Falkland Oil & Gas - Re: FOGL Stream Log - APC stock very very tight...

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13:15 12/11/2015

APC stock very very tight and undervalued at the Emex in London for the last 2 days.BIG TALK. A look into the future 14th NOV no less [link] To frack or not to frack: investing either way Hot tips if UK shale gas exploitation powers ahead... and if it doesn’t Robin Andrews 14 November 2015 APC Technology Group (7.25p) declare themselves to be a ‘provider of technologies developed to reduce energy consumption’: their time could be now. The group is profitable, although recent acquisitions have not worked well and will impact full-year results. But this seems to be recognised by the market, which only two years ago valued the shares at 65p. Following the appointment of a new managing director this looks like a recovery situation. And in such a confused energy landscape, we all need one of those....