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Norris107 21:28

Mexico Thanks for agreeing and for putting everything in perspective so much better than I could. I know it’s not a done deal but your para’s 2 & 3 says it all for me - and the bonus is that I’m actually enjoying being able to share in that.

dustofnations 20:39

Mexico I agree with your sentiments entirely @Norris107! And thank you for the very kind comments, they are much appreciated. Maybe Quorum should seek some sponsors if the SP really takes off ! There’s a heck of a lot to be said for a good community that is positive, supportive, and realistic. I haven’t met another community like QFI’s, and am very pleased to say I’ve met a good number of shareholders in real life and become firm friends. I don’t want to speak too soon, but Quadrise also have something that so many other AIM companies seriously lack: a team of serious and talented professionals who give a damn about the shareholders, have real integrity and passion for the project, and are world-leading subject matter experts. They are not just a bunch of finance guys and lawyers who outsource everything to consultants – they know their stuff. I still maintain that QFI is a high risk proposition (such is the nature of AIM and all pre-commercial businesses), but things look materially better now than they have for a long time. I hope we get those trial contracts nailed down by end of Q3, as that will make raising cash so much easier and really boost everyone’s confidence that the product is being accepted.

Norris107 18:44

Mexico Tot - You being fearless with full boots paints a great picture. Like you I’m very happy for the SP rise and although it will Walz about a bit we are definitely in a far better place than we’ve been in for some while and rightly so - there’s something wrong with the world if this doesn’t pan out to be a zonking great success. I got thinking today, way back when - when I dabbled in my first share trades it was common place for ‘posters’ to sign off with DYOR ( Do your own research) and I did before I retired - I regularly spent hours but in all my experiences - good, bad and indifferent - my QFI experience has been the most enjoyable. The original ‘ships crew’ theme on the original ii site having ‘shipmates’ was altogether unique as was the banter but most importantly there was the research sharing that was both unique in the friendly way it was shared and exceptional in terms of it’s quality. That ethos has never wavered, not even during landmark disappointments but has thrived - the Quadrise Shareholder’s Tapatalk Forum is second to none and just for good measure within it’s ranks is the latest in a long distinguished line of QFI research sharers! ‘Dustofnations.’ who not only collates all QFI research from every conceivable source ( without leaving a single stone un-turned) but then very kindly publishes it entirely FOC in his very excellent Quorum. My apologies ‘Dusty’ if you don’t like me ‘bigging’ you up but where else does this happen? So Tot I’m still enjoying everything to do with this ride - I am quietly confident re future funding - I know the fat lady has still to sing but you have ‘no fear’ and your ‘boots are full’- and that’s just Bootifull !! Happy days one & all.

dustofnations 14:59

Mexico @the_old_trout: I think actually having a hard deadline has been helpful to make things happen, as well. Can no longer afford to dawdle, and partners know we can’t either – gotta get it done.

the_old_trout 10:56

Mexico Well you are bang on about us not being in the 4’s for long Norris, and the sp is rising on strong volume, so I am getting the feeling that we will have at least one more RNS before the inevitable fund raising. As I’ve said previously I have no fear of the latter having filled my boots at the lows and in the open offer, and with a bit of luck the company will now be raising funds in the 5’s or higher. That is a much better place to be than the one we were in just four months ago, and a testament to the new strategy adopted last year and the hard work of all at QFI. ATB, Tot

jaytee41 10:43

Edison Interview with Chairman Mike Kirk Wish has come true for a change. Now at 5.2p

jaytee41 14 Jun 2019

Edison Interview with Chairman Mike Kirk Added another 2k then the price rose to 4.65. Hopefully see over 5p next week ?

Norris107 14 Jun 2019

Mexico Quite agree Fillpot and all eyes will be on that test - we shot up to 12/13p Dec 2018 when the KSA looked to be a done deal and feel that will be very realistic to expect that again as a minimum. I remember the many posts speculating on future SP expectations on the back of success there at that time. If KSA was all that was in the pot I’d expect the price to drift up but fluctuate quite a lot until the ‘tests’ are proven and it probably will without further news but with so many MOA/MOU’s now in the pot I can’t help myself from thinking that there is so much international/global interest now and potential for more good news that anything could happen! Anyway, as they say, I’ve made my bed and as many others do I’ve topped up a bit here and there when able to achieve a decent average - for what it’s worth IMVHO I don’t think we’ll be in the 4p’s for long and hopefully we’ll never see them again! It’s been a long time coming ( As my Mrs keeps reminding me!!) - so ‘Bring it on’ seems appropriate for the here and now. As always - Good Luck

Fillpot 13 Jun 2019

Mexico Well Norris107 The first test looks like being a KSA MOA with intent to trial before end September That is three months from now So anyone wishing to jump onboard before the first significant uplift better hurry A deal with a KSA state owned refinery and all the volume that will entail might treble us from 4p Bring it on

dustofnations 13 Jun 2019

RNS: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Services Agreement with Conditional Grant of Warrants I wouldn’t go quite that far, but I very much agree that meaningful progress is being made. Once we have those commercial trials contract(s) signed, people to pile in and financing will be dramatically easier to sort out. It’s time to get past the altar, to steal Jason’s metaphor.

Ripley94 13 Jun 2019

ADVN Share Tip Article QFI… XXXXX… Up to 4.6p early today , do not have as many as i thought !!

Norris107 13 Jun 2019

RNS: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Services Agreement with Conditional Grant of Warrants Yes another good day for the good guys - could get used to this :- ) Did a small top up @ 10:53 into the Mrs ISA in HL and all those sells at 4.48 are buys

Fillpot 13 Jun 2019

RNS: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Services Agreement with Conditional Grant of Warrants Well it certainly does feel like a reward for Aleph getting the Kuwait agreement so quickly They can clearly move rapidly Another fast MOA in KSA and we really will be motoring!

1trk 13 Jun 2019

RNS: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Services Agreement with Conditional Grant of Warrants If this isn’t the sign/milestone of an already done deal with KSA and Kuwait, I don’t know what is. A nod’s as good as a wink! I think QFI, are now - home and dry. Almost poetic.

dustofnations 13 Jun 2019

RNS: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Services Agreement with Conditional Grant of Warrants 13 June 2019 Quadrise Fuels International plc (“Quadrise”, “QFI” or the “Company”) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Services Agreement with Conditional Grant of Warrants Quadrise is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a Services Agreement (“SA”) with Aleph Commodities Ltd (“Aleph”) to provide services to the Company for the use of MSAR® in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”). Following entry into the SA, Quadrise is now working with both Aleph and Al Khafrah Holding Group, Quadrise’s new local KSA partner pursuant to a memorandum of agreement announced by the Company on 30 May 2019, to progress projects and supply MSAR® in the Kingdom. The SA follows an earlier services agreement between Quadrise and Aleph in respect of Kuwait, announced by the Company on 26 February 2019. Aleph is a UK Company that has been established recently by a small group of commodities traders with significant experience in the Middle East. The SA provides Aleph with a success-based incentive structure, with rewards only due upon delivering relevant disclosable project milestones and on contracts that lead to the establishment of MSAR® projects and commercial sales in KSA for QFI. The SA also provides that Aleph may be awarded up to a total of 65 million warrants over ordinary shares in the Company, provided certain key milestones are achieved: The first tranche of 5 million warrants will be awarded following signature, prior to the end of September 2019, of a disclosable project milestone in relation to the conclusion of an Memorandum of Understanding or similar with a KSA-based state owned organisation to initiate detailed planning activities for a pilot test for a commercial MSAR® trial in Saudi Arabia and will be exercisable for a period of 2 years from the date of the SA. The second tranche of 10 million warrants will be awarded following signature, during 2019, of a disclosable project milestone with associated agreements to commence a commercial MSAR® trial in KSA and will be exercisable for a period of 2 years from the date of the SA. The third tranche of 20 million warrants will be awarded following signature of contracts, by end 2020, for the first commercial MSAR® supply agreement in KSA following completion of pilot testing and will be exercisable for a period of 3 years from the date of the SA. The final tranche of 30 million warrants will be awarded upon signature of contracts by Quadrise and the Al Khafrah Holding Group, by end 2022, for local commercial production of MSAR® or associated MSAR® additives in KSA for the MSAR® business under the In-Kingdom Total Value Added (“IKTVA”) programme and will be exercisable for a period of 5 years from the date of the SA. All of the above warrants will have an exercise price of the average mid-market closing price over five days ending on and including the day after QFI publicly announces signature of the relevant project milestones and contracts. The full award of the warrants is subject to receipt of shareholder approval at the next Quadrise annual general meeting. Under the SA, royalties from gross revenues received by Quadrise will be payable to Aleph from any project for the supply and use of MSAR® in KSA introduced via Aleph. The SA is evergreen, unless terminated by mutual agreement with one month’s notice. KSA is a country covered by the Memorandum of Agreement (“MOA”) with Al Khafrah Holding Group announced by Quadrise on 30 May 2019. Any project delivered in KSA will therefore also be subject to the terms of the MOA. Commenting on this development Mike Kirk, Executive Chairman of QFI, said: "I am pleased that we have been able to enter into this new services agreement with Aleph to cover the Saudi Arabian opportunity. This builds on the work that we are doing with Aleph in Kuwait and provides the structure to deliver a coherent approach in two major markets in the region and increase the efficiency of both our business development and project related activities. As Quadrise shareholders know well, Saudi Arabia is a market in which we have substantial experience and Aleph, together with our new local partner Al Khafrah, will enable us to build on this in a positive way. We look forward to working collaboratively with Aleph and Al Khafrah to progress potentially substantial project opportunities in the Kingdom, and to unlock the near-term value that MSAR® technology can provide for the economy. As was the case with our arrangements with Aleph in Kuwait, the agreements are structured to align all parties to the delivery of near-term substantive project delivery milestones - which will ultimately create significant shareholder value for Quadrise."