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17:53 14/09/2015

GKP bankrupt RNS!

17:51 14/09/2015

Global economy is slowing.. oil is going to touch $20 pb if SA don't cut production.

How long before GKP goes below 20p?

GKP is going down the pan

08:13 06/07/2015

Also I am not a basher / shorter! I OWN shares in GKP! I am LONG GKP average holding was 180 until recently!

08:03 06/07/2015

I just like NM nothing to do with the LSE NM

08:02 06/07/2015


07:48 06/07/2015

Strange that there is so much hate against shorters

07:33 06/07/2015

Sitting on a big loss here now, I got spiked!

07:31 06/07/2015