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Mamms 21 Jun 2018

The way I see it Anovas, in fact I am a pessimist but this post is quite optimistic - I firmly believe that for the first time in a very long time our interests (management and shareholders) are aligned. I agree that management are being given a free punt on a big number - for instance if they could get the sp up to €1 before next August then many millions will follow for them. It is worrying that they do not invest themselves but in fact they don’t need to. This share faces a ‘1’ or ‘0’ outcome over the next 12 months. If BROE does what it says on the tin then €1 starts to look possible and this will become clear by this time next year. If the BROE drills were backed up by a Newgrange drill that was successful then €1 or even higher could even be probable. On the other hand, if BROE doesn’t do what it says and Newgrange is a duster then oblivion looms. In that case ToR will need to have the coppers to hand. Before anyone comes back with ‘BROE is a cert’ look at the sp and think about that statement again. To be honest, I’m feeling reasonably comfortable about PVR so long as the World (and the price of oil) doesn’t collapse in the meantime…

ddz 20 Jun 2018

The way I see it This BB has died a death since ii changed the format!

anovas 20 Jun 2018

The way I see it MAMMS…you are such a pessimist!!!

Mamms 18 Jun 2018

The way I see it ToR and JoS have every incentive to pull out all the stops before next August when their excessively generous options will expire. I imagine they are working hard to get a farm-in agreed for Newgrange but expect they will even run ahead without a partner if they can. I’m sure the ideal would be to have BROE and Newgrange spudding in spring 2019. If the APEC deal doesn’t sign he’ll also be gone. My biggest fear is that in their rush, they will do bad deals - ToR must be running out of road, if he hasn’t got a major result by the summer then he’ll have to go - hard to see him staying if there isn’t at least one big success by this time next year…

Mamms 14 Jun 2018

News tomorrow? No, it has been remarkably quiet since those big trades a couple of weeks back, both on the boards and in the trading. Often that is a precursor to news. If anyone on this board is going to the AGM, it would be great to get some feedback. BTW someone on another board gave a timely reminder that ToR has about 12 months to run on his share options. I cut and paste the relevant sections below. I expect we will get a lot of news q1 and q2 2019 - If BROE is what it says it is, I expect he’ll be pushing for a sale of the whole thing before August 2019… I’ve been holding for 5 years and averaging down - I don’t know if I can hold for another fing year but will do my damnedest… The following specific terms and conditions apply to the Options: (i) 11.3 million Options are exercisable on or after August 8, 2017, provided that the market price of the Ordinary Shares exceeds €0.45 per Ordinary Share; (ii) 11.3 million Options are exercisable on or after August 8, 2018, provided that the market price of the Ordinary Shares exceeds €0.45 per Ordinary Share; and (iii) The Options must be exercised prior to or on August 8, 2019

ddz 13 Jun 2018

News tomorrow? Nothing in the trading would suggest any news?

Mamms 13 Jun 2018

News tomorrow? What are the chances of real news tomorrow? I think very low…

aquason 13 Jun 2018

Quieter than usual I agree, it’s absolutely dreadful. I don’t know why people decide to replace a tried and tested website with a ghastly, counterintuitive interface like this.

Mamms 11 Jun 2018

Eerily quiet That's been the quietest week in a year. iii seems to be working very poorly - at least it had a stringent verification process - this site seems to be much slacker. I'm hoping ToR and co will have a positive update Thursday.

nigerian delight 04 Jun 2018

Re: Mamms Ma, China not exactly noted for quick signoffs. May have something to do with capital flowing out of its coffers....

Mamms 04 Jun 2018

Re: Mamms Senn, I take it from the fact that you direct me back to the company that you have nothing that can allay my concerns. APEC are not some tried and trusted titan of the oil sector and it's disingenuous to pretend otherwise. I really hope it's real, I'd feel an awful lot better if either COSL or JIC had said anything about the provisional agreement. We wait for that agreement to be signed off on both sides and for the details on the final form (note from the press statements that many elements are still variable). My hope is for an early sign-off from both sides and that we will be updated on progress and the AGM on the 14th. However, if there is one thing any long term holder should have learnt by now (and I'm a slow study) is to check all the small print with PVR and to severely discount ToR's optimism.......

nigerian delight 02 Jun 2018

Re: Mamms Senn, Havent contacted the delectable Company Secretary, Anne Marie yet but wee Mick Graham was unfailingly polite but never ever divulged owt. Not remotely as flowing as his tanned master.......

anovas 02 Jun 2018

Re: Mamms Hear, Hear Senn!!!!

senn1965 02 Jun 2018

Mamms If you have concerns call the company or it's advisors and ask your questions. I can never understand why folk ask these questions on a board if it's worrying them. Your answer is a phone call or mail away.

nigerian delight 01 Jun 2018

Re: Sapinda of the east? Ano, Ma is just worrying that management have not turned the corner. The Board has quality people on board and particularly in wee Phil, Pat P and Angus. Those boys could smell a crook from a long distance and would not have dealt with the bent Lars Windholm.