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GeneralApeChit 14 Feb 2017

Thieving Scum!

Mark Y38 03 Aug 2016

Not sure if this board is still working but just had an email from my broker saying MTV going into voluntary liquidation. Wrote off my money years ago. What a total con. All those companies that took shares instead of money will all lose too. Never understood why they agreed to that.

freedom-thirty5 05 May 2016

Re: AIM - Cancellation good to see this lump of terd finally delisted. It shuld never have been allowed on the stock market in the first place, but Caveat Emptor as they say.bad to see the cowboys behind this company are already doing a rinse/repeat on their next con.

Droid#1 17 Mar 2016

Re: AIM - Cancellation I actually thought this might have grown legs a year ago. I pulled most of my investment and stuck it in FRR instead. Hopefully I've researched this a bit better! RIP MTV.

mason14 17 Mar 2016

Re: AIM - Cancellation Absolute Con Men.

Mark Y38 16 Mar 2016

AIM - Cancellation We knew it would happen. What a waste of space the dirsectors of this company are. Here is the RNS confirmation:RNS Number : 1931SAIM16 March 2016NOTICE16/03/2016 70amNOTICE OF CANCELLATION OF ADMISSION TO TRADING ON AIMMOTIVE TELEVISION PLCTrading on AIM for the under-mentioned securities has been cancelled from 16/03/2016 70am, pursuant to AIM Rule 1.ORDINARY SHARES OF 0.005P EACH, FULLY PAID(BZ56DX1) (GB00BZ56DX12)If you have any queries or require further information, please contact the London Stock Exchange on +44 (0) 207 797 4154.

philwad 24 Feb 2016

Re: Director Info.. Careful fella, ever heard of a Norwich Pharmacal?That's not defending them either. IMO the FSA should carry some of the blame here. How they have been permitted to carry on trading while diluting to oblivion should be investigated and stopped from happening again.

Retec 24 Feb 2016

Director Info.. The MTV directors... Just found this new info... showing what they're up to now and they are proud of it....[link]

wanting_to_know 23 Feb 2016

"Big Deals" =? Where are all those big deals that were promised by our CEO ?The Amazon / Apple RNSs were not about deals, just about "shop window" on-line displays, and in competition with numerous other products in the windows !I feel extremely sorry for all those hard-working software programmers in Spain, working under extreme pressure, and on cheap wages (CEO's boast !) who have lost / will soon lose their jobs, while the CEO & Ch were having a life of luxury on their City Fat Cat salaries (whether cash or shares or a mixture) The CEO told us he was "working his socks off" . . . but where are the RESULTS of all his efforts ?I am wondering if those radio receivers (@ £69 or £79 (?) each), freely handed out to shareholders (as bribes to buy yet even more shares !) will still work - or are they now just junk ?Administration ... well, something for CLN Creditors, (and Directors ?) BUT certainly NOTHING for long-suffering S/HsCan those two dodgy directors be BANNED from all future Company directorships ?Yes, I'm wanting_to_know !

Mark Y38 23 Feb 2016

Re: Is the end in sight? Sadly, it looks like I was right:23 February 2016Motive Television PLCNotice of intention to appoint AdministratorsThe Company announces that it has today filed at court a notice of intention to appoint administrators.The Board has been reviewing its options in order to minimise the financial uncertainty surrounding the Company. While the Board continues to explore these options, the Company has filed a notice of intention to appoint Andrew Hosking, Carl Jackson and Simon Bonney of Quantuma LLP, Vernon House, 23 Sicilian Avenue, London WC1A 2QS as administrators of the Company to assist the directors in this regard and to protect the interests of creditors.The suspension to trading in Motive's shares, as announced on 15 February 2016, remains effective.Further announcements will be made in due course.Enquiries:Motive Television plc T: +44 20 7025 8425Michael Pilsworth, ChairmanLeonard M. Fertig, CEO

mason14 23 Feb 2016

Con Men Good riddance, I kissed goodbye to my 2k some time ago!

fish lips 23 Feb 2016

It certainly is the beginning of the end So the administrators are in....

Mark Y38 22 Feb 2016

Is the end in sight? We have been predicting the end of MTV for months but this looks serious to me:<QUOTE>Convertible Loan NotesOn 20 January the Company announced that the largest CLN holder had agreed to vary the terms of the previously announced deal and extend the completion date until 19 February 2016. Consequently, the Company was required to pay £150,000 plus £28,200 in legal fees in cash in order to acquire the £1,393,795 of CLNs held by the largest holder. The Company has been unable to meet this requirement and accordingly the CLNs have not been acquired. <END>To negotiate and agreement and then not to be able to raise the funds to fulfil it looks, at best, unfortunate and, at worse, incompetent in the extreme.

Retec 15 Feb 2016

Re: Explanation please Maybe it one just one last sell that didn't go through on Friday.. Total value of about £1.50 which is about a billion times more than what those Directors are collectively worth paying....

urrff1 15 Feb 2016

Explanation please How if the share was suspended today as per the RNS at 7.30 am . Has there been nearly a billion trades and the share price fallen 25% according to the header above ?