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Mikeyson1 27 Jul 2019

Kind of makes the previous head guy's claim that the Hsg guy,s wouldnt have had the experience to run the company if they had got control at the Agm they scuppered by putting it into admin before they (Hsg) could have it ,now rings a bit hollow, HSG did say at the time that the rebrand would have a detrimental impact on sales, Would they have had the experience to sell of the Spanish buisness bought for £2.3b for £30m also latin American buisness for undisclosed figure .Would they have had the experience to evaporate over £1b in turnover in just over 5 years with downward salestrend continuing .What of tbe Hsg guy's why no progress reports from you ? Over the years that this has gone on ?

Mikeyson1 27 Jul 2019

If u guy's still out there ,why have,nt u posted anything ,in relation to another dismal set of results just put out by Hibu,turnover down another £100m for the last year alone ,&if this quarter results continue in same trend then this year looks to be in for anothet 10% drop in turnover

viko 04 Jan 2018

Forum ban Is that the post by Viko which breaks another forum rule? Quite a serious one too.And you have the audacity to ask why I gave you a temporary 1 week ban when this is how you behave? You know full well you were not censored because of your question which I answered - It's a PLC, you can find out for yourself. The "Barry" case was discussed long ago. Do a little research. You were temporary banned due to spamming the forums and email due to your impatience.However your recent immature actions will require that we review your membership to the group.. I will therefore be changing your temporary ban to a permanent one. I will then have to consult with the SC who will decide whether to remove you as a member completely.Good luck

viko 04 Jan 2018

Not happy being banned hibu shareholders group Been a member of the shareholders group since it evolved.been banned .gagged from putting my views accross.The last time I only wanted confirmation of what funds we received from the Barry case and what funds we have left ,which I thought was a fair question as we all contributed.

LunarFlyer 06 Sep 2016

Elhans/DrMorpeus new name upanchors The guy who conned many hibu investors! The vile little guy is now on the XEL board as upanchors!

ROBBAY 26 Apr 2016

Re: All over now I had written off my so called investment of 2.25 million HIBU shares, and I concur they have been removed from view on TD account's......but I think there will be investigations and findings on these shenanigan's for many year to come.

The Sim 19 Apr 2016

Re: All over now I've not heard the fat lady sing yet.

stew1712 18 Apr 2016

All over now Well at least Hibu have finally decided to do something.I've received a message from TD Trading that they are finally going to take them out of my account. Don't know why they decided on January 26th to come to the conclusion that they're worthless, why not say since suspension?StockHIBU PLCEvent TypeShares Deemed WorthlessDescriptionShares Deemed Worthless Effective date: 23rd January 2016 We have received notice that the Ordinary shares of HIBU Plc have been deemed worthless, effective from 23rd January 2016. These shares will be removed from your account.

Ace08 21 Aug 2015

Re: Just asking Had to decline the offer was washing my feet that night

ROBBAY 12 Aug 2015

HSG Making Progress HSG Action Group are slowly but very surely making good progress in there efforts to overturn decisions made by the unscrupulous former directors of HIBU.Chris Belcher, Waqas Choudhry and team are working very closely with Barry Dearing in maintaining this action, and are ever optimistic of a fruitful outcome for all shareholders.These things do take an age, but it will be forthcoming.

LunarFlyer 06 Aug 2015

Re: Just asking Just teasing really! Anyone would think we had advanced knowledge of zero value! Ohhhh that's right! We did!

LunarFlyer 06 Aug 2015

Re: Just asking Did you go to Mike's party Ace? Wow he likes the champagne and none of that cheap stuff either!

Ace08 28 Jul 2015

Re: Just asking Yeah they hooked up with Bradford and Bingley and Woolworths group turned it into a Morris Dancing group last I heard

forrest3 26 Jul 2015

Re: It's been 2 years the creditors do own the co, there is a shareholder action group but it's not come up with much, pretty ineffectual game over...

stew1712 24 Jul 2015

It's been 2 years Since the shares were suspended pending cancellation due in November 2013 and yet they are still sat in my TDW account, waiting, waiting, waiting.No info or news coming out of the company about what is happening and TD aren't aware of any either as I emailed them asking if my shares are ever going to be cancelled.So do the lenders now own the company, if so why haven't my shares been cancelled?If the shares are still relevant to the company, why has there been no information or RNS since 27th November 2013 surely something news worthy must have happened in the last 20 months??