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10:19 18/11/2015

RRR consolidation....they're relaunching the titantic with captain birdseye at the helm

09:51 18/11/2015

Welcome to dead duck'll never see another rise

14:31 19/10/2015

Still holding any rather...

14:30 19/10/2015

The ramping crew Omarinvestor et al will surely be out soon enough...but any real se has been, in my opinion, manufactured to support YAGs,persistent selling...if you are still holds NY here...WHY?

13:34 30/09/2015

Bell doesn't need Jupiter he has raped RRR shareholders for years

22:44 29/09/2015

Marvellous News...Water on Mars! Bell to announce RRR has secured mineral rights will be issuing 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 new shares to cover running costs, administrative & unclassified expenses with yorkville underwriting it...look out for the spike

06:32 29/09/2015

Shares go up and is in their nature. But wild swings that are independent of publicly available news indicate insider trading / pump & dump

16:09 25/09/2015

YA Global still offloading their stake in RRR, hence the pump. look at WRES, news next week for massive rerating

16:43 22/09/2015

where's (the) wally?,...omar.

16:42 22/09/2015

has omar deserted?