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scotchoverice 08 May 2015

Anyone who wants full docs on AB and cronies - do let me know

scotchoverice 07 May 2015

remember choppedfried? 2010-2012 ....

scotchoverice 07 May 2015

AB knows exactly what he's doing - he's been pulling the wool over gullible investors eyes for years

scotchoverice 07 May 2015

if you want ot understand RRR - print off the 5 year share price trend graph....enough said

scotchoverice 07 May 2015

wonderful wonderful news....remember IPCM? Well they are back and going to offer $6.4m to RRR for their assets in Kansai Mining...meanwhile the single lawyer has announced a slight delay as he has run out of paper clips but not to worry since RRR spends so much money on "administrative expenses" theyre bound to have a few left over...meanwhile Bellyboy who lives at "Blandings" but sometimes on official records calls it "Clandings" is drawing fees and emoluments all over the place while shareholder value is systematically destroyed. But not to worry as doubtless his very good masonic friends will tell you what wonderful value RRR remains...duhh

BeerMonkey 30 Apr 2015

starting to wind me up this share ....... patience is the key though

rjordan12003 30 Apr 2015

3,132,500 is a buy !!!!

kezzman 24 Apr 2015

monkey off the back here we go

BeerMonkey 24 Apr 2015

0.14 sell limit set here for 75% chunk

goldmind 23 Apr 2015

O/T: Oxus Gold (mcap £20m) news, decision worth $80m in cash to be made on Monday 27 Apr. Be quick! [always dyor]

digitaldanuk 04 Dec 2014

Capital restructuring So what do we think of the news on capital re-organisation?