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01:09 07/02/2016

Having sources of Intel across the globe can be very useful. I hear tell that Cyril is building a big new trophy house in Perth, I wonder whiose money he is using?

07:21 14/01/2016

Whatever happened to the sponsorship of Street Child UK?

08:14 22/12/2015

Why, oh why does ANYONE actually believe Cyril? The evidence of ALL previous blandishments adds up to just to fooey

13:26 24/11/2015

How many directors have now been on and off this Baord?

13:10 24/11/2015

You guys are just kidding yourself if you think that anyone except Cyril is going to benefit from this schmozzle

05:13 14/11/2015

I compliment all those liking-suffering shareholders who are still keeping the faith. Yes the proverbial rabbit nah be found and the legendary charm of Hkmsrlf nay just do it (though the indications from TVs cried funding initiative of desperation died nog mean the progressional perveyor of manure HAC run of of pooh just that he's run out of folk prepared to be taken in, again! Don't kid yourselves this is a vehicle for someone else's well being not yours!

02:28 20/10/2015

Clumpet, still coming to Perth?

22:32 14/10/2015

Wish I had a magic ball

04:50 14/10/2015

GSR discovers diamond vein. 2000 carats a day... Well dreams are worth holding on to. My Family's pension is in this....

13:39 06/10/2015

I have 25 million... wouldn't mind seeing better communication here...