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14:08 25/09/2015

so anyone spending £500 on this pile of cack would own more shares than the entire board of directors!!!!! now that shows confidence in the company from the board - NOT!

14:07 25/09/2015

and Pilsworth - who owns a lot more shares than Fertig - well his holding is now worth £127.57

14:06 25/09/2015

oh dear Fertigs share holding in the company he is a director of is now worth £92.39 - ASTOUNDING

14:03 25/09/2015

if the bod cant be bothered buying shares in this pile of cack why should anyone else?

14:01 25/09/2015

class action litigation anyone - lets hold this inept bod to account for the decimation of the share price that they have provided for honest share holders

16:05 18/09/2015

a sh*te end to a sh*te week at happy old MTV

15:11 18/09/2015

shocking faith shown in the company by the bod.......tells you all you need to know

15:10 18/09/2015

how can Pilsworth have a holding equating to £161 Len Fertig holds £116 and Kaza the guy that left held £42 - not enough to buy himself a dongle!!!! disgraceful

11:07 18/09/2015

if I sell my house and buy all the shares - do I get a place on the board earning masses of money and travelling around the world first class?

11:06 18/09/2015

250k mcap - wow now that is surprising...........most peoples houses are worth more than this company - - dont the bod take more than the mcap in wages per year?