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Maverick 10 Jan 2018

Scotland Jim Ratcliffe fighting the Scottish decision could be massive for Igas. He also has a bigger bank account than the pathetic, twisted left wing nimby jealous delegates.

Maverick 31 Oct 2017

117p Is the next test/target point.Seems like bigger moves coming through now so definately achievable short term.

dannoC 31 Oct 2017

Re: Fool article Meeow!

coldascheese 30 Oct 2017

Lots due to happen here Share price moving up now to more sensible level after price drop recently s as stale holders exited after big drop at reorganisation.Company is now a different beast operating at a profit with 2 or 3 very exciting drill propects in new year plus various other share gas drill prospects where drilling is to occur where they have a carried interest. All in all lots on its a way and a couple of winners will really see the share price motor,should be extremely interesting year ahead.

wisewords 30 Oct 2017

Fool article [link]

Maverick 30 Oct 2017

Next chart stop 90p High today now 93p!Happy days although should have added more as the prediction was uncannily accurate.Its a HOLD from here but definately added sub 80p if possible.Maverick

dannoC 30 Oct 2017

Re: Target hit Quiet riot time again.Next target in sight.GLADanno

Maverick 24 Oct 2017

Target hit I believe from here it could start to motor next chart stop 90pLooking promising.

Maverick 24 Oct 2017

Nearing 75p target Government announcing on fracking imminent. Third Energy at Kirby Misperton ready to go next 7 days. It's finally happening.

dannoC 25 Sep 2017

Re: up 15% since last post. A very quiet riot on the go. Let's hope it continues. GLADanno

Maverick 25 Sep 2017

up 15% since last post. Think that BUY recommendation was aptly timed. Short term 75p target.Maverick

Maverick 20 Sep 2017

News Wow after holding for so long I am finally getting confidence back here. I think this may be a bottom here with good cash flow, board approvals, government support and consumer demand all positive. I also think gas is cheap. Any price rise and these will motor. BUY

leftback 19 Aug 2017

Re: 10% drop This is not an investment it is a lottery ticket. Recent claim that U.K. doesn't have the level of gas/oil as the USA due to our unique geology is a negative as is the generally negative public perception of fracking. However, if they hit a rich reservoir and people start to see some benefit the shares could rocket. Keep your fingers crossed.

Arm Ball 18 Aug 2017

10% drop Will this ever recover ? holding mammoth losses atm.

Maverick 05 Jul 2017

Interesting uptrend Chart showing recovery. Great top up point here I think at 78p