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Anne999 08 Sep 2015

Re: Payment thanks for that Why Nicknames. I called TDW this morning and they said the cash should go into my ISA account but did t know when it was being paid out.

Why nicknames 08 Sep 2015

Re: Payment There was an improved offer from 750 to 800p per share which gave the opportunity to accept again. As major share holders tipped the balance into offer being accepted I also accepted 800p but I did have to ring up for a replacement acceptance form. If you didn't accept I believe the money will be kept to one side and you will have to contact Capita Asset Services (the number I have is (353 1 553 0050) to claim your money. As to losing ISA benefits I'm afraid I cannot help there but they will likely issue any money due via cheque!! It sounds like you would have to ask Inland Revenue for adv

Anne999 08 Sep 2015

Re: Payment Hi, I rejected the first offer and today my TDW account shows that the shares are worthless and the value of the shares has been wiped from my account. Any idea when payment will be made? As this was in my ISA will I lose the ISA status on these funds?Anne

Walking With Giants 07 Sep 2015

Time moves on. Years ago I held 800,000 of these. But at that time they were 1.5p

dowso 30 Aug 2015

Re: Any Recommendations for Alternative ... Look at this, probably too late now but interesting and what a shot in the arm for Egypt[link] right investment is out there somewhereRegard to all and enjoy the Dragon DYOR etc etc

Overdraughtman 24 Aug 2015

Re: Hold it... I was thinking the same this morning - in the circumstances 8 quid was not bad!

pannon 21 Aug 2015

Hold it... I now have almost 40% of equity holdings in cash thanks to DGO.. I was over weihgt it was worrying at times and guess some of you were in similar position !!! Given the recent and drastic rout in oil price Im happy to be out at eight pounds. What would DGOs price be just now with the global situation ...not even 7 quid I reckon and probably a lot less thanks to MMs. So with cash in hand I will bide my time now...oil will return but where to go to place my bets??? Ithaca I like but price has been smashed so timing is all...Ides of 2008n and 2011 are with us ....how can you possibly recommend equity markets to your kids..

wizard47 20 Aug 2015

Re: Any Recommendations for Alternative Shar... I started investing in Dragon when it was coppers and kept putting in a few hundred pounds a time and it has finally come good.A similar story could happen with BPC which MAY drill for oil in the Bahamas within the next 2 or 3 years if the Bahamas Petroleum regulations become law and if BPC find a farm in partner.2.25p to buy but its a risky punt so DYOR before you decide to invest or otherwise.Read the BB which will give you the pros and cons according to which camp is posting! The BPC website is also informative about where they plan to drill and the potential oilfield they think is down there.

oilinvestor85 19 Aug 2015

Any Recommendations for Alternative Shares? I have been a holder here since 2009 (26 February 2009 to be precise) the day that they announced that they found financial irregularities by former senior managers. The price dropped below the 120s that day. I have bought more all the way to 606.6p and I haven't looked back since. This has been one of my best shares I have ever bought (only Caracal and Coastal Energy come close and they were both taken over)! My Question is does anyone have any suggestions for other companies that I should research as a potential replacement for DGO? I am looking for an investment that can grow and deliver dividends similar to DGO? The Criteria I have in mind is as follows:Oil ShareNo Debt or hidden commitments Currently in production or will be producing in a short time frame (No Pure Explo Punts Thanks!).Cash Rich (at least 15% of the market cap is covered by cash).Relatively low break even oil price (Profitable at $30/ bbl).Is projected to increase production over the next 3 years.Some Exploration exposure to compliment current reserves would be nice (but not essential).Proven Competent Management Team.A dividend would be nice (but not essential).Ideally Operating in a stable environment (No to Kurdistan thanks!! Although Genel may be worth a look )Is not regarded as "Nigerian" or "Russian" (Simple preference based on previous experience)..Anyone have any suggestions ? I currently have large holdings in XEL, Range Resources, Soco International, Chariot Oil and Gas and Dragon Oil PS: I know most of the companies above don't meet the criteria I have specified. They were bought in a better oil price environment.I have been researching Ophir, Genel, Cairn, Premier and Enquest. Ophir and Cairn are the only 2 that meet most of the criteria Any other suggestions for finding a new star to replace DGO in my portfolio?

tobycups 17 Aug 2015

Payment The letter from Saif Al Falasi( CEO_ENOC) says "settlement.......will be effected...for acceptances by 2 August, within 14 days"

Deal Hoy 17 Aug 2015

Re: Im Paid Cheque from Capita drawn on the London City Office of the RBS arrived this morning.

Number Seven 17 Aug 2015

Re: Im Paid MH0703, I'm in the same boat as you. Apparently, those who ejected the 1st offer but accepted the 2nd, will have to wait until 7th Sepember. It may be worth clarifying with them though

mh0703 16 Aug 2015

Re: Im Paid That's great to hear!I really liked your posts along with Stoater and Downes (who was the best).I'm also with Selftrade, accepted the offer last week but haven't been paid?Is that possible?

pfelix 15 Aug 2015

Does anyone know the correct address to send the acceptance form to? I seem to have misplaced the return envelope (if there was one!). Thanks

pannon 15 Aug 2015

Im Paid Hargreaves account credited...Nice little earner ...some CGT to pay however on share account. But what do I do with that large sum in my ISA account. With oil prices predicted to go even lower for longer who has any bright ideas ...Best to All