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jonmor 11:17

Re: Bokoni mine mothballed I totally agree with what you are saying but I also think it is an indication of the colossal investment mistakes some of these companies can make.They appear to have invested billions on assumptions about the future price of PGM 's only to have been grossly wide of the mark.But they have also mothballed a facility which can be started up again if prices rise in the future ?

seakelp 11:04

Re: Bokoni mine mothballed About 1.9% of global annual production, not insignificant. Plus is a good indicator of how Platinum companies are suffering..

jonmor 09:35

Re: Bokoni mine mothballed Obviously this sounds good as far as JLP is concerned but what does it actually represent as a % of world output of pgm's ?

seakelp 07:15

Bokoni mine mothballed Atlatsa and Amplats finally give up on cash-draining Bokoni mine21 JULY 2017 - 15:11 ALLAN SECCOMBE[link] has taken quite a hit on this, a R4.2billion write off of junior partner's debt (Atlatsa).Even though article does not mention it, this takes out about 150 000 ounces annual pgm production out of the market. This what the pgm price needs!

Andy Reilly 21 Jul 2017

Re: DanDaDan DDD - its is good to 'think positive' and smile (as much as you can), BUT I have to say the Stochastics suggest that a bit of a pull back is more likely than not for JLP soon as they are pretty toppy. Just my view - and I could well be wrong - but ALSO the 50 day EMA has crossed under the 200 day EMA, which suggests some shorter term weakness too. I do like the fact that PMs, however, offer a degree of hope.I like JLP, as it has been good for me, and it is interesting that strong buying has come in to lift the SP on any significant pull back - I may well be wrong, as its just my take, (and I wouldnt like anyone to be too influenced by my view). So thats JUST my take, and I am looking to buy back on any weakness.I do have concerns about markets generally, as there is a real chance that markets could be in for a real pull back soon, BUT again that is just something I am picking up. Overall I think PMs could well provide a degree of shelter should that happen, and JLP could well offer just that. ATB and I hope all goes well - ARPS - I have regularly traded JLP (profitably!), and currently I hold 50K JLP, having reduced recently. I am looking to add on any weakness (should it happen) - SO the very best of luck to ALL holders and traders of JLP!!!

KALAN 21 Jul 2017

Re: DanDaDan Had a quick look Dan - going to delve deeper into finances but looks very promising - that market cap looks way too low.

DanDaDan 21 Jul 2017

Re: DanDaDan All you need is patience K.The Aim Market dip since Feb looks like it is about to reverse, IMO.(Make some money, while you can...). Roll on September.....Do not forget 'think positive' and smile at J's alternative views.It helps keeps things in balance. It is time for the MMs to give us all a buying opportunity in the next few months as the GBP dips. Turn around time.Do not also forget the IRONveld man 'Giles'.It is bargain basement time IMO. Put some of these away while you can.....GLA..

WISEGUY 21 Jul 2017

Mining licence........surely this puts some value on the mining licence for the future [link]

idg69 21 Jul 2017

Hi Breezy, 20p would be nice wouldn't it? It can be done and we just have to live in faith. SOLG did 4p to 45p within a 12 month period so these things do happen. I am a little stuck with AFC and RKH and unsure what to do. Bought AFC @ 12p and RKH @ 28p. Very little news is coming out of either at the moment and they are flat lining at current levels. AFC have had some pretty big rises over past years and could change quickly with a contract win, RKH is cheap and has performed badly over the past 5 years and can't see a big turnaround happening soon. I'm down on both, it's just whether I average down with a few top ups at these levels and sit it out. I'm more an investor (not a very good one) than a trader. When I tried to trade in the past it landed me in hot water and I'm not prepared to go there again. Have a good weekend and let's see what news comes through next week. idg69

KALAN 21 Jul 2017

DanDaDan SLP on the move Dan - the rise in PGMs has done the trick over there - also TA indicated oversold and it's now broken out - you still in SLP and JLP?

breezy 21 Jul 2017

Hi idg69 I wil not be selling any of my shares until we hit 20p and i hope this will happen in the next 18 months. Are you still in AFC/ RKH they seem very cheap at the moment. I had a bit of luck with PMO i bought in a few days before the 33% rise and made £1200 so maybe my luck is changing. Have a great weekend and lets hope JLP give us some good news next week.

idg69 21 Jul 2017

Morning Breezy, no logic what so ever for the Lonmin rise, yes they may have posted better than expected results but they are saddled with massive debts, have diluted private investors to death (and probably will do again). It's frustrating that JLP have fallen back after the mining license rise but they are still a safer bet than Lonmin for the medium to long term. JLP need to up there game and present to the markets that they are credible, professional and most importantly that they are a profitable up and coming business. CB is involved with too many penny stock busineses and doesn't come across well to the markets. Even Rowan Karstel at BHR had more professionalism than CB when it came to fronting the business. I'm holding tight with JLP whilst looking to invest in other stocks at the same time. Wishing you well. idg69

One day Roderz 20 Jul 2017

Buying pressure on Friday- maybe In expectation of RNS on Monday or Tuesday. Unless it turned up tomorrow.OD

A Mushroom Kept in the Dark 19 Jul 2017

Re: No news If Jonmor, a Nabi, a προφήτης, and a navi and all the messengers mentioned in the Quran were all sat in a room together he still would whinge he wasn’t seeing the prophets he wanted I know nooothing

cape hake 19 Jul 2017

Re: No news Yes but who are "they"Jonmore - In this case definitely the BOD...