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readyeddie 22 Mar 2020

COVID19 This must be the end of the line? with total isolation how can this company overcome an already serious timescale to production?

Tripod99 13 Feb 2020

Do not miss: JPM's QFI Shareholder Community interview with Mike Kirk waaaaaaaaaaffffffle! squirm, squirm, ambiguity ambiguity. non committal. blurring. meetings months or years apart with no solid out come(s) so dissapointing. been here for ten years, nothing but false hope, false dawns and 100% zero delivery. back under my rock. the oil will be gone by the time these lot realise something. anyone see the old Abbot and Costello foreign legion film where they put matches between the toes of the Arabs at a banquet? bit of a racist concept by modern day standards but come on guys start lighting some matches and lets have some action! preferably before 2030!

dustofnations 26 Jan 2020

Do not miss: JPM's QFI Shareholder Community interview with Mike Kirk In this edition of Quorum, Quadrise Shareholders’ Forum stalwart JPM undertook a detailed Q&A session with Quadrise Chairman Mike Kirk to understand how business development is progressing to take best advantage of the opportunities 2020 offers. I am delighted that JPM has agreed to contribute this excellent interview externally via Quorum; thanks also to Mike Kirk. It has been lightly edited and reformatted to make it work with the Quorum’s layout and editorial style; the content is unchanged (any errors in that regard are my fault!). Come over to the forums to discuss and view original materials. Quorum: QFI Shareholder Community Zine – 26 Jan 20 In-depth Q&A with Quadrise Fuels Chairman Mike Kirk reveals busy January as... There can be no doubt, 2020 is the critical year for Quadrise. In this edition, JPM contributes his Q&A session with Quadrise Chairman Mike Kirk to understand how business development is progressing.

bobsson 02 Jan 2020

What are your QFI 2020 targets? dust, Its easy really, just sign a contract for the sale of some MSAR. The share price will respond accordingly. Its the same old question though, “If MSAR is so good why does no one buy it”?

dustofnations 01 Jan 2020

What are your QFI 2020 targets? Here are mine. 2020 has to be where the rubber meets the road on business & project development, in my opinion. Within CY2020: 1. Progressing 2-3+ pilots (or commercial trials). There appear to be at least 4 or 5 projects that could progress to pilots or commercial trials. We’ve only progressed 1 so far (Morocco/OCP), but have a wide pipeline coming through. The prospects that are likeliest to turn into pilots/commercial trials in CY2020, in my view, are: Morocco (), European Oil Refiner (EOR), Kuwait, KSA. I see it as possible that Younes could strike twice in Morocco and get us another trial there (e.g. with ONEE). There are a wide range of other opportunities, including JGC, Merlin, Redliner, Maersk, etc, which are outside chances for CY2020 if they change their pace or strategy as was reported at the AGM. Given the above, I would be disappointed if we were not to have progressed 2-3+ pilots in total by end of CY2020. 2. More than one project that has progressed from pilot to commercial trials agreements (ideally in operation). Some of our pipeline are not megaprojects. I see this as a good thing; we can go from pilot to commercial trials within CY2020. I hope that Morocco will be the first to adopt given the relative modularity of their industrial applications (e.g. kilns and drying equipment can be transitioned over one piece at a time). Further, it was indicated at the AGM that should EOR choose MSAR, then they would likely be able to progress to commercial trials within 2020, and that transitioning to full commercial operations would be extremely simple. Given this, I think at least two meaningfully sized commercial trials agreements is a modest target. 3. At least one project should have signed a full commercial contract (or be clearly transitioning to commercial operations). Smaller projects should be less difficult to progress to commercial operations, and the economics and regulations of IMO 2020 should make things clear-cut. It has also been indicated that self-consumption opportunities should be significantly easier to progress. We have at least 3 of those (EOR, Kuwait, JGC), and 2 which are front-runners (EOR, Kuwait). Some of these should be able to very quickly understand whether MSAR will meet their needs. 4. More regular and frequent newsflows; client names; project milestone, size and value disclosures. We’ve typically seen progress is quite “bursty” at Quadrise, with short periods of intense activity and news, and long periods of silence (i.e. all behind-the-scenes stuff). That has allowed things to drift. I hope that in 2020 we can see more consistent and frequent newsflows, with disclosure of clients and disclosure of project milestones being hit. Moreover, we really need to understand the size and value of these projects eventually, so we (and the market) can understand the true value of Quadrise. I believe if we can tell the market we’re working with the big names we suspect, then it will greatly help the share price and encourage other clients of similar standing to experiment with MSAR. For example, we know it’s likely Groupe OCP in Morocco (huge producer of phosphates), but the wider market will not take our word for it. 5. Stretch goal: Reengage with marine We’ve talked IMO 2020 to death, and now it’s here. The effects on the fuel market are so dramatic that they’re important for non-marine as well as marine. Within CY2020 I hope we will have to kicked off something with a marine operator. Ideally a LONO, or perhaps a more adventurous operator will allow us to use a vessel that is towards the end of its operating life. Marine is challenging for all the reasons we’ve outlined in great detail before: bunkering; hair-on-fire fuel, ops, and innovation teams; conservatism and scepticism; etc, etc. Please share your reasoned CY2020 targets and expectations (i.e. put on your ultra-rational hat and pretend that you’re QFI’s chairman, and share your rationale)! p.s. I don’t personally expect we will make any profit within CY2020, but QFI should be showing it’s possible and what the potential revenues and profits are in a real commercial deployment. Crosspost of my post on the QFI Shareholders’ Forum earlier today

lionel.thain 27 Dec 2019

14 different MOU’s etc quadrisefuels.com GB00B11DDB67.pdf 722.66 KB I’ve only just seen this must have missed it but on the QFI site under media tab November research from Edison really worth a read hope the link works

the_old_trout 16 Dec 2019

The Quadrise Research Facility: The key to QFI’s technological advantage Excellent piece of work Dusty and sorry I have not had the opportunity to comment before but I’ve been off line for much of the last three weeks following the sudden and untimely death of my brother in law and coping with a mother in law who has become psychotic. Hence I missed the AGM this year for the first time in about eight years, but I enjoyed listening to the recording of the Q&A. This latest report of yours certainly confirms the competencies of the team working under Bernard and that the company has a facility that can be called upon to quickly demonstrate to potential customers what can be done with their residues. With the plethora of MOU’s and agency agreements now being worked through surely one or two of them will get across the line in 2020. Thank you once again for all the hard work you put into your research and analysis and here’s to a prosperous new year for the company and its long suffering shareholders. Tot

dustofnations 13 Dec 2019

14 different MOU’s etc Please listen to the Q&A audio. I’ve transcribed the following from the audio. Jason Miles speaking about Aleph warrants at the AGM. What may not be apparent as well, is that the role of Aleph in Kuwait is different to the role of Aleph in Saudi Arabia. So, in Kuwait, Aleph had a relationship with our partner there; in Saudi Arabia they don’t. But, they had a relationship with another stakeholder whom they believed who would be quite influential in moving things forward. That stakeholder has not necessarily delivered as they expected, and as a result, frankly it is likely they may not meet the targets. But, it’s worked it’s worked fairly well, actually, in terms of the incentive scheme. And that’s not to say that this stakeholder they/we are involved with will not be influential going forwards; it is just they haven’t delivered within that particular part – within the timescale that we envisaged. Questioner: When do you expect that progress to actually take place? Well, if the commercial project still proceeds, ultimately that is where they get the biggest amount of incentive anyway, frankly, which is how it was weighted. That will take obviously some time during next year to happen, but there is a longer timescale for that to happen. So, they are still incentivised, even though they haven’t hit the initial targets; there is a still big target to be done, which is why are still excited about Saudi still. We still think they are aligned. MK: clarifies that targets will not be changed.

lionel.thain 12 Dec 2019

14 different MOU’s etc Does anyone think this will happen by EOY 2019? “The second tranche of 10 million warrants will be awarded following signature, during 2019, of a disclosable project milestone with associated agreements to commence a commercial MSAR® trial in KSA and will be exercisable for a period of 2 years from the date of the SA.”

dustofnations 09 Dec 2019

The Quadrise Research Facility: The key to QFI’s technological advantage Quorum: QFI Shareholder Community Zine – 9 Dec 19 The Quadrise Research Facility: The key to QFI’s technological advantage A few of the retail shareholders recently had the privilege to tour the Quadrise Research Facility (QRF). This editorial is an exploration and analysis of the event from a light-hearted and entirely subjective perspective. Enjoy! Please let me know your thoughts and feedback!

dustofnations 04 Dec 2019

MK & JM video interview: Significant new deal with international chemicals firm

MexPete 29 Nov 2019

Quorum Live: 2019 Quadrise AGM AGM Q & A: [link] AGM Presentation: [link]

dustofnations 29 Nov 2019

Quorum Live: 2019 Quadrise AGM Quorum will be reporting from the 2019 Quadrise Fuels International AGM. The page will refresh itself, so check back frequently for updates. Quorum: QFI Shareholder Community Zine – 29 Nov 19 Quorum Live: 2019 Quadrise AGM In this special edition of Quorum, I report from Quadrise Fuels International’s 2019 AGM at Park Plaza Victoria, London Please note that electronic devices are not typically allowed during the AGM procedure itself, so I will write up the notes from that afterwards.

MexPete 21 Nov 2019

Very Quiet on QFI If he’s issued an RNS then it’s in the public domain.

Fillpot 21 Nov 2019

Very Quiet on QFI He can if the meeting is preceded by a notifying RNS I am not holding my breath though Although ‘partners’ and ‘agents’ have helped him deliver snippets in the past