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15:40 14/03/2014

think is though rabbitte knows what is going on. i would bet my (fast approaching) last euro on it. so why get wood mc kensie in to review taxation if there was nothing to tax?

15:30 14/03/2014

unfortunately i think now if they do get a deal it will have to be really good in order to affect the sp in any way. people are just not buying the bs anymore.

13:11 14/03/2014

seems like no one wants 311 million barrels of oil. or think it is worht the hassle to take it out of the ground

13:04 14/03/2014

i think i have had it..

15:27 13/03/2014

my post was deleted?

09:31 12/03/2014

Well they have been doing something. That Mott McDonald report was done in December which synchs well with TOR saying they are discussing the nuts and bolts of the deal. Also the licence extension - they seemed to think there was a wider area to be explored - also a hazard with horizontal drilling if someone gets the licence right next to yours and starts drilling into your reserves. Then Mr Rabbitte talking about tax breaks etc. So seems like there is soemthing going on. What would the market consider as being a bad deal? Surely any deal will be a good deal at this stage?

20:59 09/03/2014

Been a long time comin'. Fingers crossed!

18:31 21/02/2014

curiouser and curiouser

16:06 06/02/2014

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