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15:00 25/09/2015

£8M down the swanny - and what have they got to show for it - an app and dongle that nobody wants or needs! 4G/5G/6G is the future not over the air!!

14:59 25/09/2015

would be nice to know how much of that £8M has gone on bod salaries and business trips!!! - Disgrace...

14:57 25/09/2015

so in my reconing since 2011 mtv have placed or loaned £8M - and have earn how much per annum??????

14:26 25/09/2015

you know what they say - a fool and his money........

14:25 25/09/2015

a 30% loss in a matter of days!!!!!!!

14:25 25/09/2015

also the placing took place at 0.00125 and somebody paid £350,000.00 for 280Million shares - if they tried to sell them today they would only get back £252,000.00 so those poor sods have lost themselves £98k in a matter of days!

14:21 25/09/2015

so with a mcap of £477k - if you deduct the £350k the board has just recieved in cash that wont last 2 minutes - does this equate to the company being worth £127k - therefore the real mcap is £127,000.00

14:14 25/09/2015

this would need to bag over 100 times just to get back to the years high!!!!!!!!!!!! - unbelievable

14:12 25/09/2015

so the entire board of directors including Kaza who has since left currently hold -£380.61 worth of shares BETWEEN them!!!! what an indication of their contempt for genuine share holders

14:11 25/09/2015

Also - why is Kaza still shown as being a director on the website ? wonder if he cashed in his share holding - if he did today he would have recieved £33.25 for them before the cost to wonder he left this sinking ship