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09:39 18/09/2015

dead cat bounce is due sooner or later

10:23 17/09/2015

all we need a good RNS at this point

10:18 17/09/2015

...why...what's in it for them? In whose interests are they acting and what do they stand to gain? my own view, for what it's wort, stay away...get out what you can as soon as you can and don't look back. Want to know what to make of AB...go research Housing Loan Corporationand how that went bust..Ding dong...time to ring the bell

10:16 17/09/2015

BSL....AB has survived by raping PIs. Nearly £20million pounds has evaporated in 5 years through administrative and unclassified expenses. Think about that for a moment. Virtually every penny the company has raised via dilutive placings (if not more actually) has gone quietly out the back door in black bin liners marked "administrative & unclassified expense"...that is £10,000 a day, everyday, for 5 years. Then you need to look at the multiple income streams from fees, emoluments, salaries & options AB extracts from RRR & related party companies. Take Jupiter for example: RRR holds 1.2% of Jupiter equity...that is an RRR asset not an AB private holding. He sits on the Jupiter board by virtue of our companies assets and is their to represent RRR interests. By the way,his his paid by RRR to run and represent the Cana yoni explain why fees et paid to AB for his director services to Jupiter are not paid directly into RRR to defray ABs costs? Or look at Kansai Mining...a total scandal in my opinion...go read all the out who IPCM are or are not...figure on what basis you can value a company and use shareholder funds to purchase equity in a business thatcantproduce accounts....ask yourselves why RRR posted numerous incorrect RNS's and never corrected them and why directors sold shares whilst misinterpret information was in the market place...ask yourself why RRR paid Tom Cromthe CFO of Kansai Mining 5x the price per share for his personal equity than they paid Kansai directly for equity...all of course while the company was and remains suspended for failing to produce accounts....ask why Bruce Walsham, President/CEO appeared to place an innocuous press release in some far off country only for RRR to present this to shareholders as a regulatory announcement....ask why the auditors and Nomads let all this go through on the nod...find out how a private AB company, Range Mines had RRR shareholders write off its debts...then consider this....if anyone is still ramping RRR

22:07 16/09/2015

And Affe I called foul right back in 2011....

22:06 16/09/2015 are wrong. Mismanagement implies incompetence. In my opinion AB has managed things exactly how he planned all along. Ask his investors in Housing Loan a corporation how much money he made for them there....I can publish the trial transcripts if it helps

22:19 15/09/2015

RRR hasn't established an income stream in 10 years

01:21 13/09/2015

AB will turn this company around so quickly, it will end up exactly where it is now...going nowhere and just here to pay ABs fees etc and cream off millions in administrative & unclassified expenses to who knows who / guess is companies in the british virgin isles...

12:45 11/09/2015

why would RRR / RGM merge - much too much money to be made and games to be played by AB AND

10:49 11/09/2015

CGM3100...Worth the risk? based on what data?