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08:24 19/11/2015

Sell it will be 2p later. Biggest ANC Dole Ofice in South Africa. I will hire more workers after the yes vote---heheheh

10:02 18/11/2015

Lonmin employs 30000 stinkers for a 70 million market capitalisation---in Zimbabwe we call it a govt dole office

10:00 18/11/2015

PIC is another way for my ANC friends to nationalise Lonmin--I love taking all the whites money---go on throw good money after bad )

14:00 12/10/2015

trader making it cat dead bounce... may drop back again as GS is shorting this

13:41 12/10/2015

OUT FROM LMI. this is has placing written over it. JLP will be rerating next imho

11:22 07/10/2015

WRES RNS!! licence expanded and more gold

08:17 29/09/2015

which will be first back above a £1 lonmin, Glencore or GKP ?? questions questions

21:30 08/09/2015

bounce here to 300p within 2 years

16:00 08/09/2015

time to buy me thinks

15:34 01/09/2015

Goodbye FT250: Lonmin look st to be kicked out of the FTSE 250 and will join the FT Small-Cap. GLA