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Llewelyn 20 Mar 2022

Probably very late to this party but just found an old dragon oil certificate from '97, no other comes as I've moved house numerous times. Is it worth anything or worth pursuing?

Gilo 18 May 2021

Hi has anyone been successful in contacting enoc, wasn't offered a payout in 2015 possibly due to change of address, can you atill claim the worth of your shares? Thanks...es

Roan65 16 Mar 2021

update: just had a call back from ireland re checking the dragon oil shares - sadly already paid out anyway, I called them on 0333 300 1580 and asked them to look into it, left a few days and they called back to confirm that the shares had been paid out in 2015 and in Sept 2015 there was a share consolidation which reduced the number of shares by about 4 and was then paid out at £8/share. As this was done automatically this could be why still had some of the original dragon oil share certificates. So sadly, nothing outstanding

Roan65 15 Mar 2021

re Dragon Oil shares - I've just had an update from LinkGroup - Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) successfully took over Dragon Oil plc in August 2015. Dragon Oil plc shareholders were entitled to receive a consideration payment of £8.00 per Dragon Oil plc share held. Dragon Oil plc delisted from the Dublin and London stock exchanges on 7 September 2015, with the last day of trading being 4 September 2015. --- So does this mean the shares were cashed in or they may still have some value?

chaill63 02 Mar 2021

Re: DGO Stream Log Did you have any luck? I’ve also found a Dragon Oil certificate.

chaill63 02 Mar 2021

Re: DGO Stream Log Did you have any luck? I’ve also found a certificate.

ElloLove 18 Nov 2020

Re: Capella Minerals Ltd. – Symbols (TSXV:CMIL) & (OTC: NWDMF) & (FRA:N7D2) The Korelin Economics Report - Interview With Eric Roth Of Capella Minerals Limited Interview: [link]

ElloLove 16 Nov 2020

Capella Minerals Ltd. – Symbols (TSXV:CMIL) & (OTC: NWDMF) & (FRA:N7D2) Capella Minerals Ltd. – Symbols (TSXV:CMIL) & (OTC: NWDMF) & (FRA:N7D2) Brand new company with lots of cash and seven different assets, details are below. Based on information from Sedar(Audited Info, formally known as New Dimension Resources), Stockwatch and their website: [link] Price: $0.09CAD - $0.07 USD - €0.04EUR Common Shares Outstanding: 137,523,077 Cash On Hand: $2.5 Million Market Cap: $11 Million Total Insider/Institutional Holdings: 30% or 41,256,923 – See Presentation for verification Current Free Trading Retail Float: 43 million shares. 60 million placement shares are restricted and will not be free trading until mid-January 2021. November 9th Company Presentation: [link] November 10th CEO Interview: [link] Capella Minerals has 7 different assets which allows for numerous ways to increase shareholder value: 1) Joint Venture With Yamana Gold(YRI.T) – Capella Minerals owns a 30% stake in a very advanced gold project, located in Manitoba, Canada. Their partner is a globally well known large cap gold producer who is taking this project very serious. As per Yamana’s last discussion notes “The Company recently signed an exploration agreement with the Bunibonibee Cree Nation (“BCN”) that provides a framework for a cooperative, mutually respectful agreement supporting the advancement of exploration within the Traditional Territory of the BCN while providing employment and business opportunities to the BCN. Planning is underway to guide the consultation process for an initial field program in the fourth quarter and an aggressive exploration effort in 2021. An update on Yamana's generative exploration projects is expected in the fourth quarter. “ 2) Joint Venture With Ethos Gold(ECC.V) – Capella Minerals has optioned it’s 100% owned Ontario, Canada gold project to Ethos Gold, a company that recently raised several million dollars to work on this asset and some others. In exchange for 70% of the project, Ethos Gold must issue 8 million shares over 3 years, along with $200,000 in cash and $2 million in work commitments. They will not get 70% of Savant Lake unless all requirements have been fulfilled. 3) 100% Owned Southern Gold Line property in Sweden - This is already a well established area that has producing mines and can allow for more accurate drilling in the near future. Main commodity being looked for is gold. To be drilled in early 2021, please see company interview. 4) 100% Owned Lokken VMS Property in Norway – Copper/Silver/Zinc/Gold area, this property literally encompasses an old producing mine. Therefore, it is in advanced stages and odds of successful drilling is quite high. To be drilled in early 2021, please see company interview. 5) 100% Owned Kjoli VMS Property in Norway – Similar to the property mentioned above, this lease has numerous small scale mines that already operate around it. Once again showing that the area is rich in metals and odds of success are increased because this is not virgin ground. To be drilled in early 2021, please see company interview. 6) Joint Venture With Austral Gold(AGLD.C) – This deal was closed last month, basically selling 80% of Sierra Blanca to Austral Gold for $800,000 in cash and work commitments. Capella only owns 20%, which can be bought for $2.3 million in cash and work commitments. See October 13th news for more information 7) Asset sale to Cerrado Gold – Announced October 28th, this is the most recent news. Capella Minerals has sold two properties to Cerrado Gold( www.cerradogold.com ) in exchange for $50,000 cash and $2.25 million worth of Cerrado gold shares. This company will be publicly listed by the end of 2020, they are using the shell company BB1 Acquisitions Corp (BBA.P) to put the asset in.

maevon 21 Oct 2020

Re: DGO Stream Log Hi Peter, did you find anything out about this. I've just dug out a share certifcate from 1997 also.

peterpudding 02 Aug 2020

Hello Ive found an old dragon oil certificate from 1997 and I now see shares were bought through a compulsory purchase in 2015 ... have i missed out?

peterpudding 02 Aug 2020

Re: DGO Stream Log Hiya Ang I've just moved office and found an old dragon oil certificate and wondered if you'd had any luck with it? Cheers Pete

Ang 28 Apr 2020

Can anyone give me contact details of someone who buys the dragon oil shares please

3Dimensional 20 Jan 2016

So glad Fydo didnt have his way if he would have had his way the deal would not have gone through and our shares would probably be worth 350p now.Three cheers for Fydo (not)Three cheers for ENOC 3D (knows when to hold em or fold em, nearly)

Monty123 19 Dec 2015

Thanks to all HiI'm Monty123 and new to the boards. It was my inherited Dragon Oil shares and the question of the merger and sale that brought me to ii.Just to say thanks to ii, and to all of you informative posters, especially Fydo, for enjoyable discussion on the subject of Dragon.No doubt meet many of you again on some of the other boards.Sorry this message is rather late in the day, it took my some time to get my account up and running.Looking forward to loads more discussion here at ii now that I've found it.Good luck to you all.

alanjackson 29 Nov 2015

CAPITA fees Hello, did you find an alternative to paying these extortionate fees?