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Global_Nomad 15 Nov 2018

Commercial Update no early change on the everyday 15% spread and the ‘fake’ rise within the bid/offer prices. Sitting on 5.6/6.6…i.e. no reaction from the market to the news. ho hum.

Global_Nomad 15 Nov 2018

Commercial Update Well it seems like forever since we had an update (and then we get one when everyone is looking at the brexit draft…) Adam only gets a cameo at the end this time and it feels written in a much more formal way. Feels familiar in its outlook and need for patience but there are clearly more substantial activities going on than previously. As usual there are plenty of opportunities and markets just waiting for our product, lets hope that when it arrives - Southern Oil looking the most likely first installation in late 2019 - it has been worth the wait. Odd that Stade is only mentioned in passing at the end. Still holding and still likely to wait before adding …

theprior 01 Nov 2018

Update on Southern Oil Interesting update but is there less hydrogen, or more? TP

JakNife 13 Oct 2018

todays movements Is everyone ready with their pennies for the next placing?

high_blood_pressure1 11 Oct 2018

todays movements AFC are a total joke … Adam Bond is unable to move this company forward to substantial contracts and spins more yarn than a 17th century factory worker

BAL1969 11 Oct 2018

todays movements Hi Rip, You must have heard something about trying to catch falling knives. For me the buy price will be 1p if it gets there.

Ripley94 10 Oct 2018

todays movements AFC… XXXXX Another top up for me @ 5.5p

BAL1969 04 Oct 2018

Kick in the teeth How is it possible that the sp is at this level when we are supposed to be on the cusp of great things? One contract and the year end fast approaching. Perhaps yet another egg is making its way onto ABs face after ‘3 contracts by the end of the year’ is starting to look like a pile of croc. I think I may have answered my own question.

Eadwig 25 Sep 2018

Low,Low price Indeed, BAL1969, I had a feeling I was getting something wrong as I was typing that, hence the caveats about my memory etc. Yes,of course, I was thinking that this was a sizeable way to fulfilling the 1Mw product that they had talked about, which it is … but against the target of 1Gw, even if that includes installations and future orders, hindsight now shows us that was so over-ambitious as to be laughable … or it would be if we didn’t all have money behind AFC making at least a dent in the target. Having taken a little punt on AFC pulling something out of the bag before the end of the year, I’m still concerned to know why they can’t be more exact about the size/output of this installation. Presumably it is down to it being of a size not previously attempted and the fine tuning of control software, purity of hydrogen and a number of other things. Still, the parameters given, 200-400Kw, suggest that AFC have hardly got this down to a fine science just yet which in turn suggests that despite this being touted as a commercial contract there is likely to be an amount of discount built in on the understanding that this is, in fact, somewhat experimental. (That could also indicate that a 1Mw ‘off-the-shelf’ product is still pretty far from being a reality, I would suggest). That’s OK, many of us were shouting for them to take the plunge long before this and they have to start somewhere. The trouble comes that the financial details are undisclosed but at some point revenues such as the initial deposit already paid are going to show up in trading statements or certainly in the company accounts. If there are discounts built in and the amounts remain undisclosed, ‘forensic investors’ looking over the figures to try and get an idea of how much revenue each installation might generate are likely to come up with a low-ball figure which is NOT going to help propel the share price at that point. Hopefully, by the time such figures are published, there will be other orders at least in the pipeline if not already being installed and AFC will be able to give more open guidance as to revenue potential from each one.

BAL1969 23 Sep 2018

Low,Low price On the RNS it says 200 to 400 kw which is a drop in the ocean. 1 GW is a thousand Mega Watts and a thousand Kw is 1 Mega watt. At the top end of 400 kw that represents 0.04% which is miniscule. Hence the market not being particularly impressed. We need that Dubai MOU to be taken up to make any sort of impact.

Eadwig 21 Sep 2018

QNL due Try opening up a comment or two on your shares of interest, prior, especially if there is any specific news to report or even just your hopes for where you see the stock heading. You might be surprised who responds. There are a lot of new people on BARCPLUS , many of whom haven’t posted and may be waiting for someone else to make the first move. You never know and you’ve nothing but a few minutes to lose. I don’t think we need encourage posters about SLE, mind. I very much regret what has happened to the ii boards. I don’t mind admitting that I found them very useful (even though more than half my investments had zero comments beyond my own on the company board) and miss the thoughts of other posters as I contemplate what to do with my portfolio. I think UK private investors have lost a great resource, imperfect though it was. BARCPLUS doesn’t replace that and was never meant to, but it may come to do so to an extent on some shares given a handful of posters willing to share.

Eadwig 21 Sep 2018

QNL due The comment referred to is my buying today @6.75p in the hope that the promised news on the commercial contract along with interim results which should reveal something about the scale of the contract, hopefully, and perhaps other announcements too, may get a little momentum going behind the share price. It is a high risk gamble, but @6.75p a return to the placement price of @10p would allow the booking of a significant return. A successful installation involving the commercial contract could be the one thing we all wanted to see in the past, a working demonstration of what AFC have to offer which it can hold up as an example to all those other potential customers with high energy costs, surplus by-product hydrogen and a yen to sell themselves as greener than people think. That would be the long-term thinking. I’m far more likely to book a 30%-50% profit should I see one though, if I’m being honest.

theprior 21 Sep 2018

QNL due R94, Will only get better the more people join. I’ve tried looking for conversations on a few of mine and can’t find any but I’ll keep visiting and commenting when I feel appropriate and see how it goes. It certainly deserves a bit more than a one line criticism. Good luck. TP

Ripley94 21 Sep 2018

QNL due AFC… XXXX The comment on this share not useful on barcplus.

Eadwig 21 Sep 2018

QNL due Hi Hardboy, May I suggest opening an account on [link] where you will find a lot of friendly comment, banter and familiar names. Its only a small community but where there are two or more people interested in the same share you get some reasonable discussion and analysis which is awfully hard to dig out on ADVFN, which I find too busy to use also. The above site is entirely free, by the way.