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More4us 13 Feb 2020

brand new updated broker note [link] ..

sharemate 28 Sep 2019

Have they got the trace of Money flow, either sender or receiver can request their banks to trace the fund flow they will know where it's stuck

Jimmy23 17 Aug 2019

Iolar The ice max has left the Iolar prospect earlier this week. No announcement of a dry hole. Very unusual to be such a delay . Exxon and Nexen are the main partners. A positive result could rescue pvr from its disastrous handling of barryroe. J

PVR-2019 30 May 2019

Barryroe research Hi Jimmy, what du you think about all the talk of banning oil and gas. Can they ban Barryroe?

PVR-2019 01 May 2019

Barryroe research Amateurs. What are they doing? Jesus Christ

PVR-2019 18 Apr 2019

Barryroe research Hi Jimmy, Is this a big problem? 1-3month delay ? [link]

PVR-2019 13 Apr 2019

Barryroe research But I dont understand why the share dont rise. Goldman and other ii are buying. And we still see the share at this low level ??? BR

Jimmy23 12 Apr 2019

Barryroe research Great news Site survey have a limited time validity so this looks like drilling next year. J

PVR-2019 06 Apr 2019

Barryroe research Hi Jimmy, What do you think about this? [link]

Jimmy23 04 Apr 2019

Barryroe research Pvr made its application for a site survey at barryroe on 27february. The public had a right to make submissions until 1st April. Pvr intend to carry out site survey in q2 ahead of drilling in q3 as previously advised and rig has been booked for drilling. Expect announcement of Site survey soon. Jimmy

sully100 08 Feb 2019

From OCT 18In the wake of a breakthrough partnership deal for the Barryroe project in Ireland’s Celtic Sea, Providence Resources PLC (LONVR) has been tipped for very substantial value creation. A ‘buy’ recommendation from stockbroker Mirabaud Securities comes with an upgraded 50p price target (up from 33p), suggesting nearly 200% upside to the explorer’s current price of 17.5p. Mirabaud analyst James Midgley described Providence’s new deal with Chinese partner APEC as “a major step” closer to the commercialization of Barryroe - a 350mln barrel field that’s barely being valued at its AIM share price. Current price barely prices in cash ‘n’carry “Still, at today’s share price Providence trades only marginally above the value of its net cash, plus capex carry (totalling c.14p/shr),” Midgley said in a note. “Accordingly, we consider the company to be in an almost unique position, offering deep value but with a clear roadmap to commercialisation, and further upside in the way of multi-billion barrel exploration alongside Major oil companies.” Midgley highlighted that the new 50p per share target still represents a 50% discount to the broker’s core net asset valuation for Barryroe - in other words, the broker’s core valuation actually prices the firm at around 100p. READ: Countdown starts for Barryroe as Providence inks binding partnership deal Beyond the core valuation, which focuses primarily on Barryroe, the analyst's total asset valuation also includes 40p of what’s described as “heavily risked” value for the Dunquin South and Newgrange prospects, located in Ireland’s Atlantic Margin, off the west coast. For the market’s more speculative punters, it is probably worth noting that on an un-risked basis Midgley values the Barryroe stake at 152p while Dunquin South and Newgrange are ascribed values of 193p and 282p respectively. Mirabaud’s total, un-risked valuation sees the company worth 631.2p. Providence, meanwhile, retains a material acreage position in the west coast frontier from which further exploration possibilities may be unearthed. Yet more upside for Providence? “At under 20p per share, Providence shares are clearly trading at a substantial discount to where we consider fair value,” the analyst said. “While we expect the shares to trend towards the 100-140p per share mark, realistically we consider this a medium-term objective. “Accordingly, for now, we are recommending a near-term 50p per share target price, on the basis that we will reconsider as we approach the start of next year’s (Q2) drilling campaign. “We would add that this target price offers nothing for Providence’s exploration position, which we consider one of the most prospective in the sector. Any progress in readying prospects for drilling could see the share price, and our target price, upgraded accordingly. Putting Barryroe on the path to production September’s binding partnership deal with APEC detailed a path to production, starting with an appraisal programme beginning next year. Together Providence, APEC and Lansdowne Oil & Gas Plc (LON:LOGP) will initially drill four new vertical wells and one horizontal sidetrack. APEC then has an option to extend the programme, to add a further two horizontal wells. In the current quarter, operations are being advanced to survey the proposed well sites. Rig mobilisation will begin in the second quarter of 2019 thus setting in motion a programme that, if successful, Barryroe will become Ireland’s first commercial offshore oil project. Providence and Lansdowne’s share of the programme costs are to be covered by a non-recourse funding facility, whereby Chinese funds will be provided and later returned through accelerated repayment (basically, the partner will receive a larger share of the early revenues). Post-appraisal development funding will be in focus “The firm appraisal programme is expected to take some 200 days excluding testing, meaning that by early 2020, the partners should have gathered sufficient data to make a final investment decision and lodge a field development plan,” Mirabaud’s Midgley said. He added: “assuming the horizontal well options are exercised, three wells will be already be drilled awaiting tie-in, meaning the bulk of the initial capex requirement will be on facilities (e.g. subsea manifolds - note we assume that the FPSO will be leased), which we estimate will cost in the region of US$250-500m (gross). “With Providence retaining a 40% stake in the field, its share of upfront development capex would be just US$100-200m.” According to Midgely, Providence will have a number of options open to it - including reserves based lending, an extension of the APEC financing arrangements, or a further farm-down of Barryroe project equity. Providence is plainly on the cusp of a very active and catalyst rich period. Based on the present share price plus Mirabaud’s target and valuation there’s, evidently, the potential for a great deal of upside available for investors. All eyes will be on next year’s drilling.

PVR-2019 30 Jan 2019

Barryroe research When… when… when???

ps200306 19 Jan 2019

Barryroe research All they’ve done at Avalon is change the license type. They’d still need further approval to drill an actual well. No prospect of that anytime soon I presume, since Providence don’t have the money to pay their 40% of the drilling costs.

PVR-2019 18 Jan 2019

Barryroe research If PVR can get an approval for this. The Irish Times Providence receives approval to explore new oil prospect off Irish coast Explorer has license for ‘Avalon’ based off the south west coast of Ireland Why is there any problems with Barryroe??

Jimmy23 13 Jan 2019

Barryroe research Latest research note from align. Pvr price current value 31p Align Research – 30 Dec 18 Providence Resources update – 2019 the value realisation year - Align Research We have not posted on Providence Resources for some months as we have been waiting on the Barryroe drill program to commence in 2019. The announcement of the delay to drilling at this field now into Q3 2019 (from Q1) is disappointing but shareholders... Jimmy