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More4us 22 May 2017

Looking forward Poised to migrate to commercial revenues during 2017......... [link]

More4us 17 May 2017


More4us 17 May 2017

@ShareTips6 #QFI #SAUDI ARAMCO [link]

Gainz 11 May 2017

Some huge buys just gone through ! I wonder if some great news about to land !!

More4us 10 May 2017

@TopTradersADVFN #QFI Massive news m8 boom πŸ”₯πŸ’₯World's Dirtiest Fuel Seen Holding Out Even as Ships Clean Up [link] …

BigSwede 06 May 2017

OK - we have all lost money some of us probably a lot. However, spare a thought for the staff at QFI - they will be losing their jobs through no fault of their own!

BigSwede 05 May 2017

This day week SP will be zero - bust!! I can't believe what I am seeing!

hotfinance14 05 May 2017

SP now under 3p..QFI is becoming a joke.

hotfinance14 04 May 2017

The interim LONO should be issued to Maersk and QFI.Once issued QFI need to get this product commercialised ASAP.

BigSwede 04 May 2017

poor_boy - I think Maersk will in fact publish the report, I would be very surprised if they didn't. At the end of the day it isn't worth the paper it will be written on. It will say something like, "this stuff works ok but we are nothing to use it". Like you I am well down in both money and spirit. Good luck.

More4us 27 Apr 2017

QFI 4 STAR BUY [link] πŸ”₯πŸ’₯ QFI BUY [link] … πŸ’₯πŸ”₯

Marky36 08 Mar 2017

Re: QFI Stream Log How did you get 3-4 weeks?

hotfinance14 09 Feb 2017

Maersk Results radarray 29 Jul '11 - 06:11 49 3 WARNING, for all readers Welcome to all readers, however please note, this thread is no longer used by many of the serious QFI holders for informed discussion, and all relevant QFI info has been removed from the header. This is due mainly to several toxic posters who now frequent this board with their many mischievous claims in order to try and discredit QFI and influence the sentiment for personal trading gains. Over time it becomes obvious who they are and I recommend that their posts are filtered. Currently I have filtered: (Content Removed by ADVFN) The company accepts all genuine enquiries from interested parties and endeavours to reply to all queries within the regulated restrictions of the AIM. investor relations: ir@quadrisefuels.com Just a shame those mentioned above will not use it for official clarification regarding their concerns, instead of continually posting on this forum with their highly dubious and duplicitous insinuations. For serious QFI insight and discussion many shareholders now use a moderated forum which can be reached through the link below. [link] You will need to register to be able to read posts. If you want to suggest a topic just post the suggestion in the general chat board. Alternatively, for all official details and news etc. click on the QFI website below. [link] ---------- ----- Charts Intraday chart. Click to open a chart window 6 Month chart. Click to open a chart window Long Term Chart 2 Year chart. Click to open a chart window Fundamental Data Sector OIL & GAS PRODUCERS Mkt.Sector ASM6 Mkt.Segment AMSM Turnover 0.00 Profit -4.91 Norm EPS -0.59 PE Ratio - Market cap 103 NMS - News 03/02/2017 16:35 UKREG Quadrise Fuels International PLC Price Monitoring Extension 31/01/2017 13:15 UKREG Quadrise Fuels International PLC Holding(s) in Company 25/01/2017 15:46 UKREG Quadrise Fuels International PLC Director/PDMR Shareholding 16/01/2017 127 UKREG Quadrise Fuels International PLC Second Price Monitoring Extn 16/01/2017 122 UKREG Quadrise Fuels International PLC Price Monitoring Extension Free counters! Set up 12 AM Friday 29/07/2011 advertisement Posted Poster Post 6 0 04 Feb 2017 numpty64 Consider this all fair minded people. Who is it that, Doesn't hold a share in the company, Thinks the management are corrupt and further thinks the product doesn't work. Sees no future in the share. And yet posts daily on a BB. Either an idiot or a de-ramper , probably both? read more... 6 0 03 Feb 2017 pumped and dumped hxxp://www.investopedia.com/terms/g/goldencross.asp We are in a very bullish golden cross where the 50dma is above the 200dma.It is one of the strongest moves/ buy signals you can possibly get! read more... 6 0 03 Feb 2017 pumped and dumped May I add ...we gapped up from open and the bears struggled to get the price down a lot lower because the Bulls stepped right in and bought the lows.This meant that we hardly fell from the open price and that we held our gap up gain,plus we still closed higher than yesterday and had a higher intraday low. The bears(sellers) have run out of steam and the Bulls are still in total control.As... read more... 5 0 Sun 12:26 pumped and dumped The 5dma is over the 10dma on the 7 day chart and that is bullish. We are creating higher highs and higher lows on the 1 month chart,the macd is positive and the rsi still has a way to go,so that's bullish as well. A tall white candle has been formed on the 6 month weekly candlestick chart and the macd has just turned positive,the rsi still has a long way to go,so that's bullish. Another... read more... 4 0 Mon 124 tongosti I love this fella. Qfi is a dog with fleas pal read more... 4 0 03 Feb 2017 pumped and dumped Consolidating nicely above 13p (13.25p mid)before we test 15p/16p and then we should reach 21p quite quickly after. The bulls are still in total control and there's a golden cross(50dma above 100/200dma) in play here. read more... 4 0 02 Feb 2017 becclesbasher What would you suggest Bodger a news bulletin by the Company every morning? Why would substantial shareholders want out when the prize they have been waiting for is almost in their grasp? I think you are a jealous and disgruntled ex shareholder who bought in at the top and then lost your nerve and sold at the wrong time. read more... 3 0 Tue 14:55 steptoes yard Gaz, make sure your cabin has a balcony. read more... 3 0 Mon 17:33 tongosti I believe the trading action today could be called "distribution". Large traded volumes following a temporary excitement and finishing the day in the red has most probably got out table tennis lovers (or the no 1 shareholder) unloading a few here and there. Playing with matches gets you burned MFC! read more... 3 0 Mon 11:26 pumped and dumped 12.5p bid - 13p ask. Going back up (all the traders are buying back in). NICE BULL FLAG formed so far today! read more... kreature9 Feb '17 - 13:21 - 35933 of 35936 0 0 (Filtered) gaz66669 Feb '17 - 13:58 - 35934 of 35936 0 0 (Filtered) hotfinance149 Feb '17 - 146 - 35935 of 35936 1 0 Edit Maersk made a large loss in FY16 but have stated they expects much better figures this year as seaborne container transportation is expected to grow by two to four percent in 2017. CEO Soren Skou also stated 'We have set a new course that over the next few years will lead AP Moller Maersk to become a focused container shipping, logistics and ports company' All bodes well for QFI.

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