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DrMorpheus 12 Mar 2015

Re: Soooo Exciiiiitttttteeeeeeeddddddddd !!!... Well said TM.I think it's fair to say that there will be plenty of steam coming off Loonys bald patch once the proverbial hits the fan. I don't think a window will suffice...with the amount of hot air he lets off, he needs an industrial aircon unit.As for the dodgy contractors I have to agree with Loons...what rubbish workmanship do they have that built the Burj Khalifah and The Palm not to mention the other iconic buildings. Oh...oh...that's right...you get what you pay for. I guess a yearly return of £70 on his big dawg investments aren't sufficient to cover his maintenance needs.I wonder if he's still got his dinghy?

the moocher 10 Mar 2015

Soooo Exciiiiitttttteeeeeeeddddddddd !!!!!! Lunes,Hope all is going well with your contractors.We (HSG) have just had the most fantastic news about significant, no make that major, developments.I know that it is really hot in Dubai but can you ask the contractors to provide a window that can open to let air in to your abode. In the not too distant future you might just be able to pop your bonce out and smell the S hitting the FAN for your mates.Seriously, their day of reckoning is getting closer.TM

the moocher 03 Mar 2015

Oh The Irony I have to have the occasional chuckle to myself Lunes.Your mates peddled the same story for years about how revenues were being hit hard by the advent of the internet. We all know that digital revenues were growing as income shifted from print to digital, but that is not the ironic thing.What is is the amount of evidence/information (you would be absolutely amazed at what we have uncovered and more importantly the variety of it) we have been able to glean from that same internet thingy. It has been a fantastic tool for us and without it we would have been lost. There would possibly have been no HSG, and we may have not been able to communicate with members swiftly in calling the AGM. I do think your mates, ironically for the second time, underestimated the power of the internet but what it can do and has done for small private investors.I am under the impression you may not have communicated with your mates for some time, probably trying to get those workmen to get a shift on, do they still think they are going to get away with it ? TM

the moocher 23 Feb 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO I see what you mean - sounds a bit of a nightmare for you.In terms of the fraud, I have to confess that you know the script here more than me, but there are changes being made to the same script, which will make for uncomfortable reading for some. Like you, and your tradespeople predicament, all we need is patience.Good luck.T

LunarFlyer 20 Feb 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO That's like saying the Chinese should pay tradesmen to produce higher quality goods! You are limited to the resources at your disposal. Most of the construction workers in UAE are from Pakistan or India, those are places where electric testers consist of a person touching the wires to see if they are live! So you can imagine!In your case you would have to prove a level of fraud that would involve more than just the board of directors. I doubt you are even close to proving one person acted beyond the scope of their title. Good luck to you, though. It's all good therapy for your group.I do hope you guys weren't foolish enough to stick all your cash in this crumbling business? It's been an exciting start to this year already, lots of money to be made elsewhere.

the moocher 15 Feb 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO Alas, it is not I that fixes lights, I like to do my bit for the economy and pay proper tradespeople to do the required job. Good ones, not the cowboys you seem to select.The reality is Lunes that your mates could control the share price and the company but things have not gone according to plan and events are happening that are now way beyond their control. I agree that at this present moment in time our shares look to be worthless but kindly point you in the direction of Lazarus Estates Ltd V Beasley and the sagacious words of Lord Denning. It seems very appropariate that your mates have behaved in an amateurish manner, a bit similar to the people you employ to do work for you.You should learn to keep better company and pay a bit more for proper trades people. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Weather has been nice and dry here, not just as cold and the nights are getting shorter - hurrah.Kind regardsTM

LunarFlyer 14 Feb 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO Is it you that can fix a light? I need a few chandeliers hanging in my villa. The local workers do one job and make another by damaging something else. I would love to see the look on your face when you finally realise that I've been telling the truth from day one! I just hope that it didn't cost you much in group fees, but I know the therapy is worth every pound!the way, have you thought about getting those shares converted into share certificates? It would look great pasted on a wall. Or you could have them printed onto toilet paper, that may be more appealing and worth while? .....because you must soon realise that they are otherwise completely worthless. Sorry to remind you.

the moocher 14 Feb 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO Hot under the collar - if only Loons - I have been freezing of late but the temp over here has warmed up a bit, thankfully.Will I be partaking in the new IPO. Well that depends. If it goes ahead then we will have one almighty battle between the City and the judiciary and I know which one has the greater power to flex its muscles. The City will be taking the P if it thinks it can get away with what has gone on at Yell. I might partake if the City wants to buy my shares from me at £4 a pop. It is then free to sell them at £6 when the full effects of the good news surrounding the company is released in its usual form.I think you may have a few uninvited guests knocking at your door before too long, so maybe your cake baking skills can be utilised to the full then.TM

LunarFlyer 13 Feb 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO It's interesting to see who ticks you up almost immediately after you post! More interesting is how the former HIBU crowd has also morphed into new names!!! That suggests so much! Multiple aliases from failed investing! Quite funny really......the talent is so strong in your group that you actually all go to big lengths to hide your tracks! Guess who didn't?

LunarFlyer 13 Feb 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO Why have cake when you can have caviar? Plus it tastes better with the champagne. How's the weather in the UK right now? It must be really hot as you sound quite hot under the collar yourself? Sorry old chap! Calm down it's just a bad investment on your part. I hope the group meetings are helping, don't forget to put your tin foil hat on.....those microwaves are brutal right now.the way.......are you planning to sign up for the IPO?

the moocher 12 Feb 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO Hi Lunes - thanks for the response, maybe I need to put you right on a few things.You said "The company was on the verge of going bankrupt". Err no it wasn't. It had over £1BILLION in cash in 2012 which was spirited out of the company to a subsidiary. Before you dispute this figure let me please explain that it was in a document placed before a court in the USA.We won't be wasting £100 finding out whether you are involved as the Government agencies will do that for us, FOC.Have you learnt how to bake a cake yet ?TM

LunarFlyer 12 Feb 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO It's great that you have conviction in your beliefs. I've said it many times that you will at least get a form of counselling as a by product of your legal battle. Sadly, the truth will only sound like that familiar phrase "you can't get blood out of a stone". The company was on the verge of bankruptcy, so handing themselves over to the creditors was the only option they had left before a full scale default. The only saving grace is that many people are still employed while the restructure progresses. Funny how I could see this months before it finally happened, and I'm just an average Joe with no inside knowledge.As for my "mates" having any connection to this company, I'm afraid you are still barking up the wrong tree! I have zero connection this company or any institution that deals with shares. You are welcome to add £100 to your lawyers pocket to send me a letter, though!!!Still as always; I say you should look around your group at the real clowns who still try to convince others that it's time to wear tin foil hats to stop the extraterrestrial microwaves penetrating your mind! Or maybe you should have a look at their other trading successes to gauge just how good they are?

the moocher 21 Jan 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO Thanks for your response Lunes,Sadly for your mates this won't go the way of Game as we have 700 shareholders who are taking the battle on and slowly changing the original game plan (sorry for the pun). It was hoped we would go away and just suffer the losses, after all we were warned. Alas for your mates we now know what has gone on and it boils down a 5 letter word which begins with F. It has moved ownership of Yell from us to others and is clearly evident. You know as well as I do that it is not going according to plan and fingers crossed it is about to get worse for the instigators.It is no good going on about other investors who were bullish on the company and blaming them for our losses. We are all aware of the bigger picture.Your mates could do with you learning how to bake a cake and put a file in it.CheersTM

LunarFlyer 10 Jan 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO Sadly, I think this will be like GAME. It's effectively transformed due to crippling debt into a new company. The old shareholders took the risk that they warn you about from day 1 of share investing....that they can go down aswell as up. The new owners will downsize the business into a new digital business (while trying to preserve morale, which is difficult) and a new future IPO will clear the remaining debt. I think the last RI was done far too soon, and if you can be honest with yourselves about the amount of cash they needed to generate from another RI near the end then you'd be at 45-65p per share when they were only trading at less than a penny. Who in their right mind would be willing to pay so much to still have a share worth less than a penny? It's easier to get angry and point fingers at your losses, but ultimately you will have to accept that the debt was far too big for them to survive.....regardless of any portion of the business that was still profitable. Anyone who says shareholders should get paid before creditors is simply lying......I'm sure you know that? 1aws gave you his magic opinion of how they could easily service their debt, well he was wrong by a long shot! Even selling profitable parts of the business would not have generated enough to cover the debt, and the bad parts would still have disappeared. What I meant by changing these BBs is by stopping people like elhans who made ridiculous claims for their personal gain. There are people that led to the financial losses of others with hibu and many others. Again just look at his history, game, hibu, xel. You would have more luck filing a legal action against those people than recovering a single penny from hibu shares. Continue with your fight if you have the energy, as I've always said "at least it's like paid therapy".

the moocher 09 Jan 2015

Re: Lunar - IPO LunarThanks for the response and I am puzzled by its content. You said TM......that's the reality of it all.....they will repay their debt in full to the creditors when the transformation is complete and when they lose as much dead wood as they can. I always said "HIStory repeats itself" and to understand more you would need to look at the grass roots of where people gain their law of primacy.Yet on 16-9-14 you posted that You'll have a much better chance at changing the justice and consequences of these BBs than winning a case for shares against a near bankrupt company.So now that we both concur that it is not a bankrupt company, and can easily pay its debts, does that mean we now have a greater chance of getting the company back into our ownership ? TM