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15:33 14/02/2017

Thieving Scum!

20:14 09/11/2015

There is an article on slashdot, that mentions a new set top box mandate, the idea being people are paying to rent multiple Set top boxes, where 1 device they own out right would be much better, does anyone think MTV, can exploit this market area?

11:08 04/11/2015

remember the picture of the ipad playing live tv outside the apple shop anyone? ..... disgraceful!!!!

11:07 04/11/2015

Len is full of sh** - his mutterings are carefully designed not to say too much but to make you buy more stock thinking that it will bag.......wake up ppl he has done it too often to fall for it again surely?

11:01 04/11/2015

what a muppet

10:55 04/11/2015

2 gone in a matter of weeks - who will want to be associated with this pos when it finally goes under!!!!! no wonder they are leaving at an alarming rate - theyve made their money and are now moving onto the next cash cow

10:50 04/11/2015

and the rats begin leaving the sinking ship

13:10 30/09/2015

17 dongles sold on amazon in 3 months!!!!!! wow - just wow!!!

11:33 30/09/2015

down down deeper and down.............

11:32 30/09/2015

death spiral continues