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LunarFlyer 08 Jan 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO How many ham sandwiches would you like with your order??Sony could make a great film out of all of this. Who would play T&D, 1aws or elhans (and his many new alias). Can you picture the scene where they are wearing their best suits in the hallroom and voting themselves as Chiefs, but only to find out that they are Chiefs of nothing? A brief moment where they think they won control of something only to be dashed by the realisation that somewhere the new legal owners are popping champagne bottles. Wow! Drama!TM......that's the reality of it all.....they will repay their debt in full to the creditors when the transformation is complete and when they lose as much dead wood as they can. I always said "HIStory repeats itself" and to understand more you would need to look at the grass roots of where people gain their law of primacy.This won't be a story like Erin Brokovich that's for sure.

the moocher 06 Jan 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO Robbay - I agree but Lunar mentioned it beforehand so I thought I would raise it again.I think we will soon find out that the expansion in LatAm is going great guns and was another of the reasons why we were needed to be removed from ownership.TM

the moocher 06 Jan 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO KTT - You are so right. We are slowly getting in a position to have them in our sights, and then KABOOM !!!The evidence is clear and unambiguous and shows that a plan was put in place some considerable years ago to shift the company, from us small shareholders, to some well connected people. Other minor shareholders will be shocked when they find out what can happen to a company they are invested in, if a director is of similar mind to the ones that were running Yell.Lunar - I would appreciate your comments on the above.TM

Khan-the-trader 05 Jan 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO The BoD was not incompetent..... They did exactly what they were employed/appointed for, we miss-judged them. They were a most perfect combination of con-artists brought together to handover the company to a select group. Unfortunately, they miscalculated the power of common PI, and they will face consequences of this mistake.

ROBBAY 05 Jan 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO Way to much investigating going on to even contemplate a possible IPO.The question is will the company recover from the damage it created for itself under the previous board?Good Luck HSG

the moocher 05 Jan 2015

Lunar - IPO Hi Lunar,You mentioned in an earlier post that Yell would soon be back to the market with an IPO, any idea when that is likely to be and how much ?TM

the moocher 05 Jan 2015

Re: Just asking Yes.Things are proceeding and should start to ramp up !!!

millwall6 05 Jan 2015

Just asking Could anybody tell me if the Hibu share holder group are still active and trying to press claims against Hibu/Yell for the collapse of the company at PI's expense.Thanks in advance.M6

The Caveman 16 Dec 2014

Re: ANGER Guys, if frustrated with HIBU, give them a call on their freephone number: 0800 555 444 (choose option 1) and ask that they pass on your comments to senior management. They must be doing something right looking at their vacancies, even though our investments are toast

:) 05 Dec 2014