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alpal 03 Mar 2015

Re: Good News for those who got in at 20... mtnlh: It won't be much consolation but, you are not the only one who got into this at over a pound.

mtnlh 02 Mar 2015

Re: Good News for those who got in at 20p! Is there ANY hope this spring? Am running a 79.3% loss.I rekone im heavy into an unwanted hole in the ground

techno stock 27 Feb 2015

Good News for those who got in at 20p! [link] be good news for those who get in now?

cashpharma 16 Feb 2015

Re: Interesting article on the price of oil No one has ever been able to forecast the price of oil. The workings of the market mechanism for the stuff are mysterious to say the least. I think the astonishingly quick production scale backs have given the sellers the confidence to refuse to sell at any price and when those cutbacks actually kick in then whoosh!Imh (and very ignorant) o.

Oinoumethi 24 Dec 2014

Hi everybody, wishing you Merry Christmas. i am sure that the creation of this side was much overdue. Finally it will be for the best interest of the IGAS real supporters.

keith4 22 Dec 2014

Get Igas out of Ellesmere Port not wanted there

keith4 18 Dec 2014

Get igas out of Ellesmere Port not wanted by us there long live the Green Party

fairshare 15 Dec 2014

What would you consider the offer price per share to be?

fairshare 12 Dec 2014

Where in the link did you find the rumour?