, £350k ish, should be due next week....[link] indicative Timetable for the Buy-Back Offer is as follows:Event DateBooklet lodged with ASIC Wednesday, 24 January 2018Record Date of Buy-Back Offer 2.00pm WST on Wednesday, 24 January 2018Booklet dispatched to Shareholders Monday, 29 January 2018Opening Date 9.00am WST on Monday, 29 January 2018Closing Date 2.00pm WST on Monday, 19 February 2018Acceptances processed Friday, 16 March 2018Cancellation of Shares Monday, 19 March 2018Dispatch of confirmation letters Monday, 19 March 2018Dispatch of payment to Buy-Back participants Monday, 19 March 2018The above timetable is indicative only and subject to change by the Directors of Jupiter. With the profit from Steelmin, which had no comment here, that should put a nice sum in the bank./6

GRAMPSAV 21 Feb 2018

Re: Limone Gold Payments/Royalties Para Resources certainly making a success of the El Limon Gold Mine. Ramping up Gold Production from the January figure of 457 oz to 1200 oz by the month of June.They are also saying the gold vein extends for 12 miles through the El Limon Property with apotential of 2 to 3 million ounces mineable. That would certainly greatly increase RRRs bank balance on the Royalty Payments.Good spot sixoclockticket. That’s the results you get when competent experts run the patch.

sixoclockticket 21 Feb 2018

Re: Limone Gold Payments/Royalties [link] production is ramping up at El Limon, better news for the royalties.

GRAMPSAV 05 Feb 2018

Limone Gold Payments/Royalties do not appear to be being made under the T&Cs of the sale of the Gold Mine.Are they overdue or have l missed something?

one4all 25 Jan 2018

starting to warm up to juptier manganese up 10% ish in the last year. that equates to $15mill to bottom line so profit for the year should be around $80mill thats worth about $1 mill to RRR. the listing should be interesting I reckon the mine will be worth listing at somewhere around 10 times next years earnings so around $400 mill or $5 mill to RRR so those who got locked into RRR back in 2012 when share price was equivalent with dilution to 33p may see some pain relieved but lets be serious. AB has made a proper mess of running this company

reaper grim 1 22 Dec 2017

Jupiter Mines Announcement 21 December on JM website confirms the planned intention to list on ASX in 2018 and the appointment of advisers.

GRAMPSAV 20 Dec 2017

Re: Confidence factor. RRR.The best riser on AIM this month,increase around 40%.

GRAMPSAV 20 Dec 2017

Confidence factor. It’s good to see that the shares in RRR have taken a turn for the good for its Shareholders.The current investments are certainly showing value for money, and hopefully the BODunder Andrew Bell will continue this trend.Shoats Creek appears to be the weak link in the chain.Maybe should be given the order of the boot.

jc1973 17 Nov 2017

Re: why are we va,ted by AIM at 0.7p .. the company will spend have it spent already..