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maevon 21 Oct 2020

Re: DGO Stream Log Hi Peter, did you find anything out about this. I've just dug out a share certifcate from 1997 also.

peterpudding 02 Aug 2020

Hello Ive found an old dragon oil certificate from 1997 and I now see shares were bought through a compulsory purchase in 2015 ... have i missed out?

peterpudding 02 Aug 2020

Re: DGO Stream Log Hiya Ang I've just moved office and found an old dragon oil certificate and wondered if you'd had any luck with it? Cheers Pete

Ang 28 Apr 2020

Can anyone give me contact details of someone who buys the dragon oil shares please

3Dimensional 20 Jan 2016

So glad Fydo didnt have his way if he would have had his way the deal would not have gone through and our shares would probably be worth 350p now.Three cheers for Fydo (not)Three cheers for ENOC 3D (knows when to hold em or fold em, nearly)

Monty123 19 Dec 2015

Thanks to all HiI'm Monty123 and new to the boards. It was my inherited Dragon Oil shares and the question of the merger and sale that brought me to ii.Just to say thanks to ii, and to all of you informative posters, especially Fydo, for enjoyable discussion on the subject of Dragon.No doubt meet many of you again on some of the other boards.Sorry this message is rather late in the day, it took my some time to get my account up and running.Looking forward to loads more discussion here at ii now that I've found it.Good luck to you all.

alanjackson 29 Nov 2015

CAPITA fees Hello, did you find an alternative to paying these extortionate fees?

alanjackson 29 Nov 2015

I also have Drogon Oil shares but did not receive the offer brcause I was moving house. CAPITA have now witten to me saying ther fees are 15% PLUS VAY (at 20%) Any alternatives?

andyneil 12 Nov 2015

I have Dragon Oil shares to claim, is there any way to avoid paying the 15% + vat to Capita for their administration fee?

Scottbax 11 Nov 2015

Never been in this situation before, but still have some shares and now received a letter from Capita to sell at a 15% commission. Is there a way to avoid this charge?

vtecgrin 11 Nov 2015

Guess what ? Just found an old share certificate with 400 shares on from 1st september 1997 Not a great deal but every little helps Now to get my lettter of to the Registrars in Dublin.Not sure whether to post to Bank of Ireland registration department (on cert)or to Capita shareholder solutions PO box 7117 Dublin 2 Ireland. Capita want 15% plus VAT if I go through them via their Beckenham office

xTitanic 29 Oct 2015

Re: the worst investment ever lol

Speedo Boy 29 Sep 2015

Re: TD Direct payment - they don't know! Well done Fydo on getting more than Enoc's offer price, if anyone deserved to have one over on them it's you!. Thanks for your support and insights over the years. Just out of interest are you still holding Stirling Energy, who I think you invested in a few years ago? I wondered what your thoughts on their future are now.I've received my payment from ii so hopefully everyone else has now and it won't be long before the BB gets taken down.

Allanp 28 Sep 2015

Missed out on selling at £8 what's next? I know they will now compulsory purchase them from me but at what price? Anyone able to shed any light

Fydo 21 Sep 2015

Re: TD Direct payment - they don't know! "well done to those that sold the shares before action closing date - it may have been a penny or so per share less but at least you would have got most of money in bank ready to use/re-invest."I ended up getting £8.01 and sold out before the bid closed, so no hanging around for me.