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10:08 24/10/2018

Hi everyone, has anyone any thoughts on the spabunker Sesenta which is moored on the MSAR jetty, there have been no moorings there for months.

14:11 12/10/2018

Whatever Captain Kirk says you can't believe him.He told shareholders at the last AGM the KSA project would start in 2017.Hwas so wrong.

17:17 11/09/2018

Fantastic news from Maersk.

09:30 03/09/2018

Maersks decision to opt for low sulphur fuel with an added cost of £2bn per year makes me wonder if they see something against the QFI product that we as investors have missed. Remember, Maersk have used it and know it works! Likewise, even though they are counting the pennies the Saudis didn't go for QFI either. Has anyone any thoughts on what the "hidden"problem might be???

12:43 02/09/2018

Not good news re Maersk - probably a case of what they do other follow!

10:10 11/06/2018

How do we access this new bulletin board ?

11:25 06/06/2018

TOT is clutching at straws once again. Ignore his ramping.

16:54 29/05/2018

I assume the next update will be the FY18 results which Is November I recall.

14:42 22/05/2018

TOT..stop misleadiing investors.

12:31 11/05/2018

TOT..KSA is over.