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atlanticshore 17 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off yes it would help if the SP gave us a reason!

nigerian delight 16 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off Sir A/S, Laughter and hollering will make us all healthier.......

atlanticshore 16 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off Yikes I do not even know what that is ... I don t know why I thought you had a pneumonie (perhaps that is what it is?) which as I say I had (mildly) some years back ... and it knocked me down for months even after I was cured ... To overcome my tiredness and stress I tried the laughing cure and only read and watched comedy ... and also meditation ... I believe it helped me to refind my health ... also I eat after the advice of a Swiss/Russian nutritionist Kousmine .... if you are looking for options!Hopefully (!!!) the SP here will give you something to laugh about going forward ....

anovas 16 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off Sir As...what I had was a bad bacterial lung infection accompanied by sepsis.

atlanticshore 15 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off This is the good news Anovas ... I am happy to hear it .. I three years ago got a touch of the same thing and I felt really weak and ill ... Keep the name of the doctor a good one is always important to have!

nigerian delight 15 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off Anovas, Just goes to show you cant keep a good man down. Buena suerte tio!

anovas 15 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off Sir AS. I am back with the living. All due to the excellent care I received from a wonderful doctor in Marbella.

nigerian delight 14 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off Tis an unprecedented precipice alright! A fieldful of merde.....

atlanticshore 14 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off and five years since TOR tell us to watch the space! It is true it could be called cruelty!!! it could also be identified in other ways when I was young (and I accept this was many years ago) this was called in another way!All I can say is that I have never experienced anything like this before ....

nigerian delight 13 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off A/S, We are being subjected to abject cruelty here. Carrot dangling has gone on for way too long. Nearly 2 months since being informed of exclusive talks with a saviour......

atlanticshore 13 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off Nerve wrecking .....maybe PVR is a killer share from worry or alternatively many boring years of waiting ... I know you and many here believe management is wonderful but personally in my simple world I cannot undstand how a group delivering so little over such a long period can continue to be paid like the princesI stopped believing a number of years back and so invested no more .... so now I just wait to tr and minimize my loss but like everyone would love some good news

nigerian delight 12 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off A/S, Old Northern Irish warrior, Undersea kicked the bucket in the wait too! TOR will get even more than £40k a month if he brings a partner in(will revert to old massive package). Tis nervewracking waiting for Godot....

atlanticshore 12 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off Well we apparently lost Sobe and nearly lost Anovi ... waiting for the magic day so often mentioned ... but never delivered long can it go on! As long as someone is paid 40K a month to keep promising it I suppose would be the obvious answer

nigerian delight 12 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off Jimmy,Excellent post. And there is plenty of Gas at Barryroe too. Even more at Spanish Point but will we live long enough to see it drilled.....

jimmy24 10 Feb 2018

Re: Sell Off There is a private members bill going through the Irish parliament to stop future oil and gas exploration to help with global warming.It’s most unlikely to impact current licenses when it gets into final form.The thinking behind this proposal is not well thought through.Electricity generation requires a base load capacity that can provide cheap electricity when wind power or solar is not available. At present most of this capacity is provided by the money point power coal powered electricity generator in south west Ireland. I understand that this one plant contributes to 25% of Irish co 2 emissions .So the solution is not to stop oil and gas exploration which will have no impact on Irish co 2 emissions because .there is so little production. Instead they should convert money point from coal to gas powered generation.Gas, is the cleanest hydrocarbon for generating electricity and most importantly it can be turned on at short notice when wind power diminishes.Jimmy