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21:14 16/01/2016

Oh dear BSL..isn't ANDREW paying you enough?

23:37 14/01/2016

18% PRICE DROP ...

20:36 12/01/2016

anyone who believes a word AB says desreves to be invested here

12:43 11/01/2016

Isn't AB a director of MMM?

08:05 22/12/2015

for full value destruction you need to consider that in today's money, a share back in 2010 would cost £4.00

00:46 15/12/2015

follow @andybollox

17:15 23/11/2015

Sh*t Creek surely? Paddle anyone??

11:43 19/11/2015

During 2010 – 2 specific RNS’ were released regarding KMC, the acquisition of licences by a third party, and the payment of $10m Canadian dollars to RRR. These were issued on October 1st 2010 and December 10th. This positive news underpinned and contributed to a strong rise in RRRs share price through the latter months of 2010. No further RNS’s have, as far as I can see, been issued in relation to this transaction to the markets or shareholders. The next comment I have located re this transaction is located at the back of the 2011 Annual report and under “22 Significant agreements and transactions continued” which states “Kansai Mining Corporation Limited and Mid Migori Mining Company Limited, Kenya On 30 September 2010 an offer was made for the assets of Kansai by a third party, suggesting a value of the Company’s interest. at Ca$10,898,000. This offer was later rescinded. During 2011, the Directors have been exercising options and selling shares – for example – “ Red Rock Resources PLC ("Red Rock" or the "Company") has been notified that directors Andrew Bell and Manoli Yannaghas have on 27 and 28 June sold 800,000 and 375,000 ordinary shares of 0.1p each in the capital of the Company ("Ordinary Shares") at prices of 6.0 pence and 5.9 pence per share respectively” The pertinent questions 1. When did the directors first suspect the KMC deal was not likely to happen? 2. When, on what date, was the KMC proposed deal rescinded? 3. Did the directors deal in RRR shares and particularly sell shares – whilst aware of the deal being unlikely to happen, or even more problematically, in full knowledge of the deal having been rescinded but without any such declaration have being made to shareholders and the market?

09:59 19/11/2015

Hey look..AM more jam tomorrow

10:20 18/11/2015

Only bell could time a new strategy into oil with the biggest glut and worst price in 30 years