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sueneave9 18 Jul 2018

Seems to be up 12%+ Interesting piece on Radio 4 about air pollution - electric cars/diesel etc and it was brought up that shipping is a huge polluter with seemingly no regulation. The Californians are introducing some regulation on shipping leaving and entering their waters. Could be good for QFI ?

the_old_trout 18 Jul 2018

Seems to be up 12%+ Good summary bobsson. I have been making a long journey in my boat today and missed the RNS this morning but it’s good to see the company diversifying. Sad to some stale bulls seeing it as an opportunity to offload though. Let’s hope they will be regretting that soon. Atb, Tot

bobsson 18 Jul 2018

Seems to be up 12%+ The MOU shows me that QFIs board of directors are trying hard to make things happen. The company will need the backing of big players be able to demonstrate that MSAR is available gobally. It doesn`t really matter whether the customer is marine, power or other, there needs to be proof to a potential customer that there will be a plentiful and reliable supply of MSAR. It is good that Freeport have bought into the idea, but of course a MOU is not worth the paper it is written on unless QFI can sign the first contract to get the ball rolling. This agreement may just help a potential customer to take a leap of faith and sign up for MSAR. Just needs that one domino to fall. IMHO DYOR

Sagwa 18 Jul 2018

Seems to be up 12%+ sorry I had my rose col Quadrise specs on this can only be good news I believe

Sagwa 18 Jul 2018

Seems to be up 12%+ all news is good news

sueneave9 18 Jul 2018

Seems to be up 12%+ Good news surely?

biganuf 18 Jul 2018

Seems to be up 12%+ 18 July 2018 Quadrise Fuels International plc (“Quadrise”, “QFI” or the “Company”) Memorandum of Understanding with Freepoint Commodities LLC The Company is pleased to announce it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Freepoint Commodities LLC (“Freepoint”). Freepoint, which is based in Stamford, Connecticut, is both an established global merchant of physical commodities and a financer of upper and mid-stream commodity-producing assets. Freepoint also provides physical supply services and related structured solutions for counterparties located throughout the world. Pursuant to the MOU, Quadrise and Freepoint intend to work together to pursue commercial arrangements involving the production and supply of MSAR® fuel to producers and consumers by utilising Quadrise MSAR® technology, additives and services coupled with Freepoint’s marketing, trading, logistics and financial services capabilities. Under the MOU, during the next 24 months the parties plan to jointly investigate and pursue selected MSAR® project opportunities in the Americas, with a number of identified counterparties, and in Asia on an exclusive basis with the goal of entering into commercial agreements for MSAR® production and supply arrangements with fuel producers and consumers. Commenting on this development, Mike Kirk, Executive Chairman of QFI, said: “We are delighted to sign this MOU with Freepoint and are confident that with the combination of Quadrise’s MSAR® technology and fuel experience, and Freepoint’s world-leading oil products trading and financing capabilities, we will be able to progress and accelerate selected MSAR® projects globally.”

terence.mcguire 18 Jul 2018

Seems to be up 12%+ Any idea what is going on? Mr P

Kildonan01 16 Jul 2018

Is this site now dead Ditto to that krazzy!!

bobsson 14 Jul 2018

Scrubber Systems 2020 Thanks TOT and tony for the replies. No I don`t use the forum. I think I understand the potential here and I hold shares in QFI. I am just awaiting the RNS stating a first lucrative contract has been signed, once signed I think there will be a domino effect. However the scale up to provide MSAR fuel worldwide will be hugely expensive. Hope QFI have friends with deep pockets.

tony1 14 Jul 2018

Scrubber Systems 2020 hi bobssom , there was some discussion and i believe from memory it was MSC mentioned , Maersks partner but it is really hear say. i have emailed watsilla but dont expect a reply. If it is MSC something does not sound right - but my opinion only , as they are or have been very much in favour and have been fitting scrubbers. Maersk have said the opposite (but would not trust them - could be all a game , who knows if it turns out to be their ships fitted under a flag of convenience. Again my own personal view i believe maersk thought they might be able to use their clout to make the refineries make low suplhur and bear the cost but looks like it is not working with large uptake in scrubbers. PS Have you seen the forum or registered some great knowledge and research on QFI.

the_old_trout 13 Jul 2018

Scrubber Systems 2020 That’s certainly a very large order bobsson, but what is even more interesting is that the shipping co wants its identity kept secret for now. Maybe it wants to tie down a fuel supply contract first.? Whether it’s a major about turn by Maersk to get themselves out of the doo doo or another company that wants to secure a low cost alternative to HFO we cannot know but I would be very surprised if companies like QFI aren’t part of the equation. Tot

bobsson 13 Jul 2018

Scrubber Systems 2020 A $200 million contract to fit scrubbers. So how many scrubbers for $200 million and how many ships will be fitted? ( I assume some ships will have more than one scrubber)? Does anyone have any idea who this “… major European shipping company” is? Do we think it is Maersk? Serious questions. Thanks in advance

tony1 13 Jul 2018

Scrubber Systems 2020 Major European container shipping operator, Wartsilla to fit the scrubbers thanks to vince 72 on forum. Ship & Bunker Wartsila Lands Major Scrubber Deal Company to also fit units to company's ships.

tony1 11 Jul 2018

Is this site now dead Quadrise Shareholders Forum Quadrise Shareholders Forum Unofficial unbiased discussion for investors in Quadrise Fuels PLC (QFI) [link] ..Official QFI website will have to join - fairly easy - and a fantastic site , full of information , some very technically minded staff, no name callings - just a fantastic bunch.