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LunarFlyer 15 Jul 2015

Tweet tweet! Great entertainment guys!!!

DrMorpheus 08 Apr 2015

Re: Soooo Exciiiiitttttteeeeeeeddddddddd... "Bitter losers! Lol. ""How is one guy so bad at trading?"People in glass houses shouldn't throw stonesYou sound stressed out. Do you need a cuddle? Are those cowboys you keep hiring drop your chandelier?Regardless.....I don't care what your missus says......deep deep deep down I think you might have a good heart.

LunarFlyer 05 Apr 2015

Re: Soooo Exciiiiitttttteeeeeeeddddddddd... Bitter losers! Lol. You have zero chance at squeezing HIBU! They were on the edge of a catastrophic bankrupcy or did you forget? The reason why you guys are bitter is because I told you many many many times! Now Elhans repeats his history of failures over at XEL! How is one guy so bad at trading? No wonder you need to keep changing your name!!! I love the entertainment, though!

DrMorpheus 01 Apr 2015

Re: Soooo Exciiiiitttttteeeeeeeddddddddd... Happy to do my bit and participate in having a Hursty in Loony's pool....from the top of the diving board no less.You get a Brucie's bonus if Loony is in there at the time.

the moocher 30 Mar 2015

Re: Soooo Exciiiiitttttteeeeeeeddddddddd... Lunes,Your quote of shares can go up and down - we are all aware of that statement and accept it as part of investing.Please tell me where the statement is that says shares can go up and down and can be taken from you by fraudulent means at any time by powerful people in the City, and then handed to business associates. I cannot seem to find this statement in any of the documentation issued in relation to shares.Maybe you can help ?Cleaning pools is not my forte, having a Geoff Hurst in them is another matter. I can help on that front. Just to let you know.TM

LunarFlyer 29 Mar 2015

Re: Soooo Exciiiiitttttteeeeeeeddddddddd... I must laugh at you guys because your lawyer must already know who I am.......and again you will choke on your cornflakes(or kitkats) when you realise that I was telling you the truth!!!!!! I'll give you a cheap holiday if you clean my pool?

LunarFlyer 29 Mar 2015

Re: Soooo Exciiiiitttttteeeeeeeddddddddd... One trade that I knew would drop! Oh dear elhans! I still made a profit.......unlike you! I showed you how much profit I had made from many shares! Except your tiny brain only picked out the one I refused to lose money on! The key word being LOSE!!!! Hahahahahaha. You only need a 500% rise on XEL.....what is it about you and credible analysts opinions?? JTB needs to sue you guys! The sh@gged group has no chance of recovery as the risk of investing carries with it a very strong wording! Shares can go down! The notice warned you of zero value and you still maintain you did not have any warning!!! Poor guys!!! I can gladly send you some kitkats.....it would be quite a laugh for me! Let me know if you fancy them!!!

DrMorpheus 25 Mar 2015

Re: Soooo Exciiiiitttttteeeeeeeddddddddd... "When will you guys learn? You equally have no chance with HIBU!"Don't worry your pretty little head about us boys at hsg. We're more than capable of looking after ourselves. If we need some investment advice on how to make a £70 return on a £70k investment I'm sure we'll be asking you for your advice.Just out of interest, have you spent it all yet? Or are you rationing it out to last you for the year, hence hiring cowboys to bling up your dungeon with a window?£70 !!! That's almost 3 months worth of KitKats....you lucky man !! PS: I hope you're not planning to row all the way to Barbados on your dinghy !! Even £70 worth of kitkats won't help you survive that journey !!

the moocher 25 Mar 2015

Re: Soooo Exciiiiitttttteeeeeeeddddddddd... No chance eh Loons ?I seem to remember you saying the same about us calling the EGM - no chance - but we did and learnt a lot from it and forced corners to be cut by you know who.Things are moving nicely in the right direction, just a little more patience is required.KABOOOOOM ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Have you got that window that can open yet ?More importantly - can you bake a cake yet ?KABOOOOM ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !JTB is doing well and more than up for the fight. I will pass your best wishes onto him.TM

LunarFlyer 25 Mar 2015

Re: Soooo Exciiiiitttttteeeeeeeddddddddd !!!... LOL! Elhans and his new aliases.....losing again! It's now only a £1 drop since he topped up big time on XEL! Ouch! Another one of his BIG BUY recs! Another failure to his record! Same story! The media is not fair and mis-reported!When will you guys learn? You equally have no chance with HIBU!

Khan-the-trader 21 Mar 2015

Re: Jonny the Boy has a legal right It's funny how you keep referring to JTB and blame the shareholders. This speaks the volume that who the F*** are you. Perhaps you guessed it what i meant by F*** but I was only saying Fool.

LunarFlyer 20 Mar 2015

Re: Jonny the Boy has a legal right I will thanks......the money keeps rolling in. You should know that keep wearing your tin foil hat, buddy! JTB.....you have to ask yourself about why you stayed in this share. I read your posts and questions.....and who gave you advice! Ask your own lawyer! Ask yourself why these clowns keep changing their aliases!

the moocher 20 Mar 2015

Re: Jonny the Boy has a legal right Lunes - you raised this point before so I kindly refer you to my post of 2.5.2014.JTB knows who is to blame for his losses, just like the rest of us who are in HSG.The clock is ticking Lunes, can you bake that cake yet and is the room ready for the three amigos ?Tick, tock, tick,tock...............................Have a good weekend.TM

LunarFlyer 19 Mar 2015

Jonny the Boy has a legal right If you are reading, I suggest you consult your own lawyer because you will have proof of the rampers and now you have their names in that group! I suggest anyone else who acted on a recommendation given by these fo0ls do the same thing.

LunarFlyer 19 Mar 2015

Re: Soooo Exciiiiitttttteeeeeeeddddddddd... Hahahahahahahahaha. Elhans the CEO of HIBU-clone ltd! I knew you was hiding your aliases elsewhere! You only need a 500% rise on XEL to recover those losses! Blimey, you've had such a rough few years buddy!! Your history follows you (I know who you are on XEL) and you have still failed to learn a single thing! You should be high on the list of targets for personal law suits against those who ramped these shares for their own gain!My next purchase will be in Barbados if things go as well as they have from the start of this year. Maybe I will invite you to be the pool boy? I did pay for a team of Brits to come out to my villa, they were happy as Larry! Are you guys still banging the HIBU drum? At least the fees are helping you, but maybe you should dip your hand in your pocket and pay for the poor guys you conned into buying these shares!